Business Planning : How to Develop a Marketing Plan
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Business Planning : How to Develop a Marketing Plan

Hello, my name is FJ Cava, and I have an MBA
from San Francisco State University in Entrepreneurship. I’m also owner of the Bayview Webspot, here
in San Francisco, California. Today, I’m going to talk to you about how to develop a marketing
plan. You need to make sure that there are many components in the marketing plan that
include demographics, psychographics, your marketing message, frequency, and the venues.
Demographics are what the people actually make up — so their gender, where they live,
how much money they make, their zip code. The psychographics are the psychological aspects
of the clients you’re trying to sell to — so why do they spend their money, and why
do they spend it on what they spend it on. Finally, you need to think about what the
marketing messaging is and the frequency in which the marketing message hits. People needed
to be touched seven to ten times before they get a clear understanding of what the marketing
message is. And finally, the venues — so it could be either print materials, video
or audio, or through the Internet. Thanks.

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