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Best SEO Podcast 318 – Plan an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

2016-04-15 Podcast 318 Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown
Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults. Chuck: I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results
Advocate. Chris: Welcome back to another fun-filled
edition of our podcast. This is podcast number — Chris & Chuck: …318. Chris: As always, we do have a tip from our
previous podcast, and that tip is, use video to reply directly on social media for better
engagement. Chuck: Look, if you want to add a real personal
touch and increase your social engagement, use video to talk directly to the people you’re
responding to. Chris: Video like this. Alright, please remember, we are filming live
here from Houston, Texas, and we are your friendly local neighborhood, — Chris & Chuck: Top Position Snatchers! Chris: And our mantra is — Chuck: …do not be a douche. Chris: Don’t be a douche. We’ve got a wonderful article for you today. “Planning an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy.” Oh, back to the basics. Chuck: Yeah, punch in the face to back to
the basics, punch in the face to Katy Katz, and the good folks over at Search Engine Journal,
posted this article. We’re going to get back to some digital marketing
basics, really SEO and PPC is what she kind of covered. So we’ll dig into that in a minute. Chris: SEO and PPC. That is the basics for sure. Hey, if you have some sort of device, similar
to the one that Chuck, the SEO rapper is holding in his hands right now —
Chuck: You should do exactly what I’m in the process of doing right now. I even added an image to it. If you do that, that will definitely get you
a punch in the face next week. Chris: PTIF! PTIF! Chuck: But be sure to tweet us @BestSEOPodcast
@eWebResults. Use #SEOPodcast. That way, we can follow you back and do all
of our social networking stuff. Chris: Excellent! If this is the first time that you’ve listened
to this podcast, howdy, welcome to Houston, Texas. Chuck: We’re glad to have you. Chris: Thank you. We’re so happy you’re tuning in. If you’ve listened to this podcast before,
then you know that we’re about to skip this, you also notice there is no tear tattoo. They have all been removed, I did not need
to add one this week. The section we’re going to miss is, and this
is how it works, if we get more than 10 shikos, — Chuck: …shares, likes and follows — Chris: …on any one of our platforms, and
we get a review, then we don’t go through the rigmarole of expressing to you how you
can write a review. Chuck: Exactly. Chris: So go write a review. is preferred. What we will do though is tell you how you
can shiko us. There is a myriad of ways. One of them is– Chuck: eWebResults Chris:– Chuck: eWebResults Chris:– Chuck: eWebResults Chris:– Chuck: eWebResults Chris:– Chuck: eWebResults Chris: All of those will take you to our social
media platforms or other people’s social media platforms where we have… You got it. Chuck: Yeah, just shiko us when you get there. Chris: Hey, if you’re a PHP expert or a WordPress
guru, we’re probably looking for you. Chuck: Yeah, hit us up. Chris: So go ahead and call in with an audio
résumé, 713-510-7846. If you would like a free, comprehensive website
analysis. Chuck: Keyword: free and comprehensive. Chris: Yes. Chuck: Really come together, they do in this
case. Chris: Free website analysis, all you need
to do is go to our website, and you will find a link to that. So just so you know, we’ve been informed,
our fans, our listeners were very disappointed that we did not mention last time that there
was no Algorithm Cataclysm. So we’ll make sure to mention it this time. Chris & Chuck: There is no Algorithm Cataclysm. Chris: So let’s get into news. I’ve got a little bit of news. Alright, so this is going to be a little long. What is RM -RF, really translate into? Chuck: RM -RF. Chris: Forget that last part, that’s it. RM -RF, what does it translate to? It translates to bye-bye hosting business,
because it is a command that till erase your entire computer. And a guy did it, he had about 1,500 hosting
clients. Chuck: Oh, I saw that. Oh man! Chris: He typed that command, put it in an
initialization script, they weren’t on his backup servers, they weren’t on his servers. Basically — Chuck: …wiped out everything. Chris: His business is gone. Hey, the government, US Government has said
you should uninstall QuickTime from your PC, Apple is no longer supporting it and there
are a couple of holes that exist there already. Chuck: Really? I like QuickTime. Chris: Yeah. I do. Chuck: And then I don’t. I do, I don’t, because it always hits you
with a random pop-up like “hey, update me”, and I’ll be like “no”. Chris: A lot. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: Yeah, a lot. I thought this was just kind of interesting. They did a tweet-by-tweet. So they pretended the titanic was going down,
and the tweets that would have happened during it going down, like minute-by-minute. Chuck: They wouldn’t even have been tweets,
they just would have been some millennial, like “we’re going down, we’re going down.” Chris: Yeah, this shit’s going viral. Chuck: Yeah, “I don’t know how to swim,” and
then it’s like — Chris: …”It’s really cold.” An implant paralyzed man plays guitar heroes. So they put an implant. Actually, so it’s a paralyzed man with an
implant, pays guitar heroes. I had kind of a verbiage switch around here. So it’s just amazing what they’re doing. They actually did put an implant in his brain
and then electrodes on his arm. Chuck: Because he was paralyzed, so he couldn’t
do this at first. So now he can push some buttons and… Chris: Yeah. Chuck: That’s what’s up, that’s some huge
progress. Chris: That’s pretty phenomenal. You want to do anything before we get into
reviews? Chuck: Yeah, we’re talking about that man. I’ve got a punch in the face. I’ll do that real quick, and I’ve got some
news, we’ll cover that first. Chris: We’ll do that too. Chuck: This punch in the face goes to Nick
Shultz. Chris: Nick Shultz. Chuck: Hit me up the other day, podcast listener,
he had a couple of questions about SEO local, he’s going through some issues. Hopefully, I answered those for you, appreciate
that comment you left for us on Facebook. So let’s get into some news. We were talking news earlier. This was kind of big too. Facebook changes its policies on branded content. Chris: Okay. Chuck: So this is big for our marketers. They say Facebook updated its policies on
how branded content is handled on the network. Their message was “our branded content guidelines
prohibit overly promotional features such as persistent water marks and pre-roll advertisements. Additionally, cover photos and profile pictures
must not feature third party products, brands or sponsors. Branded content immigrations that are allowed
to be posted on Facebook include content like product placement in cards, and marketers
logos. Yeah, I figured they want to do that so they
can just charge more because those brands now have to find a different means of exposure. Chris: Makes sense. Chuck: One more piece of news, so in talking
video, right? It’s kind of related to Facebook, but SnapChat. SnapChat has announced that it reached 8 billion
video views per day, which means it’s now serving the same amount of daily video views
as Facebook. Chris: Wow! It’s kind of not fair because at least, initially,
it was the 15 seconds. So you can watch a whole lot more 15-second
videos than you can watch 2-minute to 1-hour videos. Chuck: Exactly, but dig this though. They said this is especially notable when
you put into perspective that SnapChat only has 100 million daily active users compared
to the 1 billion daily active users on Facebook. Chris: Wow! Interesting. Chuck: The key note is that SnapChat was built
on video. So of course, it should have more video. Chris: [00:07:29] [Indiscernible] Chuck: Exactly, that’s all my news. Chris: Better do a good job. Alright, so we do have 2 reviews. The first one is from Davidand Rachel Maka,
and it is of course — Chris & Chuck: 5 stars! Chris: It says “best SEO podcast I’ve found
yet. Funny, entertaining and informative. What more could you want from a podcast?” Funny, entertaining and informative. Chuck: Funny and entertaining. Chris: Yeah, altogether. “Anyone that doesn’t agree deserves a real
punch in the face.” Yeah, that’s awesome! “Just kidding.” Well, you don’t have to kid, that’s actually
true. “You guys rock, looking forward to the next
episode, I hope one day to be on your SEO level.” Chuck: Well then, keep listening, I appreciate
your support. Chris: Stay connected Davidand. Next, we’ve got Nick Shultz. Chuck: Yeah, that’s the guy, I called him,
talked to him. Punch in the face Nick. Chris: Of course, it is — Chris & Chuck: …5 stars! Chris: “You guys are geniuses, punch in the
face to Charles Lewis for taking time out of his busy day to help a small time web designer
with his Google Business listing issue. That’s exactly what you mentioned. Punch in the face to Mr. Nick Shultz. Chuck: Yeah, Mr. Nick, glad we can help man! Glad to be of assistance. Chris: That is pretty awesome. That is the potatoes of our podcast, time
to get into the meat, take away Chuck. Chuck: So again, punch in the face to Katy
Katz and the good people over at Search Engine Journal. She posted this article, “Planning an Effective
Digital Marketing Strategy.” So let’s dive right in. She starts off by saying an effective marketing
strategy involves careful consideration of both short-term and long term-goals. It’s important to understand this from the
get-go. Absolutely right. Like you must understand what your objectives
are with this digital marketing campaign. Usually, digital marketing includes your website
design, some SEO, some pay per click, maybe some social media. But your whole digital ecosphere and how you
promote and advertise there is really the concept of digital marketing. So you need to understand what your objective
is. Is it to drive online sales, is it to increase
social engagement, is it to get registrations. Whatever your goal is, whatever your objective
is, lay that out first before you even begin writing your first sentence of content. She starts off by saying the ramp-up time,
right? And the ramp-up time is basically when you
build out your strategy ahead of the campaign. This allows you to establish goals and timelines
and metrics. Like what are you going to write about or
when will you be editing this, what’s your posting schedule? Why start to determine those things as you
create the foundation for your digital marketing campaign. She says how do you go and provide this content
direction all through the research. What does that mean? That means what are you writing about? Why are you writing about that? What should your audience feel when you post
this? How are they going to react to it? Are their reactions going to be the desired
call to actions that you put in place? So begin to ramp up your strategy as you prepare
for digital marketing. She goes on to say SEO and inbound marketing
is the next thing you need. She says it’s time to start thinking about
the sort of results you want for your website. Do you want it to build equity that results
in lower costs of acquisition over time or do you want it to start pulling in leads that
you don’t necessarily have to pay for. She’s right. Anytime you’re focusing on SEO and inbound
marketing, then the whole concept of inbound marketing is that people find you when they
look for you, for primarily — Chris: …stuff that you do. Chuck: Exactly. Whether that’s through SEO as is primarily
done, through SEO and/or content marketing. So basically, what she’s really saying is
that you want to rank for your targeted keywords, that should be a part of your long term strategy,
because SEO and inbound marketing take a little bit of time, which is what she got to next. She says that slow and steady kind of wins
the race. Chris: Slow and steady. Chuck: She says that in a joint study with
MIT of all of Hubspot customers who kind of found that the inbound marketing concept. She said in a joint study with MIT and all
of Hubspot customers, researchers found that it can take 6-12 months for your website to
start experiencing gains from search engine and keyword optimized content. And right, 6-12 months is about right. Chris: 6-12 months, yeah. Chuck: I tell people about 8 months, sometimes
4, depending on your industry, how old your site is and everything else. But look, at the end of the day, SEO takes
time. It’s just is what it is, social growth takes
time. Like getting followers, getting people to
engage, and getting people to actually engage with you and take action, it just takes time,
creating quality content takes time. All of these things will take some time, and
not only take time to create, they take time to produce, they take time to promote. So yes, SEO can take 6-8-12 months depending
on your industry. She goes on to say maximizing results with
paid strategies, right? And we talk about that all the time about
how paid and things go together. She goes on to say that paid strategies are
the perfect complement to organic efforts because they allow for quick wins and short-term
results, and can even help optimize your long-term strategies. And we’ve even saying this for a long, long
time, since 1999, we then started doing SEO and PPC at the same time. Chris: Absolutely. Chuck: They just tend to go together. Chris: You need to do those together, absolutely. And there’s actually a bunch of reasons to. We’ve actually increased it to 4. I used to talk about 3 reasons to do pay per
click. We’ll go through this quickly. First one, because it should have a positive
ROI. If you’re not visiting your campaign and the
results from your campaign, the eWebResults from your campaign on a very regular basis,
then you’re doing a disservice. Next, you actually get more clicks in your
organic placement. So let’s say you got top 3 position in organic,
you add a PPC ad, you will get more clicks. Chuck: You will get more clicks locally. Chris: And that’s a branding or a trust factors,
I saw it out there, it’s here, they must be really powerful, so I’m going to go to them. The next one is because of remarketing. We throw remarketing to all of our PPC campaigns. And then finally, given all this, if you’ve
been like every other SEO out there, maybe if you’re new to it, you’ve never really experienced
this frustration, it’s just how it’s always been, but not provided as a keyword. Chuck: Oh man! It sucks. Chris: So run a pay per click ad or campaigns
so that you can see the keywords that are actually driving people and what engagement
that they’re getting. Chuck: I’m going to drop a pro-tip here. Even though we’re kind of rushing, we’ll drop
a pro-tip here because he’s right. People will click more on these organic listings
when they see the paid listings, but if you’re running a paid listing against a term you’re
already ranking for, take advantage of the fact that since it’s paid, you can control
the ad text. So don’t use the same description that you
have in that organic ranking, maybe highlight something that supports that one, maybe a
stronger CTA, a more aggressive emotional tag, whatever it is. Chris: Turn it into like, have you been driving
down the freeway and there’s a billboard? Chuck: And they’re like Buc-ee’s is back 10
miles that way. Chris: And there’s another one that supports
it, “hey, you’re almost there, we know we saw our last sign.” Make it something like that. Chuck: Yeah, do something like that. That way, you can really take advantage of
the branding, you can get multiple messages across. Chris: Excellent. Chuck: I really chose this article because
of her last point. I just thought the last point was awesome. You last point Katy, sold me on your article
today. Chris: Okay Katy, PTIF! Chuck: Yeah, for that last point. She says the digital marketing PB&J. She says organic and paid marketing strategies
truly do go together like peanut butter and jelly. Dig this. She said jelly is made up of the paid efforts
that you get the sugary burst of energy right away. Chris: Boom! Chuck: Right? So that jelly is like your AdWords or your
sponsored posts or your boosted posts, your Bing ads or things like that. Chris: Launch website, paid ads. You get some jelly. Chuck: Exactly. Then she says organic optimization is chock
full of peanut buttery protein that helps build a steady stream of energy for the long
haul. And so that chock full of peanut buttery protein,
that’s your good content, that’s your nice user experience, that’s your mobile friendly
design, that’s all of that. So then you get the same energy that you got
earlier. Those leads, those online sales and the social
activity. Pay per click and SEO are exactly the PBJ
of digital marketing, phenomenal analysis. Chris: That is a great analogy, so punch in
the face to you. Chuck: We’ll add this on there, the one thing
that you need to go with your PBJ is an awesome web design to go with that. You’ve got a great paid campaign, great content,
great social strategy. If your site isn’t designed to complement
all of that, then you’re missing the buck. Chris: Really, if your site isn’t designed
to convert, to provide results, then you’ve got a bit of a challenge. Chuck: You’ve got stale bread on your peanut
butter and jelly sandwich. Chris: Some people had some logic of like
okay, so I’m going to run my pay per click ads until I get good organic placement, and
then I’m going to stop them. And I’ll ask you this, if you’ve got a pay
per click campaign and it’s got a positive ROI return on investment. Chuck: Why would you stop it? Chris: Why are you stopping it? I could see maybe shifting dollars away from
it if you had a place that generated a lower cost per client acquisition, but you should
definitely keep it there. Chuck: Keep it going. Chris: Keep some there, because maybe eventually,
it out-paces the other one, whichever one you think is better and you need to put all
of them together. Chuck: Yeah, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix
it, right? Now you can clean it, like the tire is not
broke, so you don’t have to replace the tire, but you can wash it off, you can [00:17:05]
[Indiscernible] and make it look good. So if your paid campaign is working, then
don’t turn it off, don’t go and make crazy adjustments, just polish it, clean it up,
add negatives, you know, and keep it moving. Punch in the face to you Katy Katz and the
good folks over at Search Engine Journal. Chris: PTIF! Chuck: “Planning an Effective Digital Marketing
Strategy”, I approve this article, she approved it and I co-sign it, and that’s what’s up. Chris: It gets the results sign approval,
eWebResults sign. Chuck: Yeah, it’s got the results sign of
approval. Chris: Alright. Do we have any “what” news? Chuck: No “what” news, no “what” news today. Chris: No “what” news? I feel like there should be something. Chuck: There probably is. Chris: Right, like something that just makes
you think “what!” news. Chuck: Yeah. I can’t think of it right now. The fact that we’re about to go on a team
building exercise, and the hardest part of the day. Chris: Well, at least it’s April. Chuck: It’s not June or July. Chris: We kind of made the plan, like let’s
do it as fast as possible before it’s 90. Okay, it’s going to be 80 when we get out
there, yes, that’s warm. Chuck: 80 in Houston is more like 90 wherever
you are. Chris: Yeah. At least, it’s not going to be 90 or 100. Chuck: Because then, that’s like 110 over
here. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: We’ll be there in about 2 month. Chris: Heat index, yeah, it’s not going to
take long. Hey, if you’re looking to grow your business
with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet. Chuck: The internet. Chris: Call eWebResults for increased revenue
in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. Hey, if you have a referral, we have a referral
program for you. You send the referral to us. What might they want? What might they need? Chuck: They may want SEO, they may want a
website design, they may want some pay per click management, social media marketing,
a newsletter campaign, any form of digital marketing. Yeah, refer them to us. Chris: We help them out, they pay their bill,
we pay you. This was filmed live at 5999, West 34th Street,
Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092. You can get a transcript, and video, and audio
from our website, our new website. Chuck: New website, yeah. Chris: Go check that out, Chuck: I even like the new podcast. Have you seen the framework for the new podcast? Chris: I’ve seen that, yeah. Chuck: It’s got tabs. Yeah, that’s kind of cool. Chris: I think it’s going to be hot because
we’ve been brainstorming on that for 2 years. Chuck: A long time. Chris: Yeah, a long time. Hey, we are the most popular internet marketing
podcast on iTunes and that is because of all of you all. Thank you. Whatever part of the world you’re in, whatever
part of the country, the US country you’re in, thank you, thank you, thank you. Chuck: We appreciate. Chris: Until the next podcast, my name is
Chris Burres. Chuck: Charles Lewis. Chris: Bye-bye for now.

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