Big Business and Social Enterprise: Why They Need Each Other More Than Ever
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Big Business and Social Enterprise: Why They Need Each Other More Than Ever

Kevin Murphy is one of an estimate of 100 million homeless people worldwide he lives in the streets of Edinburgh Scotland I don't really have any hopes for the future I lived a dear it's just what I do it's this hopelessness that the homeless World Cup foundation is trying to combat with football based in Edinburgh this social enterprise has one vision to end homelessness our philosophy is just work with one person at a time that's how you'll change the world almost people feel that they're not going to achieve anything important point of getting involved in the foot bullets you start to to contribute into a team so it matters that you are there you have a role I'm a great believer in the power of sport it's inclusive you can take people from whatever background and whatever skill and mix them together into teams and that connection coming to play together in a team and contributing and for some moments forgetting your situation Curry's real change since 2002 the homeless World Cup Foundation has grown to reach 100,000 homeless people yearly around the world to keep growing they need to fine-tune their business strategy sa pcent skilled employee volunteers to take their organization to the next level the s AP involvement is relaxing because it seems to me that they understand as a company their role that they have what they're getting back is engaged employees so that's a win for them and it's a win for an organization like us because we're able to tap into their talent sa PE is taking its support for social enterprise further announcing a global partnership with the social enterprise world forum at the organization's annual event recently held in Edinburgh that ACP one of the sponsors of this year's event at announcing a new partnership deal which will help the forum continue to grow in the years ahead that is great news and thank you to s AP s AP believes that a strong social enterprise sector will create a more sustainable economy our founding principle of helping the world run better and improving people's lives continues today and I'm very pleased that sa P will be the first global technology partner for the social enterprise world's forum the social enterprise world forum has been helping to promote social enterprises for over 30 years we took ten years to come to the decision that we wanted and lead to the commercial partner we like to go for each of ACP we felt that ACP would have an ability to help us to build our capacity and to meet the needs of the social enterprise sa PE and the social enterprise sector I think is a journey that's really just beginning and we're very excited to be working with sa P partnerships like this helped social enterprises like the homeless World Cup Foundation fulfilled their mission to make the world a better place you

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