BEST SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY FOR CHURCHES IN 2017 | The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint For Churches
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BEST SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY FOR CHURCHES IN 2017 | The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint For Churches

– Social media is an
ever changing landscape which means new
opportunities are popping up all the time for those that are ready to take advantage of
them and in this video, I’m gonna share with you the absolute best social media strategy
for churches in 2017. Well, hey there, I’m Brady
Shearer from, helping you seize the 167 hours
beyond your Sunday Service. We publish new videos every single week, so make sure you hit the
Subscribe button below and, if you like this video, make sure you give it a thumbs up also. Facebook is, by far still,
the most widely used social media platform in the world. As of late 2016, seven out
of every 10 American adults was on Facebook and one
inescapable element of Facebook is that it can do everything. Text, photos, video, pools,
check ins, et cetera, and every time Facebook
releases a new feature, they’ll unsurprisingly put a
priority on that new feature. One way that they’ll do this
is by incentivizing you, the user, to actually
use this new feature. Facebook has a new product on the shelf, they want as many people to try
their hand at it as possible and so to incentivize us to use it, they’ll give us an extra
boost in organic reach. I first noticed this when video came to the Facebook platform
a little while back and currently it’s happening again, this time with live video and because of this extra
free boost in organic reach, live video is the absolute best medium for you to explore on Facebook in 2017. Now, when I say live video, that can be misconstrued as live streaming your church service
and I do not mean that. Sure, you can do that, but the strategy that I’m about to lay out for you will not only be infinitely
cheaper than that but also significantly more effective. Here’s what I want you to do. Have your lead pastor do a
weekly Facebook Live session for five to 10 minutes in length. Conduct the Facebook Live session from your church’s Facebook page using just your pastor’s mobile device and all your lead pastor needs to do is spend five to 10 minutes
holding up their phone and talking and interacting
with those who are watching. It is wildly simple. It costs zero dollars but will
give you a tremendous amount of organic reach to those
connected to your church on Facebook and the only way
to get that type of reach with another kind of
post would be to boost it and actually pay money. As for the topics to
cover, what to actually say on these Facebook Live sessions
in those five to 10 minutes, most importantly, do not promote events and do not rehash a sermon. Simply have your pastor
show us what’s going on in his or her life. Have your pastor talk
about what’s going on in their parenting life that week, have them share what
they’re working through with their spouse that day, give us insight into
the fitness, nutrition, and health goals that they have, talk about their spiritual life, what are they struggling with, where are they seeing
growth in their life, and the reason that this is important is because this social media strategy is rooted in the idea of show, don’t tell. People connected to your church rarely see your pastor in this light. Every week they see
him or her up on stage, telling them about God
and following Jesus, but rarely do they get to see
him or her in their element, showing what it’s like to follow Jesus, and that’s why it’s important
to mix up the location of the weekly Facebook
Live session as well. Host it at the church office, sure, but also have your pastor
do it in their home, in their car, while getting
lunch, after morning devotions, this is also why shooting
the Facebook Live on your pastor’s mobile
device is so important, it goes where they go, making
location switches easy. To summarize, this social media strategy will give you more organic reach than anything else that
you do on Facebook. It’s free, it only takes about
five to 10 minutes each week, it leverages your
pastor’s existing strength of communication, and it
shows us a different side of our senior leaders,
not simply telling us about following Jesus, but showing us what it really is all about. It’s the absolute best
social media strategy that your church can employ in 2017. If you liked this video, make
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to the ProChurchTools channel, we post new videos
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the 167 hours beyond your Sunday service. If you’ve got questions or comments, make sure to leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time.

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10 thoughts on “BEST SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY FOR CHURCHES IN 2017 | The Ultimate Social Media Blueprint For Churches

  1. Great idea.  My Pastor comments a lot that he is not a big fan of SM,  but he is starting to turn the corner.  I think I can sell him on this one, after all.. he IS the one that gave me the title of Creative Media Director… lol I have no idea what that even means lol. We have a  medium size church as we run from 150-200 on Sunday.

  2. Thank you! I wish I could communicate this as well as you, so I'll probably just end up showing my pastor this video! 😛 lol

  3. What are your thoughts on choosing another church leader to do this? I'm not sure I can convince my Pastor to do this? Or can you recommend any Pastor's doing this well that I could show him as examples? Our churches current social media strategy is basically "do whatever you want, just make sure you most my [insert said persons ministry here] events".

  4. Hi Brady thanx for the video, it would be great if you can usa images as examples of what you are explaining. GOD bless you.

  5. Really awesome idea even though it's September 2018 I will still talk to my pastor about this. I am currently working as a Communication Specialists for a church in Maryland. Your videos have been extremely helpful in helping to brainstorm ways to market through social media!!

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