Boost Your Christmas Sales With This Marketing Strategy – Behind The Bulldog Episode 51
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Boost Your Christmas Sales With This Marketing Strategy – Behind The Bulldog Episode 51

– You’re probably
wondering why I’m wearing a Christmas hat in the
middle of summer, right? Although Christmas is
a great time of year, I can assure you that my obsession hasn’t gone out of control. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m a marketer who understands the importance of planning
ahead for Christmas. Today, the Bulldog Team and
I are going to be taking you through the best tips on
how businesses can improve their marketing strategies
and take full advantage of the busy Christmas period. By starting early, you’ll
be getting ahead of the game and avoiding any manic rushes. (light music) – So let’s begin with the
July to August period. When the sun is shining and
Christmas seems miles away. These months are all about
prepping and planning. Use these following steps
as a checklist each year. Step one, identify the
keywords you want to target and keep note of them. This research will end
up being your main focus for the majority of your marketing ethics. Step two, next up, begin
some market research. Look for trends in your markets. What will your customers be
searching for in December? Step three, once you gain an
understanding of your market, it will be the time to carry
out some competitive research. Who else is selling what you’re selling and what are they doing to rank so well? Step four, these early months give you the perfect opportunity to build up your social media presence too. Tidy up your profiles and be sure to keep your posts consistent and engaging. Step five, let’s not
forget about outreach. Brainstorm and plan
your outreach campaigns, so you’re ready for when
they need to go live. As you can see, there’s a lot of prep which needs to go into your
Christmas marketing campaign or any marketing campaign for that matter. Therefore, for step six, I
recommend double-checking that your website is optimized for
mobile within these months. Around 50% of Christmas shops are likely to be done on mobile each year. Step seven, lastly, ensure
that you have Google Analytics set up on your website so
that you can track success. (light music) – We might still be miles
away from Christmas, but mid-August is the
perfect time to start fine-tuning campaign ideas and
getting your website ready. Firstly, define the high-value pages you’ll be targeting at Christmas. Will you be able to work with these pages? Speaking of high-value
pages, it’ll be worth adding fresh, relevant content to
any existing Christmas pages which are going to be used this year. Make sure that you’re
writing engaging copy which customers would hate to miss. This can be done throughout
the next few months so that you’re consistently
keeping things fresh. As well as website
content, start preparing general Christmas content
which can be distributed closer to the special day. Your last task in August
– will be to submit business profiles to Google
Maps and Merchant Center for local search purposes. (light music) – Let’s step things up a bit in September. It’s only three months until
Christmas and counting. Throughout September, work on optimizing your Christmas target pages
for SEO and user experience. There’s no time for high bounce rates. September is also the perfect month for analyzing your competitors’
Christmas campaigns. What are they doing? How are they getting the word out? And is there anything you
could be doing differently? Now for the fun part, it’s time to create a pre-Christmas buzz. Start getting the word out about your super exciting campaign. Go easy on the Christmas cheer, though. Once you’ve carried out these pre-steps, start to monitor your results from Google Analytics and
Social Listening Tools. If anything needs changing, now is your time to adjust it accordingly. Towards the end of September,
plan retargeting campaigns to gain repeat buyers and
have a check over your website to ensure that all information is correct. (light music) – October, spooky season is up next, but we’re keeping our Christmas hats on. October is all about
monitoring what’s working and fixing what isn’t. In October, continue to
optimize Christmas target pages and continue to monitor competitors. It’s also worth assessing
your social campaigns. How are your customers responding to your social media so far? On top of this, begin to monitor bounce rates and engagement times, too. How long are your customers staying? What could be done to keep them longer? If traffic is low, consider
paid search traffic so you can get a targeted
stream to your website. There’s nothing wrong with
having an extra nudge here. Studies show that Facebook Ad
clicks peak over Christmas. If you’re using ads, look
into refreshing your ad copy. What are your stock levels like? Is there any opportunity
for limited time sales? Give your website some more
loving through October, too. Update your site architecture so Christmas pages are easier to find. (light music) – There’s one month until the
festive period comes to life. It’s time to get serious. Step one, start the month
off by asking yourself a few questions regarding
organic search results. Can you be found on desktop? Can you be found on mobile? Are you ranking above competitors? If you answered no to
any of these questions, then it’s time for some
testing and tweaking. Step two, this next step is all about focusing on the paid campaign. Cost per click prices and
competition will rise in November, so remember to bid up
to maintain visibility. Don’t forget to keep an eye
out on your product count around November, because if you run out, then you’ll need to pause the paid ads. Step three, as always,
prioritize your content throughout November and
add as much fresh content to your website as possible to stay at the top of the search results. Google loves fresh content. Step four, it’s finally time to focus on your outreach campaign to
get some more exposure. Firstly, prepare some press releases and contact key press
outlets for extra reach. Use teaser campaigns to build excitement and monitor user behavior with Google Analytics after doing so. (light music) Can you hear the sleigh bells ringing? It’s time to unleash your elves, get super festive and spend some money. Step one, add to your
budget to cover traffic and cost per click increases. The competition will rise
substantially through December, so be sure to boost your
bid up to maintain rankings. Step two, speaking of
competition, ask yourself, is anyone making a last-minute
dash into the top positions? Be sure to keep an eye on
those search query reports to stay ahead of the game. Step three, December is the
best time to get the word out via your lovely press release. Don’t forget to utilize
your email databases to avoid leaving out loyal fans. Step four, just before the Christmas peak, release a digital PR push to
further promote your campaign. Step five, once everything is out there and your campaign is
getting great engagement, continue to promote offers,
best sellers and gifts. All that’s left to do is enjoy Christmas and give yourself a pat on the back for smashing these intense six months. (light music) – When you get back to work
after the Christmas period, review your own and your
competitors’ campaign to establish what worked and what didn’t. Keep the energy from your campaign going by continuing to add fresh
content and relevant content and be sure to prepare
for the award season. Oh, and one last thing, update those site links
from January sales. Good luck!

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