BUSTED! Trump Had Secret Deal With Scotland Airport To Boost Business
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BUSTED! Trump Had Secret Deal With Scotland Airport To Boost Business

Yesterday. Monday, Donald Trump tweeted out the following
in response to the, uh, mounting reports of how the US military and Vice President Mike
Pence, we’re using the a little airport over in Scotland that just happened to be not far
down the road from Donald Trump’s Turnberry golf resort and spending millions of dollars
there. Donald Trump tweeted out the following. He said, I know nothing about an air force
plane landing at an airport, which I do not own and have nothing to do with near Turnberry
resort, which I do own in Scotland, and filling up with fuel with the crew staying overnight
at Turnberry. They have good taste. Nothing to do with me. He says in all caps at the end there. Well, I guess that’s, that’s kind of cut and
dry then, right folks, he doesn’t own that little tiny airport. The a Prestwick I believe it is. He doesn’t own it. He doesn’t have an agreement with them, certainly. He says, actually he does though. Yeah. You see some good investigative reporters
got their hands via a foya over in Scotland on an agreement between this little Prestwick
airport and Donald Trump himself. Donald Trump does in fact have an agreement
with the airport and he’s had it since he opened up Turnberry because again, this little
airport is basically the main artery into Turnberry. If you don’t fly into this airport, it’s a
pretty long, multiple hours, long drive to get to Donald Trump’s golfers or, but the
little airport was failing. They were running out of money, they didn’t
have enough. So Donald Trump comes in and says, Hey, I’m
building this golf course 20 miles down the road. I’ll direct a lot of traffic in through your
little airport. What you’re going to do for me instead is
you are going to ferry people or shuttle people, excuse me, over to my golfers resort. I know it’s very far away, much further than
any of the other hotels you shuttle people to, but you’re going to do it for my golfers
resort because I’m going to give you lots of business. And the airport said, okay. And they had an agreement according to documents
obtained. So he did have an agreement to give them lots
of money. Oh, and you know who else actually has an
agreement with them now too. For some reason, the US military, the US military
does in fact have a deal with this tiny little failing airport to stop there and fill up
with gas and spend millions of dollars in tax payer money. They’ve, uh, made more than 250 stops at this
little airport just so far this year. Hundreds more in the other two years of Donald
Trump’s presidency because they do have a deal. This is 100% an impeachable offense. Not only did Donald Trump lie to the American
public about it, and I know that’s not technically impeachable. The man wouldn’t have lasted a day, but this kind of quid pro quo, this is absolutely
impeachable. Donald Trump is raking in money, taxpayer
money because of a deal he negotiated shortly before he became president with this tiny
little airport. What started off as just a story about Donald
Trump, you know, unjustly enriching himself has turned into a full blown scandal at this
fo- Uh, at this point, folks, the documents are there and the documents are clear and
we now know that this is a thing that happened and, that Donald Trump was lying through his
teeth when he sent out that tweet saying, he has nothing to do with it, and there is
no deal. There is a deal. It’s in writing, and Donald Trump is guilty
as hell. In this particular instance.

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100 thoughts on “BUSTED! Trump Had Secret Deal With Scotland Airport To Boost Business

  1. Should we start a debate to decide if we can start thinking about starting an impeachment inquiry? Democrats: I don't know we're trying to be as retarded as republicans…

  2. Where is nancy pelosi when trump abuses his power.they keep opening up investigations to investigate.i m no fan of trump but the dems and pelosi are so ineffective you have to wonder.this is why the voters don t care.


  4. How dare the illiterate !!Taking taxpayer money for himself. Fueling up our planes at their prices.takes away from the our military bases and their families. What an inhumane thing he is… It is just unbelievable .. Someone needs to knock him out….

  5. Just with that alone, impeachment and prosecution for financial crimes. This fraudster liar racist coward trust fund baby punk must be stopped.

  6. White supremacy is a pyramid scheme. Sure you can lie and get non white people locked up and harass them. You might even get more money then them from institutional racism but the ones on top of the pyramid are "untouchable". There the only ones who take rights and freedom away.


  8. And who are these reporters who uncovered this? Names? Right. I'm starting to think you are a Republican shill. These bogus stories just make anyone who believes them look stupid. No facts, no names, no copies of these agreements, just what comes out of your mouth. Thanks for helping trump win 2020.

  9. "These media sources are moderately to STRONGLY BIASED toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish MISLEADING reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be UNTRUSTWORTHY." https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ring-of-fire/

  10. By land area, Prestwick is actually Scotland's largest airport (so large that it's currently being considered as a future possible UK spaceport!) … it's in 5th place for number of passengers though, with Ryanair being the only company that operates normal regular flights from there these days.

    Before Trump got involved, it was controversial for being a refuelling point for CIA extraordinary rendition flights.
    It's been the US military's dirty secret for a while now….

    … especially since the Scottish government bailed it out in 2013 by buying it for £1 (!) – it was then that they struck deals with many branches of the US military to use it as a more regular refuelling area.

    The Scottish government announced in June this year that Prestwick is going back on the market.
    Trump has hinted that he's thinking of buying it – for obvious reasons.
    But he won't win the bid, because he can't be trusted … the Scottish government insists that the new owner MUST run it as a working airport.

    I've been to the airport terminal, back in its heyday around 2005 when it had almost 2.5 million passengers a year – it's fairly small – but not as miniscule as this reporter is making out … I remember it had a good bar!

  11. I live around 30 miles from Prestwick airport, and I can assure you it isn't tiny. It is actually Scotland's largest airport, although it is only the 5th busiest. That's the airport's problem in fact, it struggles to get enough traffic for it's size and, therefore, to make money. I agree with the sentiment of your story, but please get your facts right.

  12. He better enjoy it while he can. His crimes, his greed, the blood on his hands, will come at a price, the price of his soul. There is a God and he won't be able to take a dime where he is going. He will be naked and poor and shamed before Almighty God!

  13. How is this orange turd still president??? How is he not in jail???? How did the idiots in America take control ??? How does he have any support????? Holy shit America don’t be so stoopid!!!


  15. And yet the gutless Democrats will do nothing, better to have four more years of Trump then lose the presidency to someone like Bernie Sanders. If they can't convince us all that we need Wall Street tool Joe Biden or not vote at all in disgust, like with Hillary in 2016, that would be fine. Corporate Democrats or Corporate Republicans both serve the same masters and will keep Trump around till they are sure our only choice for another president is one they have bought and paid for.

  16. We want that money back! The high-ranking officers in the military that signed off for this should be looking for the door!

  17. Sidebar. Prestwick airport was where Elvis landed en route to Germany during his military service and was the only time he visited the UK.

  18. I actually think this might get him out. They can't justify this at all, and the senators will have to tell they're constitutes that they support fraud and the billionaires looking out for billionaires with their hard earned tax dollars. Not even tRump is worth that to them.

  19. So if you have the documents you have absolute proof of Space Cadet Bonespurs breaking the Emoluments Clause and you can take him to court. No more whining and whingeing, let's see some action for once.

  20. When will this nightmare end? He's a president for only 36% of the people, and they don't get it that their savior only wants their votes and doesn't give a crap about them.

  21. I live in Glasgow and love your videos Farron, but you don't help your cause by belittling Prestwick which is small but not the very tiny one you keep on mentioning. It has quite a substantial trade in tourist passengers and especially freight. But my main reason for this is that you say that without Prestwick, Turnberry resorts would be many hours travel with it. I'm sorry but Glasgow International airport is less than an hours drive from Turnberry. Farron, I find your video clips an essential part of my information access to that creatures latest atrocities (we hate him every bit as much as you all do), but please don't go down his path of not checking your own facts before going to the public. Apart from this, keep up the great work.

  22. That's why anything he says believe the opposite because the opposite is always the truth with him no matter how small or insignificant it may be he will lie about anything and the opposite is always the truth when it comes to him.

  23. PTSD now means Perpetual Trump Stupidity Disorder – it's what happens to Americans after being exposed to 3 years of Trump's perpetual stupidity, compounded by the utter ignorance and moral retardation of his followers.

    There's hope! One day Trump will leave the white house for the last time, and that simple act will do more to make America great again than anything.

  24. How about if he has anymore secret meetings it would be automatic impeachment? That deal he makes has to do with the whole country and Congress. Not just him. Who the hell does he think he is?

  25. Prestwick Airport was build for the US military in the 2nd World War because it has so little fog. It has been used but US military aircraft for years including Elvis' only visit to the UK. It is ironic the the airport is owned by the Scottish government who are so outspoken against Trump.

  26. Ho hum. Another day, another law broken by the most corrupt and criminal political figure in worldwide political history. And you yanks say there's no way you could turn into a dictatorship. Guess what. You are so close now it is only going to take one tiny little thing to push you over the brink. Hold onto your hats the rest of the world. This is going to get messy

  27. I really do wish that people would stop saying that Prestwick airport is not very far from Trump's Turnberry Golf Resort

    It really isn't and that is half of the damn point!

    Prestwick airport is the closest airport to Turnberry but Turnberry is NOT the closest hotel to Prestwick Airport by a very large margin and this is the real scandal.

    Prestwick airport's location relative to the transatlantic flight corridor that commercial aircraft use, the fact that it is the less busy of the airports around Glasgow, it has two long runways compared to Glasgow airport's single runway so that even the largest of commercial aircraft as well as large military aircraft can divert there in an emergency, and up until just three years ago part of the airport was a military base for the Royal Navy has meant that the US military has been landing planes there on a regular basis for decades. There was even a scandal during the Bush administration when US military planes involved in extraordinary rendition flights were spotted at the airport when they stopped there to refuel.

    What is conspicuous is that Glasgow Preswick Airport is sat right next to the seaside resort town of Ayr with its racecourse and tourist attractions and countless hotels that are all considerably nearer and considerably cheaper than Trump Turnberry.

    Trump's golf resort is 25 miles out of town and at certain times of day it can be almost quicker to drive the 35 miles straight up the motorway into Glasgow city centre which is Scotland's largest city.

    The fact that there was in increase in the number of US military flights using using Prestwick airport since 2016 can be in part explained by the ending of the Royal Navy's use of the site however there is no easy way to explain why US personnel could not stay over at any of the hotels in the neighbouring town of Ayr when there are so many of them.

  28. According to an Air Force Chief; the Scotland airport is convenient for stay overs on military exercises and that it’s common for this to happen. Trump just saying that Ivan Air Force crew decides to stay at his resort during the overnight; then it has nothing to do with him.

  29. And just like all the other emolument clauses that he has violated nothing's going to be done about it just a little life piece of s*** this Russian at asset is just got to walk Scott free man we need to do something about this clown he's destroying our country.

  30. Nothing unusual with the USAF having agreements with the airports it uses for refuelling/overnight stops. In fact it probably has DOD agreements with all of them based on billing & payments.

  31. I winder how he’s going to ‘Spin’ this so that it’s Hillary’s fault, or the previous administrations fault or ANY Democrats fault… But NOT his fault.

  32. The golf thing is shocking. It’s 250 miles from Pence in Ireland to Prestwick. The aircraft should have filled up in Ireland.
    Never thought I stick up for Trump but the truth is the truth.
    Preswick airport has served the American Air Force for a long time, years. It takes cargo planes and Military planes.
    It takes planes away from London with suspected bombs and germ warfare on them.
    Holiday makers fly to the city of Glasgow which is a 50 minute drive.

  33. Look at him admitting he owns a business yet he keeps saying he gave his hotels up when he became president! Republicans let this fool make money off the presidency.. but now they don’t give two shits if it’s out in the open!

  34. The "president"caught lying? Illegally filling his pockets? Abusing his position? Wow, that's a first: who would have expected that?

  35. The crucial point in this little saga is whether or not Trump had any influence (directly or indirectly) upon the USAF increasing its use of Prestwick Airport since his inaugaration. That will be difficult to prove in the mire of DOD security but I wonder if anyone has yet asked former Trump execs like Gen Mattis, H R McMaster or Gen Kelly?

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