Branding Your Travel Agency Business – Don’t Make This Simple Mistake!
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Branding Your Travel Agency Business – Don’t Make This Simple Mistake!

Branding Your Travel Agency Business are you branding the wrong way are you
making this mistake as a travel agent when trying to brand yourself online so
to make sure you’re not making these simple mistakes make sure you stay tuned
we’ll be right back all right welcome back everybody so in
today’s video we’re gonna talk about branding so I’m Larry Porter back with
majestic travel and I’m back once again but in today’s video like I said I want
to talk about branding yourself as a travel agent okay now there’s a lot of
people online that’s travel agents or whatever the case may be no matter what
business you represent which industry niche you’re in however when it comes to
branding go lion branding online here’s the big mistake that you do not want to
make that most people do okay branding your company or products name okay you
want to be sure that you do not bring your company’s name okay or your product
name because here’s the thing when you we online branding yourself let’s say
for example like like like for food for example meaning you make it we brand
ourselves in the travel niche traveled everything’s about travel however we
don’t brand the company’s name if you type in Larry and you’re Miko or should
I say majestic travel by Larry you make a whit you Larry you make it that’s
what’s gonna pop up okay this is here to stay me a nigga is not going to wear no
time zone hope none no happened but you get the picture so forms up if something
happens to your company or product and you branding your product or company
okay let’s say you built a huge YouTube channel branding your company’s name or
product and something happens to your company or that product guess what
happens to your YouTube work efforts it’s going down the drain you did all
this work for nothing you didn’t you to create all of these
videos promoting a company or product and the company’s going out of business
the product is no longer for sale and you know wasted all your energy and
efforts so when it comes to branding yourself online you can do this
thing but Brandon you okay so for example if the company that I work for
likes I’m a part of a hosts travel Branding Your Travel Agency Business agency let’s say for the Sun for example
they close out tomorrow close down shop tomorrow I’m in The Trevor niche
I’m branded and me and you biggest branded in a travel niche we could find
another travel company so that’s what I wanted to get to you guys guys I want
you to understand it don’t bring the company or the product bring yourself
because if anything happens to the company or the product you can easily
transition to something else related to your niche I’m saying so I hope it makes
sense to brand you because you’re not going to will unless something tragic
happens which I do not hope but you gonna be here for a long time why not
bring you companies come and go products come and go branding yourself online as
the expert in the travel niche so I hope I’m making sense guys so if you found
value from this video please give us a thumbs up subscribe to this video I’m
sorry I’m moving the camera so much you know today’s a good day for me
but I’m just real hyper bring away leave a comment below this video if you got
any questions and if you’re looking to become a travel agent you found this
video please click the link below watch the free presentation they can get you
started that you can learn more about the traffic industry and happy traveling
Larry Porter signing off click the link below all right bye-bye
now wait a minute hey Charlie Branding Your Travel Agency Business

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