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Branding La Fênix

What´s up guys! Today we have a very special video! It´s La Fênix branding! This is going to brand Rody and Rogeri-o! and to represent myself, there will be a piece of meat. Very cool man…. Let´s put it here to heat.. wait a few minutes so it can get really hot so I may burn my friends. We will be right back! Wow! Look at how hot this is! This is my representation, this is me. Holy crap! This is crazy! Look at the fat! Holy shit Mini… this was tense! I wanna see who´s better than me! Ok. Who is going first? Rogeri-o? Are you ready? No no… Rogeri-o. La Fenix forever! Wait wait! Look up! Let me count to 3! 1… 2… 3… Shit! Its looking good! Holy shit! Holy shit dude! Its fucked up already… Tomorrow this is going to be fucked up… When you get burned, it does not show at first But if its already visible I´m screwed.. Tomorrow its going to be fucked. Breath… Let it get colder dude! This is for the butterfly cocoon This is what i´m going to do with him now Come Rody, stay still. 3… 2… 1… SON OF A BITCH! Branded! If you want a branding, come talk to me. It´s perfect Awesome This hurts so much! It´s so perfect dude! Look at his arm dude… Hurts like hell. Thank you a lot Minimim. This was the branding… This was La Fenix branding If you think this was nothing Wait and see tomorrow. And in 3 days it will be even worse. So we will record during the week to show you. Congratulations both of you. Look. This deserves a thumbs up! Go and buy a shirt in our store! Our newest videos and oldest videos… Subscribe to our channel Share it with your friends… Buy a hat too! See you! BANG!

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