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Branding by colors

My name is a Aparna Sundar and
I am an assistant professor in the marketing department at the Lundquist College of Business. One of our key contributions in our paper is that we showed that the associations that consumers spontaneously make with colors
actually influences and biases the way that they actually make ethical
judgments. And that speaks to the power of identity branding and very specifically with color. (Classroom noise) I’m going to call out some colors and I need you guys to tell me some brands. So let’s start with an easy one: Red? Safeway, Target. Nice and
loud. Blue? Facebook, Twitter, All-State. What about brown? (Class answers) “UPS” That’s one thing with really good branding, right? So it’s almost one of those brands that you say the color and you know exactly what the brand is. Right? Colors one of those big queues that
actually biases them to actually being more lenient or being more harsher in the
way that consumers look at different kind of practices that they prefer. It penetrates through a lot of different levels of marketing and it’s set up initially through that identity branding. So it’s, I think, a critical thing that A:) Companies do
think about creating their initial identity. And B) that we as consumers need
to think about when we’re making judgments about companies that we know
very little about.

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