Camtasia: Produce & Share
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Camtasia: Produce & Share

Welcome back! Hopefully you’re feeling pretty confident recording and editing video in Camtasia. Before we wrap up the getting started series, I’ll quickly go over producing a project as a file on your computer, then look at two other important topics, archiving your project files and sharing a project with another Camtasia user. To get started with producing a video, click the “share” button and choose “local file.” This will produce the project as a video on your computer. On Windows, the production wizard opens, with settings already optimized for your project. Use these at first, and later, go back and explore some of the more advanced options. When ready, click next, modify the name, choose where you’d like to save your video, then click finish. Camtasia produces your video as an mp4 and opens it so you can preview the finished product. If you’re on a Mac, click Share, Local File. Give your video a name, choose where’d you like to save your video, then click Export. Camtasia produces your video… and when production is complete, click “reveal in finder” to open the folder where your video is saved. Congratulations, you can now record, edit and share video using Camtasia! Now that we’re finished, let’s look at archiving project files and sharing with another Camtasia user. To archive a project in Camtasia, choose file>export as zip. This process zips your entire project, into one file. Inside this zipped folder… is the project file, which ends in .tscproj, the screen recordings, which end in .trec and can only be opened by Camtasia, and any other media used in the project. To share a project with another Camtasia user, simply send them this zip file. To share a project with a person using a different operating system, choose file>export for…then pick your platform. For example, on Windows, choose file>export for Mac. This creates a zipped project file that can be opened on either platform. It’s good to note that a few kinds of media and effects are not fully supported on both platforms and during the export process, a dialogue box will appear detailing any unsupported features. If you receive a zipped project file, import the project by choosing File>import zipped project. Then, navigate to the project and click open. Lastly, provide a name and a location of where you would like to save the project, then click ok. This dialogue once again appears, detailing any unsupported features. The project then opens in Camtasia and is ready to use. That’s all for the getting started series and if you’re looking to do more, check out our advanced tutorials. Thanks for watching!

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25 thoughts on “Camtasia: Produce & Share

  1. My Camtasia 2 videos will not export. I know whenever it says "0% Complete", it means that it's actually exporting. But it's not. It says nothing, and then it glitches up, freezes everything, and I have to restart my computer. It's been like this for a very long time, so please help!

  2. Camtasia will render my project to……….. Wait for it………… 43.9%…. Every fucking time. Then itll just freeze and sit there like a lemon? I used camtasia back in like 2007 and it was decent then! Seems totally flawed and a waste of time now since it cant even render my 14 minute video. Disappointing. 1 star.

  3. Sometimes Camtasia can't work, i need to stop the application (with ctrl alt sup) and when i upload my video, it's stopped between 4 and 89%. I don't have the free trial.

  4. You guys are so wrong for that because i was just about to do my IMVU series ugh i hate u guys anyway

  5. I have a question in exporting a zip file. Does it includes the new fonts I use when the other computer opens it? What if the font style I use is not installed on the other computer that will import the zip file?
    Hope you could help me in this matter. Thank you

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