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Bing Ads Training for Affiliate Marketing {Paid Traffic Strategy with Nomad Brad}

hello everyone welcome back to my
channel or if you’re new here welcome to my channel my name is Rachel Eisley I’m
here with the Nomad Brad and we are both affiliate marketers we are doing a
collab I’m gonna be interviewing him on his expertise in affiliate marketing
which is Bing ads and he just interviewed me on how I became a super
affiliate for some companies over at his channel so you guys can check that out
later I’m really excited for this video thanks for coming to share your
knowledge on here Brad absolutely so happy to be here thanks
for having me Rachel so me and Brad have let me at the time
of this washing like very similar Youtube subscriber numbers and similar
followers so we’re like let’s let’s collab and just talk about unique things
and something that Brad does that I don’t even do is being ads being ads for
affiliate marketing like what even is being as what’s being yeah well I kind
of think it’s like a secret weapon for affiliate marketers because basically
Bing allows you to run promotions to pretty much anything at least right now
in 2019 this is still true it might not be the case forever but you know how
AdWords doesn’t really like affiliate marketing and Facebook yeah exactly
and a lot of people experience that in affiliate marketing with Facebook and
Google and obviously those traffic sources are bigger but I think a lot of
people underestimate being because they think well I don’t use Bing and nobody
uses being it’s a joke or whatever but there are millions of people using Bing
every day and the way that I you know found this out was actually I was
working with clients and I was doing AdWords and there was one client where
we basically we just decided to try out this whole bang thing and by adding the
exact same you know campaigns from AdWords to Bing we just added like 30%
more revenue it was like the simplest money we ever added so that’s how I got
into being was coming from the client side selling
products and then I heard through the affiliate marketing grapevine that you
could promote things on bing and I used to work for the number one product on
Clickbank so that’s where I kind of learned affiliate marketing was from the
Clickbank world and so I started trying it out and sure enough you can pretty
much promote anything on bing wow so anything where the affiliate platform
lets you advertise like there or I guess certain companies they don’t let you do
pay-per-click but a lot do or especially if you’re finding products on Clickbank
or other affiliate networks so what is like your typical day or week look like
or is mostly like in the being ad manager or what are you doing honestly
once you get a campaign running and this is why I really I really love AdWords
and I haven’t really been you know super aggressive about or successful in
finding out how to use AdWords for affiliate marketing but for my previous
experience with clients I loved AdWords because it’s very consistent you know if
you ever on Facebook Ads you can kind of like tap out an audience does that make
sense you think yeah yeah you have a limited
pool of people your ad will show – yeah and Facebook will show your ad more and
more the more popular it is and then eventually those people kind of get sick
of it in your your cost-per-acquisition goes way up well with search traffic
with Google you know I was running campaigns for years and we basically
would just get the same performance you know roughly every day because there’s
always new people that have never searched for these search terms before
coming in and searching for them so Bing is the same it’s pretty consistent which
is really nice so what campaigns set up you don’t
really have to go in there and like mess around with it very much okay so but
then like let’s say you have something up and it’s working then are you
actively looking for like more offers to launch or you sound like a certain
number how many offers will you have up live at a time um yeah that just depends
on your budget and it that’s the whole game is you have to set up
that’s like the biggest mistake people make whenever they try so Bing is really
affiliate popular with Clickbank but it’s also popular with CPA offers like
Max bounty because you can really promote just about anything and those
those networks have offers and pretty much every niche I know what go ahead
well I was looking what was like collabing with Marcus Campbell on
something and he was showing how rehabs pay $800 per call like per lead yeah I’m
like ma can I rank that’s it they’re not ranked for it but maybe maybe I don’t
know you have probably have ideas of what things that people can promote that
are good offers yeah well uh I actually had a one of my clients was rehab so we
yeah it’s it’s pretty intimidating to run a traditional ad it’s like $100 per
click because each client is worth like $100,000 or more three not three hundred
thousand or something so yeah don’t do drugs
yeah so but also like if you so I you have a private programmer to course but
then do you like help the student one-on-one in there or like as a group
in their Facebook group where people can ask questions and and so far at least
the people that have joined my program have been kind of like people who
already have a bit of experience in affiliate marketing to begin with so
actually the group members are really awesome about answering questions a lot
of them have a lot more experience in the CPA world than I do I have more
experience with like Clickbank products so it but what the strategy is always
the same you no matter what the product is I can yeah you promote anything just
by running it through the same system yeah because I think a lot of people
they look for like how can I copy exactly what you’re doing brighter how
can I copy exactly what Rachel’s doing for Google ads or whatever what exact
headline did she choose an exact description exact extensions an exact
targeting and I’m like I can’t show you my exact thing that I did because then
mine won’t work anymore but I could show you like the strategy to set it up
and then you gotta make variations of your own copy and stuff so that’s do you
come across that yeah everyday I was like laughing as you said that cuz I’m
like I know guys I really wanna like help people and I want you to succeed
but I’m doing this too and I can’t I can’t tell you exactly you know what I’m
doing but I will literally show you what I would do if you hired me to come in
and and help you with this I’ll show you exactly the process that I would do cuz
also if you show them the exact thing and they implement the exact then that
yours aren’t gonna work anymore and there’s aren’t gonna work because it
will cut the competition like in half or double it and then everyone’s trying to
do the same exact thing now you’re not even helping them you’re doing them a
disservice so it’s like I don’t even want to tell you guys my exact terms and
stuff because it won’t even work for you or what is working one day I know you’ve
said it set it and forget it but sometimes things still do fluctuate and
things that were working like you still have to optimize and test and it’s not
gonna maybe work for you like perfect exact on day one you slip a monitor
definitely not on day one it does it paid traffic by its nature usually takes
testing and so the way that you do it with with Bing and you know if you’re
doing Clickbank or Max bounty CPA stuff is you set up a tracker
I prefer clickmagick which is a really cool I know you use click mat magic yeah
and they pay good commissions yeah yeah I definitely refer a lot of people to
click magic too it’s so awesome for the the price but a lot of people try to
skip it and it’s like you’re never ever gonna make this work without tracking so
you got to get click magic and the really cool thing about quick Maja’s
magic is that it actually integrates with like Clickbank and bounty it it
speaks to them so whenever you make a conversion if you set it up the right
way which I show you obviously how to do in the training it will tell you the
exact keyword the exact search phrase that created that conversion and it’s
all trackable inside of click magic and it actually shows you you know how much
that conversion worth because like clickbank will tell
you made a say like you made $35 commission and then he made an upsell
for another $60 or whatever so that’s really the people try to skip and it’s
enough to talk to a lot of people you know when I did do like personal
coaching calls for a while almost every single person was like well I haven’t
really set up the tracking yet and I love this one story this one guy I
talked to you early on he’s really cool but he’s like yeah man you know I tried
making this Bing thing work but I don’t know I just blew a bunch of money and I
was like well how much did you spend and this is really common by the way I asked
to look how much did you spend and he’s like well like 15 bucks and I was like
okay well that’s not that much to spit yeah
but anyways let’s let’s look at your data and he was like well I guess I did
make a few conversions and it was for like a $2.00 CPA thing that’s great to
make a few conversions right away oh but he didn’t realize that he thought he was
a failure he was like god I failed you know I
spent uh you know 15 and I only made three that means I lost $12 and a lot of
people have this mindset and I was like no dude let’s go look at your campaigns
and I call this finding buried treasure and this is very common if you have a
campaign that’s making some conversions a lot of people get very frustrated
because they’re like well I spent thirty and I only made one conversion so I lost
ten bucks but actually if you dig in and find the keyword and the ad that
converted you can just theoretically pause everything else and the way that
search traffic works it’s kind of just like a consistent stream every day it’s
about you know roughly the same conversions go up and down every day of
course but but it’s roughly about the same every day depending on your bids
and stuff and so a lot of times you can just turn off all the things that aren’t
converting and suddenly you have a profitable paid traffic campaign which
is awesome yeah people gotta realize that like the first week one week two is
his testing phase it’s set up setting up and testing up and then isolating what’s
working so what are some like coming misconceptions that people have about as
because being a bit about being ads because like even me maybe I tried it
with my team a little bit and we probably gave up also but definitely
well there’s a couple of things that I actually just even teach for free you
know that I’d always recommend people which is a lot of people just kind of
they don’t have tracking setup so you gotta have two tracking setup one thing
that people assume I guess you asked for misconceptions one big thing that people
assume is that since they don’t use Bing and they don’t know that anybody is is
Bing they think it’s like junk traffic but of course I learned this from
working with a real business as a client that very qualified very good customers
are on being every day you might not use Bing but actually a lot of people do and
it’s like I’ve tried to I’ve actually paid done paid traffic on a lot of
different platforms when when I was working for my previous employer and
there are some like platforms that are legitimately just junk traffic and some
people think being is one of those it’s not it’s actually really high quality
it’s just lower volume right so it doesn’t have as many people as Google
but if it works on Google it also works on being just with fewer people and not
as many advertisers so what’s complication yeah and so a lot of people
are attracted to it because it is lower CPC like actually we were talking
yesterday and I said oh yeah clickfunnels is like $1 CPC and you were
like actually that’s really good and yeah I started campaigning for click
phones like a year ago or something huh and I gave up because I was like man I
can’t keep doing these dollar clicks this is ridiculous I loved all our
clicks yeah and I don’t know what it is now but like at the time it was about a
dollar and I’m coming from the Clickbank world so I try to get in there about you
know thirty thirty to fifty cents so I was like huh well I don’t know but I did
make a sale and what’s so cool and this is kind of really lucky but that person
has stayed on for over a year so I’ve made like you know fifteen hundred
dollars or something from this person Wow see and then that’s the thing to
your LTV the lifetime value I will pay $100 for a person to trial on
clickfunnels because one in three one in four are gonna stick and then their LTV
is gonna be like $600 or more perhaps so if you guys already have an affiliate
offer you can try it on being or if you don’t yeah you can find some from the
networks what what kinds of things though do people need to get started
let’s say like I want to do this I’m like ready how much time do I need what
kind of budget should I set aside what or my day is gonna look like my after my
afternoons or my evenings if I just dedicate like an hour or two hours to
this and I yeah I like that you said budget because as we already covered I
you know I hear a lot of people with the with too small of a budget like you
can’t you’re doing paid traffic and there are ways to be really cost
effective with your bidding and everything but honestly you need at
least a few hundred bucks a month to like test you know no matter what you’re
trying to promote like keep some money and and you might be shocked but I do
talk to a lot of people who have a lot less than that as a budget and they’re
trying to do paid ads and I’m like you go to a different method like YouTube or
something and then once you have more of a bankroll once you have cash flow and
you can invest in paid traffic so one part of it is the research aspect so I
teach something you can probably figure it out what it is but I call it ad
hacking which is basically like funnel hacking but for ads I mean you can just
go to Bing calm if you’re promoting an offer you know pick the keyword that’s
most likely associated with that offer and just actually you can use the the
free Bing ads keyword tool and you could pick the landing page for the offer
you’re promoting and put it into the big ads keyword tool and it will actually
show you this is kind of a secret but not a lot of people know it will show
you some of the keywords that people use to find that landing page so you can
take those keywords and then you can go to the – Bing calm and just type in
those keywords and see what sup and just go through several pages of
you know Bing search results and ads are kind of just randomly shown at in
different orders and stuff so you got to go through several pages but you can see
exactly what ad copy other people are using to promote these offers I think
like if a lot of people may be watching on my channel or like how do I do this
for clickfunnels let’s say or I want to know what Rachel’s clickfunnels ads look
like or whatever and a lot of people they’re not gonna want to share what
their exact ads look like or there are people they are a lot of people doing
Google trying to do Google Ads right now for click funnels are doing it a lot and
a lot of people I know there’s a lot of people doing it not maybe a lot but
there are people doing it for being you just don’t hear them bragging about it
too much because they don’t want people like me to go in and start hacking them
and like to cause a tenth draw attention and bring in more competition so it’s
kind of like underground you got to make friends kind of cutthroat to people get
pissed you know like it is an auction so the more people are bidding on something
the higher the price like that’s another misconception that unfortunately I see a
lot is that almost everybody comes in is usually trying to promote like make
money online or affiliate marketing offers maybe your your audience is
different but the people that are usually coming to me from YouTube are
looking to promote make money online offers and obviously the keyword make
money online is like pretty highly contested you know and so you have to be
like creative somehow you have to think of another way um you know to to get the
same audience so I think a lot of people get discouraged by that they think oh I
have this affiliate marketing training thing that I can just go on being and
promote and yeah you can but you just have to pay a couple bucks per click
usually or use like different keywords longtail keywords yeah you’re saying
that could you have video on YouTube that are being training it’s called like
Bing ads tutorial whatever and it doesn’t even say for affiliate marketers
but everyone hitting like finding you is doing affiliate
Marketing anyway it’s just people I don’t know people are realizing that
it’s a great platform to just go yeah they hear about it through the
grapevine same as I did you know they they take some course or they watched a
YouTube video and somebody says well you know so they start with how do I promote
Clickbank offers or how do I promote Mac’s bounty offers and then they start
looking through videos and stuff and they’re like well this person said you
can do it on bing and I think most people get the idea of I just buy an ad
and I make a sale that’s in I don’t have to do you know I don’t have to write
copy I don’t have to you know that’s the appeal is I just buy an ad it’s fast
it’s it sounds easy of course and so that’s the appeal um but yeah 99.9% of
people who care about being our affiliate marketers because right now
you can promote anything you know you can’t promote a lot of these offers on
Facebook or mm-hmm you just can’t like click balls
maybe I mean you know more about that bad about that than I do but all their
affiliate networks and platforms is a Clickbank link there they’re gonna flag
you same as Facebook as far as I know yeah yeah yeah no for sure well so what
kinds of things do you teach in your program you go to Bing ads bootcamp I
mean I don’t you do have videos on your YouTube too so I’ll link that in the
description you guys can check out his channel subscribe to his channel check
out the interview he did with me but in your bootcamp your private program what
things do people learn basically you know everything that you need to know to
run ads like one thing I will say is it’s not a make money program well yeah
like there are programs out there and you may I think you mentioned one maybe
not but there are programs where they’re like I’ll give you the landing pages
I’ll tell you what offers to promote I’ll give you the step-by-step you just
plug in the system you know that’s not my program I’m actually teaching you you
know how to fish essentially like how do you use a pay-per-click platform this
one happens to be Bing and I do talk a lot about you know affiliate marketing
building land pages and how to find offers and all
that stuff because that’s what everybody cares about but it’s definitely not a
make money online program I’m not like if you follow these three steps you’re
gonna be rich you know so I do I do want to say that but I cover everything from
you know keyword research you know finding out how to bid how what kind of
budget you can have what kind of offers you can promote how to set up the
tracking that’s probably the most important piece is setting up the
tracking correctly because you know it really is the make or break of your
campaigns you you can’t do without traffic tracking but it’s pretty it’s
pretty simple once you just watch some videos yeah it’s like if you guys can
watch a video and pause the video implement go back to the video like just
yeah do it I think the biggest part is like you know are you gonna what are you
gonna do after watching this video or are you guys gonna get into it try it
learn more or go watch you know scroll on your YouTube and go watch the
recommended Kardashian video or something which is fine it’s like
whatever you want to do there’s different opportunities I do have a
private Facebook group too for everybody that joins the program so I can answer
questions and help people I I think to like with any and and make money online
online entrepreneurship affiliate marketing a lot of us will like learn
about all that there are different ways you can do YouTube you can do you can do
Bing ads you should do email marketing you need a funnel a landing page an
offer like blah blah blah and then you’re like overwhelms like I learned a
little bit about everything but like what am I gonna focus on I think
being is like you’re super focused you’re like I’m gonna focus on being I’m
gonna learn it surround myself with the community learn everything there is to
learn about it and even if you have zero Philly it offers up now you have this
skill set that you can use for clients you could pick up some clients and make
extra money with that money being ads to local businesses or online businesses
take the money you make from doing the labor learn there ad spent and
get paid and then reinvest it back into your affiliate business or even selling
your own programs your own course your own coaching yeah oh sorry no go ahead
like even taking your pay-per-click skills that you learn and I’m sure some
of the things that you learn with Bing can also still be used with Google’s
YouTube Facebook just basic fundamentals of paid ads absolutely I actually I’m
like a paid traffic nerd actually I’ve spent a lot of money for clients over
the years and paid traffic that’s kind of like you know my marketing specialty
and so I actually have like an introduction to paid traffic like the
philosophies the mindsets which you know I don’t know if everybody watches them
but I really enjoyed making them and I think if you actually do watch them you
would level up a lot in just how paid traffic works because like I said I’ve
used pretty much every platform out there and there are some principles that
are always true and then I talk about like I have like a QuickStart guide if
you kind of know what you’re doing but you just need some like guidelines to
get started and like checklists so you can just take that go into your campaign
if you’re like I used to run Google Ads or everyone Facebook I get all the terms
but just tell me what to do I do have a Quick Start Guide and I also have a
bonus that actually talks about what you were talking about which is like how can
you take these skills and go to local businesses and because a very valuable
skill to almost this and if you learn how to use Bing I and I said this in the
bonus but like you literally know how to use AdWords like quit college drop out
of college really I wish I was I wish they taught like paid Azur only
marketing skills at my college yeah totally and you know what like even to
comma Club here whatever you know selling e-commerce people selling have a
million dollar funnel selling their course whatever they’re not doing it
from organic traffic like yes me and Brad both love YouTube it’s cool it’s
fun it’s growing I’m like so all about it anyway but even my business I didn’t
get to como club without pay traffic is because of pay traffic I
didn’t get dream car clickfunnels dream car like I got like 350 affiliates right
now it’s not all from organic hell no most of its from paid traffic like I
mean a lot of it is feel from organic and you could still like into your way
there or you can like commit to learning paid traffic investing in it hiring
consultants hiring experts buying a course and getting better at it too
there’s always more to learn more to practice more things to do but Bing has
been around for a while now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down yeah I wanted to
share a really cool story when you were talking about e-commerce it reminded me
this person who I don’t know why but he never actually bought my program but it
was like when I first launched it and I was like come on and just buy it and
he’s like we’ll just tell me what to do and I was like well I don’t know I just
couldn’t resist I was like all right I know what he needs to do cuz I have the
skill set right and so he’s trying to do this ecommerce store he was trying to be
like the Shopify thing and he was like well this is what I did and I was like
dude you’re doing it wrong like split up your campaigns apply these settings you
know set it up like this and run it again he was like oh you know I already
spent $30 I was like that’s fine like you you haven’t made a sale yet do this
and then like then literally the next day he’s like well I made my first sale
and I was like sweet that’s awesome like okay now try this and he didn’t he was
like you know doing the same thing of like well I spent 30 and I only made one
so I only profited by $5 whatever and then he didn’t really say anything for
like a week and he’s like and this was like he was he was doing like a
Halloween themed thing at Halloween time and so it was like really explosive he
told me that over that week once he put those things in place
he ended up he started making like a couple thousand dollars a day of sales
just from paying and then he rolled that into AdWords they did exactly what we
say he just took the exact same campaigns and put that into AdWords and
it just exploded he made like fifty thousand dollars in like a week or
something in his ecommerce store and he never bought my program which was I was
really salty about but just for my just cuz I know I just know
what to do doesn’t matter what the product is you know like you’re selling
yeah it’s like I’ll tell you the structure of how to sell fishing poles
with PPC you know gosh well after this interview I want to go through your
content and take my Google ads and go copy them over to being because you know
even even if it’s cost per click fluctuates you know your numbers and you
have your tracking set up then you can still be profitable I would spend $30 to
make $35 I’m making $1000 in the day I always spend the thousand dollars to
make eleven hundred dollars definitely not not everyone will it’s like but I
don’t know whether that since I mean obviously you know the the higher your
margins are the better and you can work towards improving them each day there’s
always it’s can be more to do you could spend your days finding more offers and
putting them up you could spend your days optimizing your current campaigns
making yeah those have higher margins so what in what’s coming up for you like
what’s in the works with something that you’re excited about in your company
what’s this year gonna look like do you think um this year I I definitely want
one of those two comma Club Awards I’m gunning for that not I mean hopefully
hopefully in this business but also I have another business with my partner
Conor it’s called rebel fortune and we’re
building info products we’ve both been doing internet marketing kind of behind
the scenes for bigger companies for you know the last ten years so we’re kind of
just building an audience and creating products and I’m kind of the same as you
you know we talked about in our other NV like I love affiliate marketing that’s
what I want to do myself like every day I just I love making commissions it’s
really cool I wanna you know be a super affiliate and all that in it any way
that I can YouTube SEO Facebook whatever like I’ll just do it all yeah and then
kind of on the on the higher side I’m creating these like really high quality
information products and training and stuff so
that’s that’s it just learning how to create converting funnels and run paid
traffic to it and on in the meantime also making affiliate Commission’s and
building my YouTube channels and leaving that nomads life we’re working from home
traveling and doing the laptop lifestyle thing
I know a lot of people watching are not full-time online marketers yet or
affiliate marketers yet and they only can do this part-time for now which is
fine I think Brad and I like design our programs and and make our videos and
trainings knowing that a lot of you guys maybe don’t have 8 hours in the day to
work on this stuff 12 hours in the day to work in this stuff maybe just like an
hour a day maybe you know half the times gonna be spent learning 30 minutes
learning something and then 30 minutes implementing now we’re learning and our
implementing I mean buzzer least you guys are watching this training right
here so that’s good mm-hmm so is there anything else that we should let them
know we’ll have the resources below I’m gonna link to Brad’s Channel go
subscribe check out his videos and I’ll put the link to the being ads bootcamp
in there if you guys want to start learning the proper way to scale paid
ads with being especially with affiliate offers anything else that we want to let
them know motivate the motivate the people um yeah I love motivating people
definitely I don’t know just just appreciate like all the really cool
stuff that Rachel’s put out because she’s just always always moving forward
and always teaching as she goes which is just really I mean inspirational in
itself so I appreciate your Rachel I appreciate you making this review happen
and I’m just excited to uh you know keep learning from each other and live the
super earth life yeah gotta get some gotta get some unicorns up in my room
know exactly n V over there well I’ve got butterflies thanks everyone for watching be sure to
subscribe to our channels we really appreciate you watching our channels and
you know you can do it too so yeah see you in the next video

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