Big Jobs Uncovered | Nutrition Services with Zach and Charlie
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Big Jobs Uncovered | Nutrition Services with Zach and Charlie

>>Good afternoon, I’m Charlie Reuland. I’m the Chief Operating Officer at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and I’m thrilled to be here
at the Orleans Street Kitchen for Food and Dining Services. See what these guys can
teach me about what they do.>>This is our first test.>>Holy cow. Look at this. I was in college, I worked in
a kitchen for a little bit. But I didn’t do
>>Oh did you?>>any of that stuff.>>I was just waiting for his reaction. I wanted his jaw to drop a
little bit further to the floor.>>Gonna have some fun today.>>I feel like we’re
in Alaska or something. It’s amazing.>>That was it. I let him roll. I found that either
you’re gonna sink or swim in the kitchen.>>I don’t do this a lot
in my meetings, you know?>>(laughs) Now you definitely
have something to talk about.>>Exactly right. I love it. I didn’t expect a bunch of
whole fresh fish like that. I always assumed that we got
them all fileted and done; and, no, the team was
gonna do it from scratch.>>You’re gonna take
your knife right here.>>All right. Trusting me with a knife, huh?>>Yeah, well you said you
had kitchen experience. (laughs) First thing you wanna do
is cut off all your fins.>>You call this detail work (laughs).>>Take that right off. Gotta get into it a little better.>>About to say I got to grip it. I love it. I think here I am making
some fresh fish for patients. I never thought I would do that.>>I don’t know, I think
you were lying to me. You might’a spent longer in
the kitchen than I thought.>>And then you wanted a five-ounce filet.>>Yup that looks good.>>Let’s see.>>Perfect.>>Thank you for watching today, and thank you for letting me be a chef for just a few minutes. It’s a really impressive team we have, and they’re great teachers as you saw. Thanks very much.

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7 thoughts on “Big Jobs Uncovered | Nutrition Services with Zach and Charlie

  1. So great to see the professional setting, professional approach to preparing food for patients. The COO was pretty cool with that knife, too!

  2. Great video, highlighting important work. The COO looked like a natural. The professionals in the kitchen enjoyed showing the COO the art and skill required to prepare the food. Keep up the good work and show more behind the scenes.

  3. Way to go Charlie and JH. It was one of the best things that I have seen coming out of JH internal PR machine. It finally shows that every player is critical in making JH the success that is currently is and how it will continue to be a bigger success for the future. Bravo, Brava and Encore!!!

  4. This is incredible.  The Hopkins kitchen is very impressive! It's nice to learn all the parts that make this hospital great. Kudos to our kitchen!

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