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Business Etiquette – Personal Branding

Presentation… that is the key to creating
the first impression, and probably nurturing
it thereafter too. We see how the products are packaged these days. They are not mere completed products
anymore. They are presented to us almost like designer items. Gone are the
days when we chose by the functionality. Today, how the products are packaged makes all the difference to our purchase decisions. Well, if so much deliberation goes in
for products, how much of it should be going in for
people. The way we present ourselves is THE key to creating a positive
impression in people’s minds. This section will discuss matters
relating to your dressing, and explain how dressing matters. For a moment, imagine a doctor. Do you get an imagery? Something like this? Now, how would you
like people to imagine you in your role? Do you have a defined identity? If yes, great! If not, you need to work on it. Remember, you are a brand unto yourself. Cultivate
that self-esteem by asking yourself a few questions. Where do I stand on my personal branding?
Is my appearance in tune with my profile? And, what aspects of my appearance need
improvement? Internalize these questions and keep
addressing them day in and day out. You will be well on your way to branding
yourself. Is this image impact formal or informal? Highly unlikely you will see informal. Alright, is this image impact formal or
informal? Equally unlikely you will say formal. Okay, can you imagine this kind of team
amidst creative professionals? And, can you visualize such cool
personalities in a court of law? No, right? Let’s now turn the focus
light on you. Your image too needs to have an impact that syncs with your
organizational style and the industry to which you belong. Equally important is an image potrayal
that goes with your designation. But wherever you are, whatever attire
you are in, ensure you’re comfortable with what you
wear. Your sporting branded apparels and
accessories minus the grooming part would not just stop with dampening your
self-branding initiative, it will damage it. This is not to say
that grooming is the toughest part of your branding. It simply means you need to be in well-pressed clothes that fit you well. You need to look fresh
and neat and you need to be odour-free. Here are a few tips on
grooming. Your efficiency and productivity at work
do not have anything to do with your being formal.
You could be absolutely casual and informal in the way you carry yourself yet you could be a genius at work. Then, why be formal at all? Well, it is just a
way of helping your business counterparts understand you in their very first look
because they do not know you. As they are not yet acquainted with you and
they do not yet know your efficiency levels. All that they have to read about you is your looks and the way you are attired. That is where comes the need to be
formally dressed. Now, let’s go another step forward. There is a certain comfort level that goes with your being consistently formal
for business encounters. You may call it decorum, but your business associates would like
to see you in a certain way while discussing formal matters. There is a certain severe look that goes
with your being formal. So, how do you bring in that dash of
style, if you want to? Accessories. Turn to
accessories. They help you in branding yourself by
establishing your personal style. They help bring in streaks of stylish
highlights to you attire. It’s great pleasure to travel. Just shift
your eyes to that luggage. It will instantly tell you it needs some
meticulous planning if you want to present yourself well in
the meeting for which you’re traveling. Remember, in addition to representing
yourself. you are representing the image of your
company and then of your country in some special cases. And your well
maintained attire is going to do that job for you.

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