Breaking - Twitter Caught Shutting Down During Social Media Summit
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Breaking – Twitter Caught Shutting Down During Social Media Summit

breaking news we have just caught social media company Twitter shadow banning people at the social media summit now we are literally here on the perimeters at the gate I've been doing interviews with people and this man here wanted to follow me on social media yeah and he discovered that I am being shadow man right now as you speak on Twitter you can literally see that it says I have negative 1 following negative 1 followers this is huge if I may and if I may interrupt I think the proper term here is shadow assassinating because when you go to 0 or even negative and the negative numbers that's just blatant wanton disregard for our constitutional system in the United States here we're looking at complete fascism takeover of big tech which is actually a good thing because the marketplace the capitalism will prevail in this instance Twitter has just allowed parlor to become the platform of choice for free speech thinkers independent minded thinkers and really anybody that wants to have a discussion about any issue so parlor app if you want to download the app and pretty soon you you saw earlier the project Veritas exposure of Google you're gonna see another platform that's gonna take that market share from Google and bring in folks that want to have free the ability to conduct free speech and interaction look online they just brought it back look they literally brought it back I don't know if they've seen that we just started streaming Twitter's down okay Twitter's down people are saying Twitter's down right now but we don't know is Twitter down just because it's inside the entire white house you got a better oh yeah Twitter's down across across the United States right now they're masking it as though the entirety of Twitter is down so because they know that what's going on in there it's going to disrupt literally what's going on in the White House right now is going to be the talk and everything trending on Twitter because you have massive influence resilient Twitter that it's going to drive the conversation on all of Twitter so instead of targeting maybe we we caught them red-handed they were they probably initially started shadow betting and then they've discovered we have to shut this whole thing down we're just gonna have technical difficulties because what do you have in there you have a consolidation of some of the biggest conservative influence influences in there with massive followings they're gonna completely steal twitter hashtag social media summit is probably already trending and they they must have taken it down it was trending before it went down I noticed social media summit was trending it was okay it can't be unknown that you're out here with Infowars and there's private youtubers like me out here with the pink castle underground they have to be watching this very closely all right so my initial thought I think all of us here was that they were just targeting folks maybe here maybe obviously because of this brand and then maybe potentially on the inside did you get any response from someone on the inside maybe there's some sort of block down there but supposedly if it's happening in Nevada maybe it's they're using that as a reason it's a concept I cover to say the whole platforms down but the whole coincidence right because this is going on right when the social media summit happens Twitter goes down now I wonder if it's going to come up after the summit's over I'm sure well I mean this is really it's one thing for it to go down and you can't see like the accounts aren't you know some new Twitter's and things like that but the fact that said negative one speaks a whole to me that speaks differently I don't know I mean it was saying negative one and then right now it looks like like if it were down I would think it would just say unavailable it's this is just too bizarre I mean you can't help but think that that this is a coincidence of some sort a screenshot of the negative followers he's got him this guy were here fiving I think I got one right you got one on yours show us some screenshots of the night number one in the booth denial of service attack but it probably is a denial of service attack that has been authorized and may be directed by the highest folks at Twitter I mean what's his name Jack Dorsey and who else is up there at Jack Jack we should all be when Twitter goes back up we should all be tweeting at Jack why I'm here Lois negative one negative one and this happened just when the social media summit started right when it started this is when this happened this is crazy guys this is breaking news is Twitter shutting down social media essentially to hide and make the social media summit loses umph the initial salvo of the digital war just started mark my words I mean what's gonna happen when we have let's say another big pivotal moment here maybe election night or you know maybe Trump wins and then it goes down who knows this is crazy that we we were able to real-time catch Twitter going down right as soon as the social media summit started I mean it's 316 right now three o'clock Eastern the social media summit started at the White House at 3 p.m. we've been out here panicking right now for the last 15 minutes or so because right as the social media summit started we noticed that my Twitter account said negative one followers and negative one following we thought oh my gosh you know am I being shot oh man what do you say thank you thank you so much so the real question here is is this just a perfectly timing timed coincidence for Twitter or maybe Twitter's mad that they didn't get invited to the social media summit regardless it looks pretty suspicious that while some of the biggest powerful conservative voices on social media are inside right now tweeting and pushing hashtag social media summit the Twitter just goes down is this just a way to hide I mean you can't try to shout about all of us all at once right I mean how hard would that be to Shadowman joy Viola mark dice Bill Mitchell there are so many people in there Brandon Straka I mean so many people with big audiences are in the White House right now in one area and the only way they can try to kill hashtag social media summit and the cries from conservatives to crackdown on Twitter is to kill social media think of it Twitter has a motive as to why they wouldn't want the social media summit to go viral because these are all conservatives who have a case against them they have a plea against them they're playing to the President of the United States right now to punish Twitter Google YouTube these big social media companies that have been censoring them so what is Twitter do it coincidentally tanks goes down while the social media summit is going on this cannot be a coincidence this is to try to ruin the effect that the social media summit could possibly have throughout the social media Hemisphere this is huge guys we will be updating you as we go throughout this day this is Miller Weaver signing off for info College story actually

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45 thoughts on “Breaking – Twitter Caught Shutting Down During Social Media Summit

  1. tech pulls plug on social media summit service attack 4 hours ago real time scoope great job millie x why are they hiding

  2. Infowars , up front as always reporting (TRUE NEWS) as it's happening ,,
    Thank Alex Jones , he's always in our HEART'S 🌝

  3. good god you're dumb. thank christ for adblock, I'd hate to contribute any ad revenue to someone as dumb as you – I'm surprised you even know how to swallow food without choking.

  4. I am so surprised after hearing the purple haired nut case on our USA soccer team, clearly stated, "We will talk to anybody who agrees with us".  who is "we"?  Agree with us or die is the lefts motto…

  5. Why fight the giants???
    You patriots must have a pain fetish or something
    The battle is over. They won a long long time ago.
    Everything that happens now is supposed to
    God bless everyone

  6. On Yahoo Finance at 2:23pm Reuters reported nearly 50,000 incidents of people across the globe reporting issues with Twitter.

  7. Intelligence agencies break into the world wide web all the time, they have free range inside the internet and data banks. They can isolate anybody in the internet any day, any time. Simply blow up radar towers if they become nazi pigs. You know those towers phones connect to. Yeah those.

  8. Wow! What a bunch of liberal skanks! As soon as I find a way I am dumping YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all them Nazi places!

  9. Fuck Twitter. They tried to force me to give my phone number in order to access my account. Pfft. Fuck them. I guess Im done with my account then. 😉

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