Building a Safer Google Play for Kids
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Building a Safer Google Play for Kids

Android developer advocate. User trust and safety is
of the utmost importance for Android and Google Play. In particular, keeping kids
safe is a huge priority for us. In our recent policy update,
we made changes to our policies for apps whose target
audience includes children. You can read the full policies
by following the link below. But I want to talk through
a few key points with you. We’re asking you to carefully
consider your apps’ target audience and tell us
the specific age groups for which your app is designed. If your target audience
includes children, you must comply with
our Families policies. With apps that are
primarily for children, the entire app must follow our
strictest Families policies. With apps for both
children and older adults, either the entire
app must comply with our Families
policies, or you must have a neutral age
screen and make sure that the areas of your app
that are accessible to children are compliant with
Families policies. If your target audience
doesn’t include children, you don’t have to follow
our Families policies, but you must make sure
that your marketing doesn’t unintentionally attract kids. As part of our
review process, we may double check things like
icons, screenshots, and wording on the store listing
page to ensure you aren’t marketing your app to children. If your marketing appeals to
kids more than you intended, we may ask you to
change your age target and/or change your marketing. Lastly, all developers need
to specify your apps’ target audience by filling out the
new Target Audience and Content section of the
Google Play Console. For most of you whose
target audience does not include children, this should
be straightforward and easy to complete. If your target audience
does include children, you’ll want to spend some time
reviewing the Families policies before you get
started so you know the implications
of your answers. Thank you for your continued
partnership and the hard work you’re putting in to deliver the
very best digital experiences for families and
children on Google Play.

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15 thoughts on “Building a Safer Google Play for Kids

  1. You can do for apps, but apps harms kids when they installed not just need to examine apps but we need to do more..

  2. We will follow the policies. But there is problem when google will provide us the proper reasons. For which our apps are being terminated.

  3. So, in the beginning of the video you promised to pay attention for the key points in the policy. But all the video was actually about is that "you must read and follow it, and we also may push you to change your app so that it seems safer to us". It's kind a weird, and you told basically nothing about what exact rules we must follow.

  4. Please solve this issue I got from 1 week ago,

    When I try to migrate my Android project to android x library but unfortunately 2-3 layout working fine others quite leave working. I mean you need to fix



    Let me know how to solve this and see the designing of the layout.

    Reply to me as soon as possible.

  5. But some app already public in play store .It is apply for those app that are published in play store.

  6. Srsl, why app developers must pay attention to icons and screens. Why Google just not prepare family filter integrated with Google Play application? It will be easier to declare audience target by developer, verify that during review process and finally filter whats child can see… Simple as that. Also parents should get opportunity to set child protection during device setup process. It's best possible solution to figure out that device is used by child. Apple has great option to turn off IAP or redirect it to other device to confirm payment.

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