Building Your Personal Brand – Bob McDonald [Double T College]
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Building Your Personal Brand – Bob McDonald [Double T College]

I Want to talk a bit about building your personal identity we’re also going to talk about protecting it as we can screw it up pretty easily too – so I Like that picture because I used to work in construction in real estate development. So what is a brand? Well, we all live in West Texas. Oh, that’s not that’s a brand I use a lot of corny jokes. I warn my students if they fail my class. They hear the same jokes to the next semester. That’s in study. So west Texas, we all brand, you know, we know what branding is with tattle This one says this cow belongs to Dow Jones so hands off you see the word So a brand is a name, term, signed symbol, or whatever it’s meant to identify the product or service and differentiate it from the competition. So identify and differentiate standout so identify who you are and differentiate you from the crowd, right? So those are the two key words identify and differentiate. So we can use it for consumer goods like Tide Pods or potato chips once in class I have my students come up with a brand new product ideas. They came up with chicken flavored chicken potato chips everyone went eww Then I went to Australia on sabbatical chicken chips are like crazy wild down there. People love them. I was like okay. I brought the picture back in my students, but But they like yeah You know Australia they’re big. It could be business goods or services like banking or consulting Or medical equipment like surgical equipment for doctors or construction or logistics or IT? And all these sorts of things are for businesses Change okay food and beverages in New Zealand lamb and mint chip chip mint flavored potato chips are big It could be alcohol Chocolate is one of my favorite foods after pizza chocolates. Probably number two chocolate pizza and All right, could coca-cola anything like that entertainment. Do you ever notice Captain Jack Sparrow and Lil Wayne look alike. Is that by accident or purpose? And of course you got cardio, where’s it? Cardi B. I always get those blood types mixed up, I knew it was one of the blood types. Dalton Domino, plays a lot in Lubbock. James Harden. He has the beard right? That’s how you know him. It’s the beard fear the beard Saturday Night Live folks Pete Davidson went to my high school not the most famous guy from our high school But one of the guys my high school Oh there could be places in events like Austin City Limits Austin kiddie limits That was Charlie’s first Austin Kiddie Limits, he’s Charlie’s gonna turn one next Sunday a week from Sunday Hunger down to Austin for his birthday could be the Olympics This is the Bradley asked Atkins from Idol. Ooh, here’s one of my students. He he committed Olympics. I Always wanted to go to the Olympics. You’re gonna laugh but actually when I was a high school kid, I really thought I was gonna make it. I didn’t. Woodstock all the hippies hung out 300,000 people I love in New York place. They try to get people come back to New York and enjoy in, New York Don’t worry, you won’t get mugged. I lived in New York for 22 years. I never got mugged. Tesla has a showroom down to my old neighborhood called Red Hook and so they co-brand Tesla with the with the neighborhood you would get mugged in Red Hook by the way, don’t go there. Change. Schools, right? So you can have like like we brand with a double T, with the matador around football and Then you know some schools may not want to admit their football teams We were we were Division one 136 out of 136 wasn’t my fault. I sat on the bench. Fashion All right. We got the coolest-looking football coach anyway so whether it’s Levi’s or Manolo Blahnik Dolce & Gabbana, whatever by the way, Kate Spade and coach have now merged under a an umbrella called tapestry For your older folks in the room. That’s like the old Carole King Alton. Okay, younger folks listen to Carole King’s tapestry album greatest album made in the 20s the second half of the 20th century. So services. So if you’re Seinfeld fan Tom’s restaurant, I used to live a block north of there on 113th of Broadway It’s where Seinfeld used to eat all the time or Lombardi’s the first pizzeria in America. We’re going to have pizza later It’s not gonna match up. It’s Pizza Southwest, Chimmy’s, you guys ever heard of Chimmy’s? The taxi or Uber, mowing grass seats are all services you can brand. Like Joe’s Mowing service People It could be celebrities usually what’s-her-name What a name Dr. Phil, you guys probably forgot you don’t even know Paris Hilton is right. Her time is come and gone so quickly Why didn’t you ever happen you guys know who that is, please Tell me you know Yeah, if it was anyway alright, James Bond Yeah, Daniel Craig you guys ever heard the Beatles? All right, and then these two over here? That could be a doctor these all these sorts of people can be branded and of course So These are all kinds of brands. Oh too far. This clicker is not like the clickers we have in the BA, It’s really sensitive and not sensitive at all. All right look over here so we can also a brand exten from celebrities like perfumes and Alcohol, so JT and George Clooney had their their spirits and whatnot And then we have George Foreman wins the Olympics becomes a professional boxer and then makes this George Foreman grill and names all 27 kids George Where’s he got? Like four kids five kids named George It’s like could you not come up with something original? Very popular athlete and then this guy who tried to make steaks and wine And things like that, and now if you’re going to choose a name to brand make sure you use a name that helps to differentiate your business. Remember part of this is to identify your business but also differentiate. So if you’re gonna pick a name that’s unique Somebody told these people pick a unique name They’d at least pick new unique All right So a brand for buyers is a promise of consistency That you know, if you go into McDonald’s anyplace, it’s gonna be a McDonald’s. All right, it’s not gonna have linen tablecloths It’s not gonna have silverware it’s gonna be a McDonald’s whether it’s in Lubbock or New York City where I worked in college or in Amsterdam or in Beijing China, it’s gonna be a McDonald’s, right? So this was for International Women’s Day. They took the Golden arches and flipped them. This is the KFC in Prague when I taught summers in Prague My students couldn’t get enough KFC It’s like you’re another country eat their food, aww but its KFC. Okay, whatever and there’s a Starbucks. They couldn’t get enough Starbucks either but it’s the same. What wherever you go It tastes the same right? It’s the marketers putting the name up as a hostage If I have mess up You’re gonna say bad things about my product. So I promise you this food will be the same this product this Whatever it will be the same every time This is why marketers wear product manufacturers hate it when knockoffs come along. That fake Rolex, that fake Whatever kind of bag they hate that because they’re not the same quality and If people actually think it’s the brand name and it falls apart they’re gonna blame the brand. so it mitigates the risk in purchase so I’m not going to worry about whether it’s good brand or not. I’m gonna buy a brand I trust, it’s safe. So every time everywhere it’s the same It’s helps simplify decision making I like blue sky hamburgers I know I’m gonna get a good hamburger. Every time I go there So if I feel like a hamburger, I’m gonna go to blue sky I don’t have to worry about it or Whataburger or whatever. Even the Soviet Union which had no branding Right. It’s wasteful Right slate, but yet in order to enforce quality standards they made each factory stamp a factory mark on their products and The consumers began to look for the factory marks because they knew which factories made the better products. De facto brand emerged By the way under Soviet rule, this is what the typical Stores look like I went to the Soviet Union just before the end of communism Every store had a line like this It also helps us to develop our self-image Helps us to develop and strengthen our self-image. So if I buy a high quality expensive guitar, I feel like I’m a serious guitar player Even though I’m not I feel like one or if I buy Ping golf clubs Which I did I suddenly felt like I was legitimate golfer my score maybe picked up two or three strokes but here I am playing with one of our alums who’s Rawls College of Business grad who this month is on the French edition of golf magazine Clements or today. He’s on the European tour. So there’s a group or professors from Rawls we was kind enough to play with before he went pro and graduated. He’s a nice kid. Mustang if I Drive a Mustang I would look cool rather than old I went to buy one one time and my buddy, who is the Dealer manager grabbed me by the shoulders and said Bob, let me show you the SUVs Mustangs don’t come in your size Wranglers. I might feel rugged. Ford, America. So this helps build our image, I do drive a Ford SUV thanks to my friend Bob Also for marketers brands give us legal protection, so I can’t open a restaurant under my own name McDonald’s Bob’s Big Boy Either way, I’m stuck, right it also up some wrong buttons Here you go Customers are loyal. They’re not going to switch I’ve been drinking Coke products for the last 35 40 years Until the last month. I have not switched products and then they messed with the Coke Zero formula and I became a diet Dr. Pepper man. After 40 years after four decades, it’s taken that long for me to switch brands. I’m not even paying a premium you give me a choice of Bubba Cola and Coca-cola. I’m gonna pay for the coke. I’ll pay twice the price for Coca Cola over Bubba Cola. Some of you might want to save money and drink Bubba Cola. You wouldn’t buy Bubba Cola Yeah, well for me it’s probably a taste thing I wouldn’t trust anything called Bubba Cola It’s like my friend who went to Algoma Wisconsin back in college. He saw this beer. They stayed stored outside They weren’t afraid to him and he was gonna steal it. He was called badger brew It was like he saw was like $2 and he went up and he thought it’s $2 a case how that’s awful Then he brought us. It was 2 for $2 That’s like and it should give you a competitive advantage over your competition. Alright, so how do you build a brand? Well first figure out who you’re trying to reach Because the brand might be different depending on who your market is is it employers your customers Your professional network social network? It’s going to be different depending And then you decide how to best appeal to that particular group that you’re trying to market to and then you create a brand identity You know identity this this is a keyword and then make sure that you’re a brand image matches your brand identity These are two very different concepts identity and image So your brand identity is what you aspire to become So this is your image. This is what people see you as You see yourself Differently, so I see still seeing myself as a 20 year old football player Not the 60 something-year-old bald guy that my students. See my wife keeps telling me when we go to the gym You can’t lift that much weight. I say I used to be able to I get bench 300-plus pounds. She said used to be. You used to have hair you know you used to be a lot lighter you used to be able to run the miles and miles You should be able to fit in your jeans, you know, a lot of stuff like that. So but your image and identity You define your own identity Your customer Defines your image beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your image is in the eye of the beholder So you only control your identity you build it you protect it. It makes a difference in a perfect world your image matches your identity that’s where you want to get to Change change comes with it. All right. So who’s gonna judge you? Your boss, customers, lenders, friends. Like three people saw the show We gotta play the Rembrandt’s now two people live with the Rembrandts. So how do you make yourself the best candidate for a job or this job? And how do you appeal customers? Whatever. First you have to create the positioning. Positioning what is positioning? Positioning is the unique space that you occupy in the buyers mind Wait, we’re getting inside somebody’s head? Yep What do you think of when I say Ford? I’ll just told you, America. What about when I say Wrangler? Rugged, I told you. What about what else what other products Volvo? safe. Porsche? Glamorous. Mercedes? Expensive. right Tesla? Cutting-edge, right. So these are the ways we think these are positionings that we think of products right. Now You need to create the positioning for your product and you build this your build your identity to reach this positioning by in order to appeal to your target audience well Does your target audience like the beach or the mountains? It matters Who you trying to appeal to? They like country music or rock and roll? They kind of sound the same to me now but I’m an old cranky guy. But really do they want to go to Makena Beach on Maui? Well, if you’re in Norway, you know, which is it? It depends Which job you’re going for? Which group are you trying to join? Right how you position yourself depends on who you’re trying to appeal to? So two things to keep in mind points of parity and points of difference Now I’m gonna make these slides available to you if you want them So yeah, I know a lot of notes Kevin’s going on. Come on, man your tests weren’t this bad. Just email me I’ll send you Points of parity, how you like everybody else in other words, How do you qualify for this job? I am a qualified candidate for this job. Let’s say you’re going for a job points of difference How are you the best candidate for this job? What makes you stand out from the crowd, okay, I’m I’m as good as everyone else so you need to look at me But here’s where I’m better. This is what makes me unique, makes me for the best person. Think about your brand mantra This is a two to five word Kind of encapsulation of everything that you just you don’t share it with the world. You share it internally Companies use these to talk about them amongst themselves. Like Nikes is authentic athletic Action wear something that says 3 A words I can’t remember off my head but you might say something like never a bad day attitude is everything Or whatever it takes never quit. All right, and you just you use these to simplify the way you think about your brand? You communicate to yourself use it to inspire yourself and so You know, I have a t-shirt that says attitude is everything. It’s a big dog brand t-shirt Big dog their original slogan was if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch But I love the shirt that says attitude is everything. But you know and and it is if you show up with a bad attitude, you’re gonna mess up everybody else’s attitude So you’ve got to be positive you got to be energized, right? Be positive and that goes with never having a bad day. I mean if you know a surgeon has a bad day other people have a bad day Then the business world you have a bad day maybe, you know your sales person and you don’t make a sale. You’re a professor your students fall asleep That ever happened to you If you ever fall asleep in the class? Now warning before we go any further all this hard work you make if you put into building your brand They can really be hurt if you’re not careful, so remember what happens at Chimmy’s, dosent just stay at Chimmy’s. It can go on YouTube Facebook Instagram reddit Twitter It can be in scary places. right people have cameras now on their phones you guys heard about that Even my old phone My phone is so old you got a dialer like this in order to get a picture. It’s a four did you know they went back that far? Thomas Edison invited that one. All right social media is everywhere You know those type girl pictures you heard about that song you don’t do those So I’ll come back and haunt you One of my students was so excited that she made chive girl of the week or something back like 10 or 12 years ago It’s like you should want to see I said no, I don’t want to see it It’s like, you know these things like you don’t wanna do that Interviewers during job still, they’ll say hey, show me your Facebook page Be careful what you put up there They will look you up anyway, so you might want to make sure you control who has access to it So I looked at your Facebook page No, man, there’s no way you’re getting this job People will do that. I had a student that she was, I mean, this was eight nine years ago. She had a job locked up with a great company and then her new boss saw her resume on monster He withdrew the offer because she was careless. They will also check your DWI records. I had a student he he would have had a great job yet He walked in an interview with a former suitable company and they said what’s your job? What’s your driving record? Like he says well, I just got arrested last weekend for DWI. They said that you know, sorry interview is over. But but I hadn’t gone to court It’s over Said if you want we can do practice he went through the whole interview said you’re exactly the kind of guy We would hire your interview was great So sorry, but we can’t have somebody at the DWI working for a pharmaceutical company or with alcohol distributor or keep you, keep your record clean. You think you’re drinking too much? Uber. So Your brand is in the public eye It’s out there your reputations at stake You’re putting your brand up as a hostage. Here’s who I am. I protect it. Everything you do, leaves a footprint. All right, early Facebook like 2007 I went on Facebook Just wanted to see what this Facebook this, this is back when you had to have an edu email account in order to get on Facebook. So let me see with us Facebook thing’s all about so I just looked around some of my students. I saw keg stands. I saw people in their underwear. I mean honor students I thought yeah. I know my students don’t want me to see this So I got off if I stopped looking and I kept my account but I just didn’t do anything with Facebook until I went on sabbatical and then I went and I looked now even before Facebook like, this is I think 1973 this guy went on to become a college professor There’s also, you know toga parties this was a toga party This is toga party from Animal House These things happen. My students don’t believe I have hearing. This thing your social media should not be all drinking in the flaming shots and party boats Some of those are fine Minimize them or eliminate them better yet. All right, um, be careful because you never know what somebody’s gonna do something catch you doing something stupid like Silly things or passing out and having somebody outlined your body with beer bottles. Covering your face with grass One year I think it was the first year I taught in Prague one of my students said look, I hope to go to work for the FBI or CIA some day. Please do not take any pictures of me if there’s any alcohol anywhere Even if your drink anybody else is drinking alcohol, please don’t take my picture So they agreed and it was upfront. Day one. We all agreed. We didn’t take any pictures of her when there was alcohol We’re on the road. We’re on trips. We took lots of pictures of her It’s perfectly fine Political speech will position your brand. Whether you’re you know, the matter of which position you take or whatever position you take whatever groups you support just be aware of that Obviously being an idiot, hateful idiot, will affect you. Other people’s posts on your sites will affect you so Look at that as well You might not want them after Charlottesville. I bounced seven or eight people off my Facebook page Some of them were high school classmates. I’ve known for 45 or 50 years Fraternity brothers even one of my cousin’s it’s like, you know, I don’t need you on here. It wasn’t like they were, they just were like, I’m not gonna go into that now. I just didn’t want them on my page anymore. There’s also anonymity some people will use Twitter accounts without identifying themselves. Some people are controlling this is one of my college teammates track team I was on the track team. Who was an actor this is from The Wire, He’s currently in The Alienist. He used to be in. ss also a TV show called Ballers and some other things. He has a public account You can join and then a private account on Facebook that you know You have to have controlled access to get into and he’s a little freer on the on the private account I have a couple of high school classmates who were somewhat famous This is one friend who is an emmy-winning actor sitting next to George Clooney and Brother, Where art thou He has no media presence at all none. And then this is another classmate from high school, he plays with this guy from Jersey named Bruce and He has no social media presence and although he has a fan club. That’s not his he doesn’t control it. And then of people have follow only sites Change Maybe I’m just too impatient. Alright, so building your professional goals professional Brand what are your goals? Is it to get a job? Well, if it is you need to build a killer resume as part of your brand All right, and then have a killer interview? If it’s you get a promotion or a plum assignment, how do you show you the best person? Alright so the killer resume, what do you point out? Well, your degree and your major if it’s pertinent. What is it about this job? where where a plot we’re interviewing four people right now and some of the people that are applying they’re putting their resumes on their resumes You know what their major was and showing how it fits very well or with with the position. We’re looking for if you have honors Scholarships you’re an honor society, you know war scholarship play that up. That’s a big deal When I graduated I did not put my GPA down There was a reason for that. Yes. You remember the toga picture? I was in fraternity and two different varsity teams Internships you did Any sort of leadership? Like if you’re in student organizations, I was in like for student organizations, and I think I chaired Like two or three of them and was an officer and one or two of them. I was in student government Any sort of work ethic jobs, like I always held two jobs and paid my way through college Varsity sports, these are all big deals. I’ve had students who come to me and say I have no job experience So, well you were on a football team for four years, right? Well five, this is okay You guys work like non-stop, Some time you wake up and you have to wake up early I you know I have varsity athletes in summer school that They’re up at 4 in the morning and working out until they’re ready for 8 oclock class and then after class that are back working that again That’s worse than any job that I’ve ever had. That’s hard work. Put that down. It’s a big deal Community service is huge If you’ve done community service talk about it because employers want to know that you’re going to be a good citizen You’re gonna be a good employee good team member. So play it up. The package. What do you look like? You know Dress for Success don’t show up, one of my nieces live with us and she went for a job interview at a local cafe and she went to the interview with like jeans with rips in them and their tattoos and her legs were showing it’s like you can’t go to a job interview like that Oh, yeah, no, no, they’re casual and then she couldn’t understand why she never got a call back. Okay? All right, so grooming is important Fitness matters You got to be in shape. I Keep telling my wife around dosent shape. But no you really do, You need to you know work out stay in shape. Personality matters, you got to come across like you’re engaged like you care like this job matters that you really want this job Look them in the eye. You can’t look somebody in the eye, they don’t trust you. It doesn’t mean you stare like a cat the cat will always win if you have a staring contest You can’t beat a cat. Shake hands, firm grip, you know, I go like firm grip, but don’t try to crush their hands. At graduation this past December I had some kid was so excited about graduating I was up representing the teaching academy at the front of the room. Some guy was so excited about graduating He had massive hands. I’ve got big hands. He had massive hands He grabbed my hands so hard. He literally ripped the skin off the top of my hand. I’d like step out of line luckily I had a band-aid with me I always keep band-aids in my wallet and I just had to stop and like bandage up my hand was bleeding. Just like dude, I know you’re excited and I just fist pump from that point on Just like don’t try to like show how tough you are and like try to crush people’s hands But you know at the same time shake, you know And you don’t have to keep shaking and shaking and shaking and shaking and shaking and shake, you know, or like, you know just Let them know you there Killer interview. Show that you want the job Arrive early 15 minutes early is lombardi time, huh? Who’s Lombardi? You guys ever watch football? Okay, Super Bowl they give away a trophy whoever wins the Super Bowl is called the Lombardi Trophy Vince Lombardi used to coach the Green Bay Packers They won the first two Super Bowls. They weren’t even called the Super Bowls back then He was the coach of the Packers and they named the Super Bowl trophy after him because he won the first two He said if you’re not 15 minutes early for an important meeting, you’re late. So show up early, I appreciate it. Even if you got to sit there give you a chance to catch your breath go over your notes think about what you’re doing. Make sure your ties knotted up nice. I showed it up an hour early for today’s talk. Why because it was important. I wanted to go over my notes, relax over to cool down, I had to walk over from the BA when I was hot sweaty on cool off and settled. All right What do you are you so special? What you stand out? What are the key points? We need to know about you that make you unique? Think about it. We’re talking to you. We figure you’re qualified. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in here talking to us Right. We already assumed because of your resume you’ve qualified for this job Now, why are you better than everybody else? Don’t be shy this is the wrong time to be shy now. Don’t be overly cocky Right. I’m in the middle of a job interview. What are you doing? Don’t do that to a professor by the way My brother works at the University of New York and He used to work in student services and whenever a student would answer their phone while they were in a meeting with them he would end the meeting and tell them to reschedule. My brother’s a lot tougher than me It shows disrespect so obviously if you if you answer a phone while you’re middle of a job interview The interview is over You’re not gonna get that job. Should shut your phone off when you go in. Ah So getting a promotion always dress for the job you want not the job you have. I should dress like I want like I’m retired I guess. Dress for the job you want not the job you have and behave that way too. So always behave like the next level up watch how your bosses behave And behave like that Alright, they show up early you show up earlier. Never stop learning Learning is lifelong forever and ever I read probably six books a month and at least one of them like most of them are for fun at least one every month is going to be history or something else Have a replacement. A lot of people are afraid to have a subordinate Who’s good You want somebody better than you when I was in business I wanted to I needed I wanted to get promoted and at 31 I got to promote it to be vice president of a real estate development company in Houston. I was managing a million square feet of of Commercial office and medical office space in Houston Worth at that time about a hundred million dollars and today’s dollars probably close to half a billion and In order to get promoted I needed somebody to take my job. I was 31. I was pretty good and You know first generation college kid And so I needed somebody come up behind me and had somebody who was better at doing the job I’d had that I was she was way better than me and my boss said you think she can handle us at handle it she’ll shock you hush good. I said I don’t care about that. Can she do your job? I said way better. He said okay, then you’re promoted and she’s got your job. Okay, cool. So boom boom boom so off we went You need somebody to take your job to get promoted so develop people. Don’t be afraid of people who are who are working for you develop them encourage them, you know protect them When somebody asks say, yes, they ask you to do something you say yes Now be careful about saying yes to often. I’m in one of those situations right now where I I forgot the no word that I learned as a two-year-old and I keep saying yes, and I’m like, oh man What if I got I’ve got like so many yeses. I’ve said this semester. I need to learn saying no. Work hard do your best Be resourceful so this is one of my former students noblemen do who’s like uber entrepreneurs based at its Dallas All right, when you got that plumb opportunity that great assignment comes up how do you get that You guys ever seen the TV show Welcome Back Kotter? Took place in Brooklyn. There was a character named horshack. He’s always going. Oh Mr. Kotter, Mr. Kotter. That’s how you get it. You raise your hand you say I want it because bosses are lousy mind reader’s They’re so focused on what needs to get done. They’re not worried about who’s up. You say I want to do it Alright, you say I want to be the one to do it. First, you got to show that you’re capable. This is part of you bit brand builder. You have to show them. You’re the one who’s up there All right, you’re the best person maybe you know something about the area something about the culture Maybe you speak the language if it’s overseas or you’ve lived there before. Maybe you studied abroad there in college or Your family came from there Something you have some connection. Yeah, maybe whatever, you know the area All right social branding fitting in versus standing out So, how do you fit in who do you notice more in this group the one that stands out Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes that’s a bad thing My neighborhood it wasn’t always a good thing to stand out, you know being the smart kid in my school wasn’t a good thing I was also a big kid, so I was safe so But you do want it we’re social beings right so we want to belong there’s this innate need to belong in human beings But at the same time we want to kind of be unique Unless we’re really shy and we just want to hide But same time we want to be recognized for who you are All right. Yeah, so we need to find that balance between Being true to who we are and belonging sometimes were afraid to say what we really think because we’re afraid to rock the boat among our peers and So you’ve got to find that balance Sometimes we’re afraid that we don’t have the courage to stand up for what we believe because we’re afraid that we’re gonna get ostracized I’m afraid he’s gonna hurt our brand so that’s a that’s a tough one. We’ve got to work with All right also to think about the future my fists are if you guys can read this 2055 retirement village residents play a game. Guess what that tattoo used to be Yeah, I think about the good about the future which seems like a good idea now may or may not be in the future building your brand requires certain dress certain speech patterns behaviors Friends, you don’t want to hang out with Harvey Weinstein Professional associations the club’s you belong to it matters You have to picked I Mean literally as a kid. I mean I joked before about my neighborhood I literally had to decide not to hang out with gangs not to join the Mafia. I mean literally to Go to a different high school away from our neighborhood high school. These were choices I had to make Not to get hooked up with drugs I had friends who were doing heroin These were choices That my father was a cop and I was more afraid of my father Than I was of my friends He made sure that and helped me on the straight path but these are choices we have to make I Had luckily had a high school teacher who who taught us that Speaking like a like a kid from Brooklyn wasn’t a good idea We said we’re talking about You say you sound stupid when you talk like you’re from Brooklyn. So we learned to speak to lose our accents, but it matters So in summary, you want to leave with a couple of minutes for questions? Start with your brand identity Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What are you gonna have to do to get there? Be vigilant protect what you’re building it doesn’t happen overnight Oops set your goals Put all your energy into achieving them and then revisit them every five years they’re gonna change But what’s not going to change is the constants in your life what is it about your life what is it about your brand? There’s something constant Maybe it’s helping other people Maybe it’s being a good person It’s whatever it is about you. There’s something constant that carries through That is what you need to look at and build around that there’s some inherent Value system within your life that you that you build your brand off and keep learning dont ever stop learning Just learning is a lifelong process and as old bill said In Hamlet Polonius Act one said to thine own self be true And if you guys want a copy of these slides just email me And We’ve got about five seven eight minutes for questions But sometimes it’s a little bit different to figure this out or distinguish these two Points at the same time. Yes, I am her job. So what’s the best? Well first look at the requirements for the job as they lay out in an advertisement, let’s say And what’s your major in computer science? Okay, so you know what all the other computer science folks are in your college What do they offer? They all had similar training to you. They’ve taken similar courses. What do you bring that’s unique? You have a different background. Maybe you’ve had a unique internship. Maybe you’ve traveled more. Maybe you’ve had a You’ve worked, you know a different software that they know You’ve had a different experience Maybe you’ve had more work experience than they’ve had More international experience than they’ve had something that you can bring makes you stand out from the crowd Now are you in engineering? Yes, so you’ve studied abroad? Yes, so maybe you’ve had a unique experience in your study abroad That is different from others and computers That maybe they studied somewhere you did. Where’d you study? Oh Well back in Iran and then come here and I got my master here and I’m doing my PhD Okay, but the thing is sometimes You will be overqualified if you have a lot of differences Yeah, I don’t want to be like this. Yeah, are you going to academia or business probably industry Yes so yeah you have Yep unique qualifications that you have a lot of differences, but you also have a PhD which is unusual that alone I would think would be unique Well, yeah the feel that I’m working on beneath PhD but there are not a lot of PhD positions out there, you know You should be really unique in your yeah case and then it will get you otherwise Mmm that would seem like that would be a realist distinguishing characteristic That to me would seem like that would be enough No, you guys all want pizza told we had pizza Beside that clear I talked about I’ll cut out some of the slides because I was afraid I was gonna be too long-winded Okay, lets go eat pizza.

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