BUFFET BUSTER – 6.5 kg – 14.3 lbs AYCE Henning’s Fresh Market Buffet ALL YOU CAN EAT
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BUFFET BUSTER – 6.5 kg – 14.3 lbs AYCE Henning’s Fresh Market Buffet ALL YOU CAN EAT

Vittoria station thanks for coming to another one of my videos this is another series of local buffets in the area that I live in this is about twelve miles or so from my house is that Hemmings a supermarket and inside they have a restaurant and it’s called the Hemmings Fresh Market buffet where they offer breakfast lunch or dinner buffets we’re about to take on the lunch buffet let’s see if we do at least ten pounds inside let’s go ahead and check it out [Music] is it good this is prosecuting of the salad bar very very marshy let’s get this video started I was about 6 kilograms of food in front of me – the whatever the containers way very excited about this particular video because I used to wood plate near this store and I would come over here occasionally at the teeth at the lunch buffet I had not been back for years so give it a go here I load you up the plates there’s actually two levels to this restaurant I’m on the second floor the buffets on the first floor I wanted to get a good amount of food in front of me so I didn’t have to get up to refill the food constantly but I did make a mistake I already had one cup for the soda and I would have to stop the camera lunch times get up and get more sodas as I was going the other thing I want to show you is yes there’s pizza here it just filmed recently the 75 slices the Pizza video still be eaten things like eat in videos even eat them in large quantities you just might taking a couple is purely who tacos and slaps with some chicken or there’s the turkey and that’s a taco be as you can see I went a little neat heavy in this video lots of dense food here I like when I’m at a buffets to try to get as much the meat as possible I’m trying to avoid salads I can hand the salad at home you can’t prepare all this we went cynical but also just too hard to make all these things as you can see I didn’t pretend to get a taco shell or rap I’m just that was on the South luncheon bar that other people use to make song time perhaps he’s very good I will enjoy all of us probably the turkey meat was my favorite I enjoyed all the food in the first pitch but my favorite by former was the chicken from the salad bar portion of the buffet that was delicious somehow I forgot about the comer war to arrest me see like they don’t anymore that that is not the steak twice at this buffet next time there concentrate very hard country on the third plate the clear winner for me was the mashed potatoes I’ve got mashed potatoes two tons of times every single time with a buffet I always regret getting them because it just sounds better than they actually are one Spanish okay to sit around for a while they tend to get dense hard and not very tasty but these mashed potatoes were like freshly made I know they weren’t just freshly made because I saw them sitting there filling the buffet he came back through so I don’t know what they’re doing in the mashed potatoes but they are they are check on this one if leaders Friday sugar let’s try the turkey first please this heard me mentioned the chicken I was hoping that a chicken on the fourth plate was more moist than some of the chicken on the third plate that was there’s one critique of the whole buffet it was just that chicken on the third plate it was a little bit dry for my liking I don’t think I would have noticed it had I got a normal human sized portions but when you’re getting a pound and a half to a pound and 3 quarters of one item and you’re just trying to eat that out of the street going the next item it tended to be dry so I don’t know that he was actually dry for everybody else eating there but for me it was a little bit dry and it’s quickly I had a heck of a lot of chicken on there I was just looking forward to most chickeny I did get a lot of pieces of chicken this time but they were covered in some type of sauce I’m not sure that sauce was tasty okay I didn’t have a problem with it but it was just too much for me at this point I was eating and I’m gonna end up eating some of that sauce in the dish but I will weigh that out and subtract that off the total I’m filming this video on a Saturday at lunch I finished filming approximately 1 o’clock and I did have the contest which I posted on Tuesday a sausage eating contest later that night at 6:30 I don’t normally eat the day of a contest or either the day before contest and I never 14 pounds of food in context but this was I knew is going to be a small contest full immature so that’s why I felt comfortable supposed to be spicy children they seem too spicy I didn’t have some cheese on and yes it is cool down I prefer core food than hot food personal space we are normal I found it interesting that the chili contained corn which is something I’ve never had in a chili before that she tastes good and breaks it up a little bit I prefer more just solid beans at my chili but the corn did work – I just subtracted the weight of the containers and whatever debris I had which was mainly sauce debris and of course things to keep the inside the container we’re doing the math here trying to see where I’m at and they’d like to put up a decent number times 10 pounds by thinking go where it turns out I’m at 12:09 pounds now let’s get pump that up a little bit not the weight afterwards [Applause] so I decided to get some user and don’t normally who deserves I’m a sweets person however the buff they had a lot of good-looking desserts and I thought to give a fair review of the buffet I should try it out so I got four different cakes and a big pile of ice cream and decided to give that a go and I really took my time you this this is probably the slowest TV they have done the whole time not because I was school just because I wanted to enjoy something today I don’t want [Music] right now is 370 thanks for coming to nano my videos please stay tuned interact with some we guess right after I stopped eating here I also put an easter egg in the video in the first person that finds it and comments in the post below will get a bo B sticker sent out to them thanks a lot see you soon [Applause] please seriously yes John so I’m here Chuck you were wonderful yes I’m here with John were the cooks on point this guy knows what he’s doing thank you thank you we all do a great job here we love it right so fresh market book in this new taste is usually without compression in Maine about 16 thanks for coming over [Music]

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90 thoughts on “BUFFET BUSTER – 6.5 kg – 14.3 lbs AYCE Henning’s Fresh Market Buffet ALL YOU CAN EAT

  1. Thanks for doing a buffet. This is the video I've been waiting for!!!!!!! God love ya big man, hope all is well 🙂

  2. Primeiro, a coisa mais notável deste vídeo é que você não conseguiu nem um polegar para baixo com 500 visualizações e 77 curtidas. Oh sim, e bom trabalho comendo toda essa comida, vídeo GR8. Você trouxe seus próprios pratos para este lugar porque nunca vi pratos com paredes do lado tão grandes em um buffet.
    First off the most remarkable thing of this video is that you have not gotten 1 single thumbs down with 500 views and 77 likes. Oh yeah and nice job eatin' all that food, gr8 video. Did you bring your own plates to this place because I have never seen plates with walls on the side that big at a buffet.

  3. Hahahaha when I'm looking for a actual egg watched it 3 times 😂😂😂 keep up the good work m8 12 58 am here in nz should of just read the comments 1st hahahaha

  4. I really appreciate your videos. You have become good company to me and you seem to be a good fellow in life. thanks for the posts. greetings from brazil.

  5. Bob, I put a few pinches of baking powder in my mashed potatoes and it keeps them fluffy. This really works. My mother always did this and her potatoes were the best 🙂

  6. The only other Easter egg I could locate is at 1:23 in a top window panel behind you, a logo appears for a second or two

  7. You always have me in awww lol…. I been craving chili ( wendys) but it's 100 outside here. Come on autumn weather haha.

  8. It's people like you that are the reason buffets sell below par food..cause asshokes like you basically put them out of business..get a real job

  9. I think that was nice that the cook came out to greet you and ask for an autograph.
    I also like that you're such a tidy eater, no food slopping around in your facial hair.
    Easter egg? What Easter egg?

  10. I'm right there with you on the meat theory at a buffet, salad at home, bring on the meat. Love your videos, and i am jealous you seem to have some great local places to go to

  11. Just curiously interested…after eating that much…I'd be scared about my BM's…like a led zepplin…or big loaf….could hurt ya bad….just saying…not a protologist, brother!

  12. Hey Bob, I just subscribed. Would you consider eating a whole turkey (20 lbs) around Thanksgiving time? Or a half dozen or so pumpkin pies for Halloween?

  13. Dude…When you take a good shit, do you have to hold your balls up to keep them from dragging in poo ??? Hahahahaha. Asking for a friend…Love Ya, Broski

  14. Hey it's the Soldier that's ready to come watch a video taped. I would even record for you brother. Could be like a "Vet Special" or something? I'll finally be home this weekend. So long Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan!!! Plus the Easter Egg is to the left almost mid ways up, you can see it in the corner of the window seal. Pretty sure it's white or pearl not sure cause of the glare of the ligh, but I think I'm the first to get it right?haha

  15. This You Tube crap… I got notifications from you almost everyday BEFORE I subscribed. This is the only one Ive gotten since. Eeesh. I think I fixed it tho.

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