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Business Innovation Ideas | Business Growth Presentation by Tim Levy

Today, what we’re going to talk about really
is business growth. Particularly, business growth online. I’m gonna actually step through this technique
for you. When you walk away today, you have a specific
takeaway that you can implement in your own business. Does that sound good? Yes? I’ve been working with Vistage. Would you believe I started speaking for Vistage
when I was 17 years old? So, what’s happened is the web has changed
but most people’s strategies have not changed. Who here has a website that represents their
business? Hands up. Leave your hand up if the website is more
than three years old, five years old, eight years old. Alright, we’ll talk a little bit later. So the three-axis model is a business model
that I’ve developed over time that summarizes all businesses. If you don’t have a good strategy that involves
being where the Millennials are, then you probably don’t have a business in five to
ten years, does that make sense? Can you see how if you had a business without
conversion, you wouldn’t have a business at all? Google’s a gamble because they don’t tell
you what’s in their algorithm. Look at the stats by the US Bureau of Statistics. How much time do people spend watching television
including YouTube video in the course of a given week in North America? Any ideas? A lot, a lot is true. It’s about seven hours a day. Who here spends less than seven hours a day
watching TV? That means somebody else is watching more. It drove the growth of that brand more than
doubled, 107 percent in the first six months alone. In other words, great video can do extraordinary
things because it converts so well. And you have to ask yourself – if I’m not
doing video, am I really marketing? You could basically shoot great video on a
cell phone, who’s got an iPhone? Just turn that thing on right, and start shooting
you don’t need to have fantastic, amazing, high production stuff to actually get on YouTube. The key concept that you need to take away
and if you’re going to write down one thing just one thing today, this is what I would
write down. YouTube is an SEO ecosystem. The most commonly uploaded YouTube video file
name that I see is DSC1702. Because that’s the file name in the camera
and no one bothered to change it because they didn’t know. So if you don’t do these six things, it will
not rank your video. If you do do these six things, it will begin
to rank your video and there are more things you can do after this. I would start hunting and doing the research
for the keywords. Once I’d done that, I would make sure that
those keywords were in my title. If you just put up an ad “buy my stuff,” we
have found that doesn’t convert at all. But if you put up something that’s a genuine
contribution. For example, for you it might be how to find
great coupons, how to use great coupons, amazing specials happening today, that kind of stuff,
right? That’s an actual contribution to my life when
I watch that in my 40-min YouTube session, right? So I pay attention. Thank you so much for your time this morning. I really appreciate it.

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