Black Friday 2018: 4 Marketing Strategies that Worked & Other Social Media News
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Black Friday 2018: 4 Marketing Strategies that Worked & Other Social Media News

Hey, this is Chia from Brand24 and
welcome back to the #SocialRecap! This week we are looking at key trends from
record-breaking online sales during Black Friday, pointing out a really
important detail in Instagram’s new “Close Friends” filter and covering some big
feature updates from YouTube, Facebook and more. So, now, let’s Recap! According to
data from “Croud”, Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw a record number of online
sales this year along with a 41% increase in web sessions and 59% more
conversions, so while Black Friday drew the highest number of sales overall, Cyber
Monday was the preferred day for spending among shoppers in the US.
Digital agency “Croud” analyzed results for Black Friday and Cyber Monday across
their clients to identify really important trends that played a key role
in this year’s record number of online sales. So, first of all, “early access”
messaging was really popular, especially across remarketing and current customers
in paid social media channels. This shows that shoppers need just a little more
time to prepare for Black Friday and they appreciate when you can let them
know what kind of deals will be available just a little in advance.
“Countdown” ads also worked really well in paid ads for a lot of retailers,
increasing click-through rates to more than 50%, while building anticipation
among shoppers. But the top performer across the majority of all retailers
was Google’s new “Smart Shopping Campaigns” which automatically adjust to
optimize your campaigns based on the goals you define. And, of course, “merchant
promotions” that directly showcase a special offer like free delivery or a
really big discount also drove a high click-through rate. Now, I know we talked
about Instagram last time, but they just keep coming out with new features – and
there’s an important detail that you just don’t want to overlook with this
one. So, you may have noticed a little green circle around some of the stories
in your feed. This is the new “Close Friends” feature and it lets you control
who gets to see your stories on Instagram. So, if you see a story with a
green circle around it, this just means that you have been added to somebody’s
list of “Close Friends” and that is why you’re able to view their Story. Although
this is supposed to limit who can view the Stories that you post, if there are
things that you really don’t want certain people to see – like maybe your
boss or some of your colleagues – it’s important
to remember that the “Close Friends” feature is not foolproof. Unlike
Snapchat, which notifies you when your post has been saved or that a screenshot
was taken, Instagram Stories currently does not have any notifications in place
in case someone in your “Close Friends” list decides to save your Story with a
screenshot. And while we’re on the topic of Instagram, here’s an interesting
business development: in addition to the usual amenities, IBIS hotels in
Switzerland have actually started offering Instagram “social media sitters”. Now, the idea
is that if you’re a really active Instagrammer, then you’re constantly on
the lookout for the most impressive- looking views or foodie spots,
especially when you’re traveling. This can be pretty stressful and ,really, just
kind of a pain in a butt when you’re supposed to be on vacation. So, enter
the Instagram “sitter”, which lets hotel guests sign up to have a local Instagram
influencer post to your account during your stay, so you can go out and have an Insta-free vacation while your “social media sitter” posts Gram-worthy images of
local hotspots under your name – for your followers. It’s a pretty interesting idea
to say the least, and with so many Instagramers just trying to become the
next big influencer now, it may even end up being a really useful service borne
out of demand. And after a year of testing with a small control group,
YouTube is finally rolling out YouTube stories for Creators with over 10,000
subscribers. With YouTube videos becoming increasingly polished, YouTube stories is
set to be a way for Creators to share a more casual vlog-type or
behind-the-scenes clips. Unlike Snapchat and Instagram, YouTube
Stories are available for 7 days with viewers able to comment on and react
directly to the Story. As of right now, Stories have their own tab on the
Channels page with a spot on the Subscription
tab coming soon. However, even non- subscribers may see your YouTube Stories
pop up on their home page, or in the “what’s next” section. And now, since Watch
Parties were first introduced to Facebook Groups in January, there
have already been over 12 million Watch Parties, and because watching videos
together in a group encourages people to interact with each other as they watch,
they tend to generate up to 8X more comments than other non-live
videos in Groups. So, that is really good engagement, and that’s why it should come
as no surprise that Watch Parties are being expanded to Facebook Pages and
Profiles across the world, and getting a few new features to boot. This includes
threaded comments, advance scheduling, and even giving hosts the ability to go
live and comment out loud while the videos are playing. And that is it for
episode 24 of the #SocialRecap. If you want to hear more about key developments
in social media and how they’ll affect your social strategies, subscribe
to the #SocialRecap on YouTube. And just in case you prefer, we also have an audio
version on Soundcloud, plus a readable version on the blog. Just scroll down to
see the video description for the links. Thanks for catching up with us and I’ll
see you next time. Bye!

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