Best Year Of My Life – Keep Grinding
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Best Year Of My Life – Keep Grinding

[Music] I don’t know how to use this thing did I look to you to destroy your oh crap but yeah thank you the GI for this amazing gift this is a Mavic air I have no idea how to fly it but it’s okay I got Matthew here so Matthew come here why don’t you teach me how to fly this oh no no okay this is I’ll just shut the camera my 24th year was the year of growth and it all started on March 12 2017 I spent my 24th birthday sleeping on the train in Korea after clubbing I then moved to New York and started my first full-time job at BuzzFeed as a data scientist I made my first appearance in a BuzzFeed video that 15 minutes of fame felt pretty good and I appeared in more BuzzFeed videos I then moved to Bay Area and started my job at Facebook as a data scientist working for the video creator team I dressed up as my bitmoji for Halloween and then I met my Yuko and did a collab prefer and then finally I started the startup series and I forced all my co-workers to be in them and Here I am today blessed with an amazing team at work but most importantly I’m blessed a few guys who supported me along the way and thank you for making this community amazing but it wasn’t always that easy it wasn’t all smooth sailing I actually faced a lot of failures before realizing that what I really needed was to learn to accept myself with what I have I tried starting a startup and fell six times during college I applied to product management positions at Facebook and Google with no offers I worked for a whole year making videos on YouTube and Facebook only to gain 200 subscribers at the end but I continued to pursue those goals because setbacks are hard but they’re the ones that will teach you the most about yourself what you’re capable and what you really want and don’t forget that the things that are worth achieving will never be easy so say yes to the grind because I know that one day somewhere are someone will recognize your effort and you’ll be rewarded but remember before everything else before you do sight of what’s important you have to step back and remember who are there for you and who made sure as possible [Music] but thank you for all of you guys who came along the way but I’m just getting started my goal this year is to cherish everything you guys have given to me and I will give it back to you guys however I can because I owe it to you guys so thank you so much and I’ll see you soon very soon [Music] you

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100 thoughts on “Best Year Of My Life – Keep Grinding

  1. Couldn't agree more with you. "Someday, somewhere, someone is gonna recognize your effort".
    It's completely true. The true secret is to never ever give up.
    Happy B-Day !!!
    Regards from Brazil.

  2. Joma can you send your resume to please ? I will write my resume based on yours

  3. Happy birthday and pretty cool video man I just picked up a DJI Mavic Air last month. Haven’t had time to play it . How you like yours? I stumbled up on your Channel not sure how but I think it’s awesome and you keep doing what you do!

  4. I wish you great success Joma.
    The Strength that you have to overcome your setbacks are motivational.
    Keep on grinding! Happy Birthday!

  5. Hi Joma,

    For your internships that you had during university, were they outside of the Waterloo co-op program or were they the same thing?

  6. 영어는 못하지만 뭔가 "주성치 (저우싱츠 | 周星馳 | Chow Sing Chi)" 닮으셔서 계속 보게 됩니다. (코믹적인 요소도 약간 ㅋㅋ) 수고하세요

  7. ​Bill Gates recently donated $15 Million to the University of Washington's Computer Science program. Do you think the University of Washington is a good school to study CS?

  8. Hey Joma. Happy birthday.

    Your lifestyle has become my destiny .

    I wish I could meet you one day just to say thanks and a salute for showing a beautiful life ahead after Hardwork. I watch your videos daily.

    I just want you to know that you have one die hard fan in California and what you are doing is an amazing work. Be proud becoz am proud to be your fan.

  9. Happy birthday! Thank you for the motivation, really needed at this point of time. Hopefully, our paths cross one day!

  10. Its been really refreshing watching your videos bro you're doing great at it; edit: and happy birthday! 😀

  11. Hi Joma! I saw your videos and got immediately hooked since i'm currently a sophomore studying computer science and statistics. Do you mind making a video explaining the key skills you need as a Data Scientist and the kind of work you have to do on a daily basis (other than making your videos ofcourse XD) ?

  12. JOMA does university of waterloo helped you in getting a job or the interviewers were impressed by your university?

  13. What's the song title/music at the end? Love it! Joma, keep up the great content. Love your enthusiasm and transparency !

  14. setbacks are hard but they are the ones that teach you.. hey love it man. keep doing you!! 200 subs to this!

  15. Feel like this year is the year of the grind for me too. Left my job as an accountant and have been getting myself up to speed with programming. I know it's going to be a long road ahead but I hope my hard work will pay off.

  16. Fuck yeah! Good stuff. I am not an engineer or in that area but I am a digital marketer and appreciate what you guys do. Good stuff

  17. anyone on Facebook who can help about

  18. Hey Joma, I dont know if you already do it, but you should start "Meet Up" events. It will definitely help you grow in many areas.

  19. wow … a whole year and only 200 subs. Today is about 11 months for me making video editing tutorials on youtube and barely 400 subs. Believe it or not, I was about to quit and even delete my editing folder that contains all my editing materials I collected and prepared for my tutorials and I RANDOMLY came across this video. Well, not being cheesy and not gonna say that this is a sign or whatsover, but I guess I would at least keep trying and push a little further .. maybe something happens. Eventually, I'm having fun and I already have my job so nothing to lose, right?!

    Long story short, Thank you 🙂

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