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BlogBites | Sports Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Hey everybody! And welcome to Blog Bites.
The show where we break down complex marketing concepts into bite-sized
pieces. Today we’re going to go over some sports marketing strategies that you can
use for your small business. Here’s the game plan we’re going to get more
sustainable monthly revenue by identifying your current fans, sorting
them into tears and creating offers that will help you grow your fan base. Step 1:
identify your fans Fans are people who are enthusiastic
about your brand and are devoted to its success. They might look like this, this,
or even this and they spend a lot of this. They may also give you some shout
outs on social media or refer you to a friend, but for this video we’re going to
focus on the customers that spend the most on your business. Step two: organize
your fans using this four tier sales model so you can track your progress. The
model works like a solar system with four groups in orbit around your brand.
In that first tier, closest to the Sun we’ve got your die-hard fans, your big
spenders. Our goal is to move as many people as possible from levels two, three,
and four into orbit with your fans. Because fans equal more sustainable
monthly revenue. We’ll do this by creating mechanisms that encourage
people to spend more. And the more you know about your audience the easier it
is to create these opportunities. To get started set monthly dollar spends for
each level and sort your customers into those brackets. Then start beaming people
from tiers 2, 3, & 4 into orbit with your fans. Mechanisms or offers or how we’re
going to move people from tier to tier. Here are 3 questions that you can ask
to determine if an offer will be successful. One, based on data does this
provide anything that customers actually want? Two, is it special and does it extend
their access? And three, does it disrupt any current revenue streams? if you get the
right answers to those questions you’ll start converting customers into
fans. and that means you’ll get more
predictable and sustainable revenue. Let’s wrap up! If you’re going to use
sports marketing for your small business you need to do the following. Define
your customer tiers. What do your big spenders look like? What information do
you need from customers to sort them into tiers to create offers to move
customers through tiers? And remember the big three questions; based on data does
this provide something that customers actually want? Is it special and does it
extend their access? Does it disturb any current revenue streams? Three, track your
progress with tiers defined put contacts into tiers. Set key performance
indicators and set goals for each tier. Armed with this information you
guys should be able to turn customers into loyal fans and if you have any questions
feel free to comment below and we’ll get right back to you. See you guys next time!

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