Business Planning for the New Year | Part 3 | Updating your Branding Images
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Business Planning for the New Year | Part 3 | Updating your Branding Images

– Are you getting ready
for the new year and you are not sure what to do? In today’s video, I’m gonna
share with you Part Three of our Getting Ready for the New Year all about updating your branding images. (upbeat contemporary music) My name is Meredith
Ryncarz and I’m the owner of The Restart Specialist. And in today’s video
I’m gonna share with you all about updating your branding images, why you need to do it, and how. First and foremost, you need to make sure before you ever take a branding image so that you have a fully
well defined brand. That means knowing what your
colors are for your brand, having a logo, and also
what your brand is about. What do you believe and why? Having that mission in
that vision statement which you can head to the
playlist and get later. Once you’ve made sure that
your brand is well defined, you’re ready to start in on the hard work, finding a photographer. I know that quality photography
makes a huge difference in how our brands are represented. Not only in the way that it’s lit, or the way that we’re
positioned and posed, but whether we feel comfortable or not. So as you’re searching for
the right brand photographer, you need to make sure that one, it’s somebody you feel comfortable with. Two, that their images
fit with your brand. If your brand is dark and moody and edgy, you definitely don’t wanna
hire a light, bright, and airy photographer. Because your brand is
gonna send mixed messages with those types of pictures. Once you’ve found the right photographer that fits your style and
makes you feel comfortable, the last thing you need to
do is make sure that they’re gonna give you what’s called a
commercial copyright release. Now most photographers who
are portrait photographers are gonna give you a general
standard copyright release. That doesn’t allow you to
put text over your images. It doesn’t allow you to use
your images for marketing. And when you’re talking
about branding photography and getting head shots and
maybe even some lifestyle shots of you doing the thing that you do, you need the ability to
use those and make changes to your images for your brand so that you can market yourself. Lastly, as you prepare for
your updated branding pictures, find a location that matches your brand. Again going back to that
if you’re a dark and moody and edgy small business
owner who is super creative, you wanna find a location
that matches that. You probably don’t wanna go
find a beautiful white space with shiplap and have it
all Chip and JoJo style. You wanna make sure that the location that your photographer is
working in matches your brand even down to maybe having
a similar wall color as your branding colors. Last of all, you need to take care of you. You may have spend all this
effort making sure that you’ve planned out your branding session, that you’ve found the
perfect photographer. You found the ideal location, but then when it comes down to it, you forgot about what you’re wearing and whether or not you have makeup on, or whether your clothes
again match your brand. If you’re not sure how to go about that, head to a place like Nordstrom’s
or contact Trunk Club or Stitch Fix. These are great places that will help you with the brand and style
that you wanna convey and find clothes that match it. As you get this all wrapped
up with a neat little bow, make sure that you take
time to go get a facial, go get a massage. Make sure you’re relaxed and not stressed. I hope that this has helped you prepare for a brand new and fantastic year. If you want more content like this, make sure that you subscribe and check out the playlist above for more
content just like this. If you have questions or
you just wanna say hello, feel free to leave a comment below. We answer all of them. Lastly, if you’ve got a
friend that definitely needs a little help
updating their branding, share this video with them
and make sure that they can get the information they need to grow their business anywhere. Thanks so much for watching.

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