Building an Annual Marketing Plan (Ep15)
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Building an Annual Marketing Plan (Ep15)

Episode 15: Building an annual marketing
plan. Annual marketing planning should happen each year in the fourth quarter
leading into the new calendar year. This allows for budget usage to start in
January, capitalizing on all 12 months of the year. It’s better to judge a
marketing plan based on 12 months of data from January to December, rather
than 9 months if you start too late in the year. You want to tackle this
exercise starting with business objectives and then transitioning into
potential projects and campaigns. To support and achieve those goals, factoring in your budget, product release schedules, industry calendars, and sales
forecasting a full annual plan can help in scheduling projects and anticipated
monthly cost variations. This fully planned approach can also help keep the
annual marketing budget in check throughout the year. As new ideas or
pivoting needs to take place, the plan can be adjusted to stay on course. So if
you’re typically planning your marketing year within the New Year’s Eve hangover
in January, I challenge you to get ahead of your typical planning calendar and
build a plan in advance so you can take advantage of a full year of marketing
activity. I’ll catch you next time.

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