Business Marketing Course – Part 1 – How to Target Customers with the Right Business Model
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Business Marketing Course – Part 1 – How to Target Customers with the Right Business Model

Are you considering a business marketing course? Here’s a quick tip that could make you ten
times the income you ever considered. This technique will help you generate much
easier profits and a ton more fun in the process. The primary purpose of a business marketing
course is to show you how to make money or otherwise, how to get the results you want
from your business. What many people don’t realize is that generally,
business marketing is not just about getting customers. It’s also about getting the right customers
with the right offer, the right price and using the right business model. The problem is Business Model is something
many people offering a typical business marketing course do not consider, but it can be the
most critical element for you by far. David Friend’s Carbonite company was selling
emergency file back-up for computers. He could easily have been selling expensive
computer hardware or selling high-priced file-backup services to large companies like virtually
all his competitors. So the teacher in a typical business marketing
course would simply show him how to get customers for his business – ignoring the bigger question
– is that really the business you want to be in? Or is there something even better? Without a professor, he had to figure it out
for himself. And he realized he didn’t like that business
model – of selling expensive products or services to large companies. He believed selling to the masses at an affordable
price was a much better way to make money, and less stressful, and more fun… and he
was right. So, rather than selling $17,000 computer backup
systems, he sold $55 a year unlimited computer file-backup for anyone with a computer, and
his sales exploded, making him wealth beyond his wildest dreams. A conventional business marketing course generally
gives you the marketing tools and techniques, without focusing you on whether you have the
right business strategy and business model in the first place – even though that’s
been the secret for so many successes. The biography of Steve Jobs tells how his
hugely successful animation company, Pixar, initially wanted to sell animation equipment
costing tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to other companies. It’s only when they decided to become an
animation house themselves rather than selling to other animation houses, that everything
changed for them. This new business model was a thousand times
more lucrative for them… and a million times more fun! Now, you may think, this doesn’t apply to
you, because these are large companies. But actually, this does apply to you more
than you may realize. Often there are really simple ways you can
change your business model, and suddenly, you have an avalanche of customers and profits
virtually flowing right into your pockets. In part 2 of this video, I’ll show you a
few really powerful examples that may get your mind going about the possibilities for

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1 thought on “Business Marketing Course – Part 1 – How to Target Customers with the Right Business Model

  1. Great point. No one asks, am I really in the right business? I think not enough people consider their business model, that with simple twists to their buisiness they could suddenly explode their growth. Great video!

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