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Bus Factor = 1 Dealing With Staff Absence | clockworkTalent

Hi, everyone, it’s Emma again! This time
I want to talk to you about absences in small teams but first of all, you need to
know what a ‘bus factor’ is. A bus factor is a way to describe the size of a team,
so if one person gets hit by a bus, how many people will be there to take
over their role or know what to do in their role. At the moment we have a
bus factor of 1 in our digital marketing team which is me and we have a bus
factor of 1 in recruitment which is Tasha. So what happens if one of us
is suddenly ill or takes time off work or goes on holiday? How do we cope? We
have to make sure that we are really organised with clear communication,
handovers, sharing responsibilities and preparation when we do take time off. Can you imagine if one of your team just vanished? How many people would be able to take over their job automatically? You can increase your
bus factor in a small team by sharing information, tasks lists, passwords and
just being really organised because it’s quite dangerous to just have a bus
factor of 1 so try and make it at least 1.5 or 2! What’s your bus
factor and how do you cope with absences in a small team? Let me know in a comment below. We’re actually hiring a Junior Recruiter
at the moment so our recruitment bus factor is about to double! If you’re a
recent graduate or college leaver looking to get their first step into
digital marketing recruitment get in touch! You can find out more on our
website or you can email me directly on [email protected] We’d
love to get to know some brilliant graduates that are looking to get
into recruitment. Remember to subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us
on LinkedIn because we publish these videos every week, see you next time!

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