Best Way To Make Money Online [For Beginners in 2020]
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Best Way To Make Money Online [For Beginners in 2020]

hey hello everyone this is Diana CAstillo from moneymaker area com and in this video I’m gonna show you what is
the best way to make money online yeah I know there are different ways in which
you can make money online different possibilities but it’s what is actually
the best way to get started but before I get into the topic is this is a very
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mentioned before well we both know that if you’re watching this video it’s
because you want to make money online yeah there are different ways in which
you can make money online you know doing drop shipping promoting your own product
or service you know tons of way but it’s what’s actually the best way to get
started and who I am what I’m telling you des whenever we really do what I
consider the best way to make money online just in case that you’re not
aware of my my story I started to make money online back in 2007 at that time I
was blogging I have a really successful blog network unfortunately I met their
own person and well I had a bad time I was forced to sell my blog network I
have to go back to the nine-to-five because this person you know get a lot
of credit cards under my name even take a loan on their my name so it was a
disaster so you know I was depressed I was down I was you know paying these
loans and credit cards that I never use but at the end of the day the banks you
know they don’t care if everything is under your name you are the one who
needs to pay so I pass from being a successful online entrepreneur to be on
a regular nine-to-five you know a lot of struggles
but it’s not just about the money it’s the fact that you you have a lack of
confidence because you don’t want you know to be dealing with these kind of
things and whenever you are on there a lot of pressure and stress do you prefer
to avoid certain circumstances but two years ago by the way on the time
recording this video is 20/20 so on 2018 I decided you know to go back to an
online journey not to make extra cash but to have an online business again I
have previously experienced with dropshipping I had a successful drop
shipping business actually I was doing great but to be honest it was really
stressful the profit margins are in that great yeah the concept is amazing like
okay you’re gonna be selling this product that you’re gonna get you’re
gonna pay you know ten or fifteen dollars and you’re gonna charge people
maybe 50 or 60 dollars yeah the profit margin sounds amazing but if you really
want to grow and scale that business you need to put money on ads okay so as you
can see the profits is it’s in that much right now and if you’re really serious
about that type of business model do you need to hire people yeah because you
need to be dealing with customers so you need to have customer service what about
these people want to process a refund yeah you are not the one who is chipping
you know the product so are you gonna get it back are you gonna return you to
your regular supplier how people are gonna take care of that you need to you
know like what’s the payment processor that you’re gonna be doing if the person
for some reason they do not have said PayPal but they do accept other payment
methods if you want to move to a place to another in order to put out like the
the order so there are several factors and to be honest that’s not for me and I
don’t necessary this business model like for a lot of people because of that
margins in theory they sounds great but there are other things that you’re gonna
learn through the route okay so the business model that I highly suggest
people to start with is actually affiliate marketing the main reason is
because you are not gonna be wasting time creating the product or the service
that you’re gonna promote okay but you need to understand that this is a high
quality product you don’t have to deal with customers you don’t have to take
payments and it’s a great way in which you can make passive income okay before
I get for there about this let me show you some of my results because I want
you to understand data that a what it can be possible and okay here is it the
first one as you can see here I have my earnings it’s over $40,000 and by the
way I cannot show you all the details about this accounts because for the
privacy policies of every single program I cannot be doing this okay so I have
40,000 here I have 24,000 here on this altered program yeah 12,000 almost
13,000 and to be honest I’m about to get another payment so I already passed
these 13,000 dollars and last but not least here over one thousand dollars
with this program that I just saw it not so long ago so as you can see it is
possible to make money online with affiliate marketing I’m not showing you
this to brag but I’m showing you this so you can understand what is actually
possible okay dude I need to invest a lot of hours to
make money with affiliate marketing but do you need to be consistent okay you
need to be consistent and you need to be taking action basically a feeling’
marketing is under like this here you have PC which is potential customer here
I have the product and here I have the marketer or the middle one and before
you are like oh my god yeah that sounds amazing but I’m not
person I don’t want to be selling anything to anybody
don’t worry do not have to be selling anything you just need to be referring
people to a product or service that you know they might be interested it’s gonna
be solving their problems and that’s it the people joining example let’s say
that you want to go to the movie so you’re asking everybody like hey what
did you watch you do me the weekend I don’t know what’s the favorite movie oh
what’s the movies are available because I want to have a great time so a lot of
people are gonna give you suggestions about the movies that you can go and
watch and you’re gonna choose the ones that you prefer that’s it
no one is convincing you you know to take action and go and watch that
specific movie the same if you are you know you’re gonna have a date with a
special someone you’re asking like hey I want to take XYZ person to a restaurant
depending up what are you looking for right your budget and your location
people are gonna give you some restaurants right like hey this one is
great because of the seafood these other one is great because I don’t know they
have live music right so they’re not selling you that they are just referring
you like do you have a problem the problem is that you don’t know what
movie are you gonna watch right you’re you don’t know what is on the teeter
flag now you have another problem right that hey you know that you want to go to
a fancy restaurant maybe maybe a fancy restaurant who knows right but you know
what’s like a what’s like the best choice so people are referring you and
chances are that you have referred a lot of people to a lot of things but you
never get paid so this is basically what affiliate marketing is you find a
potential customer this person’s they might be already aware of the product or
service but they want you know to have an extra pinion about someone outside of
the company who is selling the product and that might be
you so you’re connecting the person who already know the proud over service they
wanna buy with the product or the with the company or you know that that is
offering the product or service or you might find someone who they know that
they have a problem is situation that they want to solve but they don’t know a
product that is gonna fix it right they know the problem but they don’t know how
to fix it so you’re gonna teach them how to fix it and you’re gonna suggest in
the product that you use it or the service that you use it to fix that
situation right so there are other a scenarios in which there are people who
they are not aware of the product or service they don’t know that they have a
problem but if they do see any specific ads they relate to that situation or
they remember that they didn’t you have a similar situation and they can
understand that it’s possible to solve it okay so these are the potential
customers again you’re not gonna be closing the sales that’s not your job
your job is to take that traffic and by the way traffic it’s people their
interests you know what you have to offer or what you’re offering right
maybe they are not aware that they need maybe they are aware of it but they
don’t know you don’t how to take the next step so order it different
scenarios right but you’re gonna take that traffic and you’re gonna let them
know like hey here’s the solution girls might link you know to get the solution
and you’re gonna get the Commission again you don’t have to deal with
customer service you don’t have to deal with payment processors you just refer
people ok for some of you the numbers that I show our grade are amazing you’re
gonna be like wow Deanna cheese is super feel it but I want you to understand
that this can be take to the next whole level there are companies that are doing
this and maybe you are gonna where for example we have over write chances are
that you already take a ride with a uber driver or maybe not but you know that
uber connects people who needs a ride to drivers right
someone who owns a car and he or she is available to take them to the
destination right they don’t own cars but they’re a great transportation
company the same with the over eat again they are gonna find customers in this
case with uber it’s people who are looking for
restaurants but they are not want to go to a restaurant they just want to have
some lunch they want their food to bill deliver and
they do have products or services in this case are these restaurants that for
some reason they don’t have the delivery service so there are the middleman there
in the marketing hey I have these people they they are hungry they really they
really want to eat right now right and I have these other restaurants right all
these restaurants who are able to give you the title food that you are that
you’re looking for so there are a lot only the moon landing marketers the same
with Airbnb they don’t own a property but they can give you you know
accommodation like if you’re looking to rent a bed a bedroom a house and
apartment a penthouse you know so it’s actually the same we have these people
who are about to book a trip so certain city or country right and we have these
people they own properties they’re willing to rent them but they don’t want
to take care of anything they just need to general the traffic the people so
Airbnb is the middleman again hey I have these people well I have this properties
and the same with a popular one which is actually booking right booking is
actually the same they don’t own like an airplane they don’t own cars they don’t
own you know again appointments or hotels but they connect people that they
yes or just they’re gonna trap right they need accommodation they need
someone who take them or pick them and on the airport and everything so
this is exactly the same so you’re gonna be doing this with affiliate marketing
and here’s my offer okay if you want to know what’s my
number one recommendation to make money online and you’re serious about learning
about this a way to make money online I’m gonna leave a link below it’s gonna
be the very first link in the description
this is just for action takers because the whole idea that you understand this
concept but you are not taking action your you’re not gonna get any results
okay so the first serious about this and then the little link below it’s
gonna be the very first link in the description so if you enjoy this content
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be interested about this and this is it for this video and I see you on the next
one you

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