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Do you find that it is super freaking
frustrating that you are putting out content whether it be videos, blog
posts or you’re putting a post on social media or maybe you’ve even started
building your email list but nobody’s opting in, you aren’t getting people
reaching out to you and you feel like you’re posting to crickets? Chances are,
it has something to do with your call to action. So that is exactly what we’re
going to be chatting about today. Its call to action 101. So, what’s up! In
case you are totally new to me in my channel, how’s it going? I’m Sherri Brown!
I’m the creator of the Mom’s Marketing Lounge and it’s very much my
passion to help those busy moms on the mission who are looking to build a
business online and get it right the first time. So, on this channel I do
everything – from product reviews and tutorials as well as actual social media
and marketing strategies you can implement to go further, faster when
building your business online. So again, if you’re new here and this kind of
seems like it’s up your alley then just subscribe. Just make sure
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single week. So, first of all we’re going to start with what the heck a call to
action is anyway? A call to action is simply the next step you want somebody
to take. Now, I have you know had a lot of students that I’ve reviewed their
profiles. I’ve reviewed content and they’re like you know I’m stuck because
I’m putting out content. I’m doing the work. I’m putting up videos. I’m putting
up post of you know I’m not being spammy. I’m not being like super salesy but
nobody’s like reaching out. Nobody’s engaging and nobody’s opting on my
email list. And oftentimes, well, more times than not when I go to check out
their content or I’m looking at their videos or their posts like they’re
putting up tips but they’re lacking at the call to action. Like, there’s…they’re
just assuming that everybody knows what they want them to do next. And that’s the
thing like that’s the purpose of a call to action is, it’s the next step
that you want somebody just take in the process. Again, you never want to assume
people need to be told what to do. Now when done right call to actions and
why it’s so important is it can help you to grow your audience, build
your brand, you know, generate more sales, generate more leads for your business,
which obviously is going to allow you to create like more profits, right? So, that’s
why call to actions are important. Alright, so let’s go ahead and start with
some examples, okay? So this could be maybe to subscribe to your channel. Maybe
you’re on YouTube, you’re looking to grow it and you’re really just looking to
build your audience. It could be to subscribe to your channel. It could be to
turn on notifications if you’re over there on Facebook. So people can get
notified when you go live. It could be to sign up, maybe you’ve got a webinar that
you’re about to do and you have created a product and you’re gonna promote it
and launch it with live webinars. So maybe, your call that action is to sign up
for your webinar. Maybe, it’s to sign up for your program or it could be to
schedule a consultation call, if you do consultations in your business. It could
be to reach out to you. So here’s the deal, okay? The very first thing that you
have to think about whenever you’re putting out any type of content again
whether it be a YouTube video, whether it be a Facebook live, whether it be you
know a blog post or a podcast, whatever the case may be, the very first thing you
want to do and ask yourself is you know what’s the goal, what’s the purpose of
this video? Like, what am I trying to do? What’s the next step I want them to take,
okay? That is going to be your call to action. So now, let’s go ahead and I’m
gonna dive into some actual examples of content with an effective call to action
that goes along with them. So, take for instance, in the month of May I opened
enrollment for the Mom’s Marketing Lounge. Now right now as the program as
I’m finishing up a building out the program, it’s due to be fully completed
by the end of June. So by the end of this month, but in May I’ve been opening and
closing enrollment to the Mom’s Marketing Lounge VIP okay which is a
program plus group coaching. So you get help as you’re going along. You get help
when you get stuck. So I open enrollment for a short period in May,
okay? So I knew when I was going to open the cart. So when I purpose purposely
purposely, purposely, whatever. Let me know which one it is. I don’t know
I’m not you know grammatically correct always. But I knew enrollment was going
to be open and therefore the content that I put out during open enrollment
was intentional, okay? Module 5 which is what was released
during the month of May was all about productivity and just how to just get
more done. Just again time management productivity that was what the module is
all about. So what I did on let’s say my YouTube channel and I’ll show you a
couple of videos that I did all my channel. You can see it on the screen
right now but one of those was around time management. So I took some time
management tips, hold people inside of my free Facebook group called Back To The
Basics Community and this was what they wanted and therefore I took a portion of
one of the trainings inside of Module 5 and I released it on my YouTube
channel. And you know, obviously, the call to action the reason why I did that is
because number one I was releasing Module 5 which was all about
productivity and time management. And it was something that I know my audience my
ideal customer it’s something that they struggle with, they want to get better at.
And so I released it and then they call to action was to sign up for the Mom’s
Marketing Lounge. So I talked about I did a promotion around it where I did a
5-day trial for like a dollar. I put the description or I put the link
to learn more in the description of the YouTube video right below it. And then I
was just talking about it, okay? Now, another video I launched on my channel
is I ended up interviewing a student of mine inside of the Mom’s Marketing Lounge
to share in her journey where she was before, what she was struggling with, and
how far she’s been able to come in such a short amount of time since she got
into my program and I started helping her along. So I
also released that video and the call to action the next step I wanted them to
take was again to enroll during open enrollment. And so, I talked about that on
the video, put it in the description below that particular video. So that you
know is a real life example of what I’ve done.
Now, another another type of call to action or another example I should say
is let’s take for instance Jamie. The, you know, mom I interviewed who is a
student inside of the lounge. She right now she’s in the health and wellness
space. Now more specifically, like fitness and therefore she is really like helping
busy moms and she just wants to keep fitness like fun. Not about just you know
losing a bunch of weight but really feeling good in your own skin. And so,
we’ve been working together. She is in the process of creating her own program,
okay? She’s gonna be creating her own membership program. And so, therefore,
whenever she goes to launch you know she a call to action would be to find out
more or to enroll in her particular membership program. She’s going to be
given a major discount for the founding members who come in. She’s got different
bonuses and stuff that she’s going to be doing. So obviously, once she finishes the
program and she’s putting out content it’s going to be relevant to what she’s
going to be teaching inside of the program and then the call to action is
to get signed up, learn more that kind of thing. Now, let’s say because I know that
I do have a few people quite a few people who actually follow me who are in
network marketing that’s definitely how I got my start online. And I’ve got a few
students inside of my program who are with a network marketing company that is
specific to skincare, okay? So another example would be lets say because it’s
the summer right and let’s say that you know their company and I don’t know if
this is true I’m just making it up. But let’s say they’re gearing up to do a big
promotion around like sunscreen. So if you know that there’s
going to be a certain promotion around a particular product then what you want to
do is think about the content that you put out during that promotion.
Make sure that it’s around you know the topic is around whatever that promotion
is. So if there is a promo on sunscreen that’s going down then your content
topics should also be around sunscreen. So maybe, you know, they might do a couple
of videos, a piece of content about how much sunscreen do you really need to
apply? Maybe they do another piece of content and it’s you know it’s 5 scary
facts that’ll make five scary facts that will make you never leave your house
without sunscreen again. I mean I know that’s kind of a hell of a long title
but I’m just saying you know that is a piece of content that’s around
sunscreen. Or, 3 ingredients that you need to steer clear of and
sunscreen like. So all of the content topics around that could be around
sunscreen. Or, let’s say that they are doing a big promotion around eye cream
you know. Then you could do content around you know 3 ways to get rid of
under eye bags, or puffy eyes, or you know just topics around that. And then of
course the call to action could be, “Hey, if you want to know what my favorite
sunscreen is,” or “Hey, if you want to know what my favorite eye cream is, then just
reach out.” Or, if you want to know how you can get your hands on this for a
discount just you know go to the link below and you know grab yours. It’s on
sale for the next 24 hours or whatever the case may be. So again, your call to
action is just the next step you want them to take. You always want to make
sure first and foremost that that is one of the first things that you do when you
are creating a piece of content. You have that end goal in mind.
You never want to assume, okay? So here are just a couple of do’s and some
things to avoid when it comes to call to action. And then I’m going to talk about
a place where you might get stuck and how to kind of
move passed. So the first do when it comes to call to actions is you always want to
make sure that they are congruent with the topic you’re talking about. If you’re
sitting here and you are doing a you know a video around 3 tips to you
know get rid of puffy eyes and then you’re telling them, “Hey, you know go get
some suntan lotion you know that would be your call to action. Like, that wouldn’t
make sense, okay? So, you always want to make sure that your call to action is
congruent. Avoid, avoid having just that random call to action, okay? Now, another
thing that I want you to think about and avoid when it comes to call to actions
is having too many. You don’t want to sit here and have people chasing their
tail or telling them to do like a thousand different things because you
know if you give somebody too many options chances are they’re not going to
do anything, okay? So, that is something else that I want you to want you to
avoid. Now, where you might get stuck, okay? Because this is a place where a couple
of my students have kind of like gotten stuck when it comes to call to actions
and a little bit confused and they’ve gotten tripped up and I don’t want that
for you, okay? I want you to avoid this. And that is don’t think that like if
you’re putting up just a general post on social media lifestyle post or you’re
sharing pictures of your kids like those don’t have to have call to actions, okay?
They don’t. It can just be you sharing your lifestyle and you’re taking people
like behind the scenes and you’re putting up pictures of like you on
vacation and stuff like that. Like, there’s no need to have a call to action
in like every single thing that you do in every single post. But now your value
driven content and my dog just a video bomb to me but your value driven content.
Your videos like if you’re doing blog post or if you’re given you know you’re
doing a longer social media post and you’re given some tips,
well, those, yeah, like those should have a call to action. Alright, alright!
So there you have it. Call to action 101. Pretty easy and
simple, right? If you liked this video and you got some value be sure to hit that
“Like” button. And if you have not already subscribe to my channel. Now, question
of the day, I will go ahead and say if you are still struggling with this or
maybe there is a piece of content that you’re wanting to do but you’re not
really for sure what type of call to action you should put in it,
then just drop it below in the comments and I will personally help you, you know,
brainstorm and come up with a call to action that is going to be effective for
that piece of content. So with that being said, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I
will see you back here next week for another video. Bye for now!

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