Blogging Internship Review (LadyBossBlogger)
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Blogging Internship Review (LadyBossBlogger)

Hi guys I’m Fran I’m a blogging intern
for lady boss blogger I’m also a student studying retail merchandising and marketing I found this internship through
handshake which is a website for finding careers and internships jobs etc
in my part or my school partners with it I think a lot of universities and
colleges partner with it for that purpose and yeah so I was doing some
searching and I came across this blogging internship and I thought it
would be awesome not only for my degree but also personally I have just a strong
passion for writing and I created a blog about a year and a half ago that’s kind
of been on the back burner but it is a passion of mine and I really wanted to
refine some of those skills and just learn what it takes to successfully run
your own blog and business so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to
get some school credit learn more about my major and also just my passion and
what I want to do with my future so I applied for this and I kid you not
within days Elaine replied to schedule an interview and then I got the
internship and it’s just been awesome ever since my main focus in this
internship has been writing so far so I’ve done a lot of stuff or a lot of
writing for just like different technology in different apps different
websites that are super helpful with creating your own business creating your
own blog, website and that’s been super cool personally because now I get to
learn these skills through teaching other people how to use these skills and
this technology my favorite part about this internship would definitely be just
how responsive Elaine has been through all of it and how helpful she’s been
through all of it she I kid you not is so so responsive you could email her and
she’ll you’ll get a reply within 5-10 minutes she’s just so helpful and wants to make sure that you’re succeeding and that
you’re getting what you want out of this as well what she wants out of this and she was very adamant about that in the
beginning just to make sure that this was gonna be a well-rounded internship
and yeah she’s just been super super helpful amazing feedback she’s someone
who is very good at constructive criticism doesn’t want to put anybody
down she wants to she wants to help you get through things that maybe you’re not
as great at but she does it in a way that makes you feel like you’re learning
and you’re important and that you’re both getting something out of this which
has been it’s just so awesome to see and it’s just so reassuring to learn in an
environment like that so it’s just been it’s just been really great working for
her it’s a great internship I’m having a lot of fun we get along on a personal
level as well our phone calls every week are very light-hearted and fun and she
genuinely cares about me as a person and my personal life and it’s just been a
very great first internship experience for me and I’m excited to see where it goes!

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