Can He Guess Our SMG4 Characters!? [Akinator] | Glitch Productions
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Can He Guess Our SMG4 Characters!? [Akinator] | Glitch Productions

IRL Luke: Welcome to my channel, this is the SMG4 intermission SMG4 intermission. It’s the best thing on Earth… You get to… see… a low-life person.. (mumbles) It was very good (mumbles). Hello you sexy fans! Kevin: Today We are playing a very special game! (Luke is excited) We’re playing something called “Akinator”. Akinator is like this Genie that guesses what you’re thinking It’s- it’s 20Q. We’re gonna be playing 20Q, but we’re gonna be playing with SMG4 characters. (Luke says “ooo”) Kevin: This program This Genie is gonna ask us a bunch of questions- Luke: Okay. Kevin: I’m gonna see if he can figure out what SMG4 characters we’re thinking. Luke: I like the sound of that! Kevin: Yeah? Luke: I don’t think our characters will be on there, but you never know! Kevin: I-I I don’t know! You might be able to fool him! Luke: Yeah, maybe so why don’t we start off… with SMG4? Luke: Alright. Kevin: Okay, let’s do it. Let’s start. Luke: Ooh, he’s got a nice facial structure. (Inaudible pls help) Luke: Is your character a youtuber? WHAT THE HELL MAN! Kevin: HE KNOWS! WHAT!? ALREADY?! Luke: AHH WHAT THE HELL?! You can’t just.. Why?! Kevin: QUESTION 1! Jesus! Luke: Probably 9 Both: Yes! He- he likes to think he’s a youtuber. Both: Is your character a girl? Both: No. Kevin: Oh my god. Luke: Was your character born in Austra- Kevin: WHAT?! Kevin: What? What? It’s question 3 already! Luke: Come on man! Kevin: This is creepy as hell man! Luke: Come on man! What dah heck is this? Kevin: Dude, yo, this is so creepy, we haven’t played this at ALL before this! Luke: I was in the Russian Revolution! (Inaudible) Kevin: SMG4 in the russian revoloution (Sorry am too lazy to finish the subtitles so pls help k xd xd) Yes, no, you’re not naturally one character from the Kane Chronicles know what that is You have a sister. Yes, you do wait we’re talking about us energy for the cactus. I guess. We’ll talk In in in big we talking about inside in the universe universe no no dimension. Oh, he doesn’t have a system No, see we get to actually learn more about you know, none No Yes, he’s a nun gaming channel. Yes. Yes, I suppose Yes. Yes, you are. So so so Eddie does your character work on a ranch? No, I’m not a rich man Are you sure fucking Ram ranch? Does your character play fortnight? Yes, yes Dude, those are cracked up names. Yeah, here we go. Does your character live in the mushrooms? Kink? He’s got your last No, how do you know they figured it out? He’s still smart friend I thought believe the first question was is your character you do That we’ve never played this game em touch this game yet. And you already knows me game actually read your mind. Alright Alright, let’s give God. Let’s keep going. You are right. Mr. Akinator. Good job. My man. Alright next stop. We are gonna go with pumpkins Canes going he sounds like he’s not a girl like I’m pretty Yes, yes. Yes, don’t you care to live in Australia? No, what does he live? Yeah Part of the pals. I don’t know what that is. No Sister Is your character from mr. Jolly lives next? I don’t know what that is It’s your character Henson now, I’d like to think I am Ah, no you live by a sir live all by myself your big reminder people move out fish Even when I was two my parents kicked me out. I was like Is your tank a human being I think Zoo character over 27 years old. No, he said I was under 18. Yeah Does your character walk, yes, I do. Yes, I do all by myself. No, okay do train kurgans not from roblox No Tag does st. Elite know as you checked our robot. No, he’s got the real no Does you like to think bowties are cool? No You captain animal? Yes, he’s a character mascot. No, no, no really is your cake – Lincoln. Yeah. Oh, here we go. Oh, Yes. Oh, oh, yes is your character one of the bad guys? Yes. Does your character roll rock and Oh, no the fix our own weapons, no, I think he’s gonna get spike is your character part of the Koopa Troopa army So is I think that means it’s Bowser’s army. Yeah. Yes. Yes No, you’re wrong no, I don’t think fishy bookends exist does your crack to go to school? Yes Did you character use a one? No, you can’t. Um, oh no. No, he’s not from India. Does you can’t have yellow skin? No, no Only took a forty question for the end That wasn’t bad it was not bad at all What are we doing now Kevin you’ll do Megan My first questions already. Let’s go. I will do make it first Yeah you go Maggie. And then we do an egg will do like a an another SNP for character the thing is like you can’t go Maya Luigi because That’s obviously Smg4 character like Bob will do bombings. Oh, we do should do Bob next. He’s a cocky for YouTube. Yes Did you click the purple head? No, no, does he have the power to control wind? No, I don’t think so Today is specific is exactly Australian. No older than 18 Don’t know don’t know ambiguous. I don’t know the answer to that is character an animal Probably not. Well, yeah hold the notes really squeeze it I dunno. Yeah, but she’s like human manifestations. She’s it’s a good sir I should’ve said probably yeah, that’s what he said two eggs. Yes, you know, she’s not. Uh, yeah I don’t think she’s all from Hogwarts man. There’s a character from oh shit Can be did you can use guns? Like Captain Klingons guns is your character bent on revenge. Not really not that I know of if you cracked the Lincoln. Yes okay, I think I think he’s got He’s got it. Did you crack the wet green? No Pearl off the hook. No. No, you’re close. You’re very close. Well, the it’s a very specific I think I’m not sure if they can I just go inkling girl or Meggie like making specific me or Maggie I’ll be very impressed. Is your character painter? No Inklings painters don’t know occupations not know you character singer. She’s sang before Did you guys are made of ink? Yes. Yeah, I suppose so this look like the black head. No ask me this already In clean go. Oh Let’s go home. I don’t think they have it. I don’t think they can get it now. Are you sure here? They have fishy bumpkins you cactus Quinn you ask this. Do you have a controlled and in the making of yes, yes Oh is your character linked with the color orange? Yes. Okay. They’ve got it No this store that I don’t think they can get it. They can’t get it. It’s the one more time. We’ll do one more Okay That’s good, alright Unfortunately akinator did not get get this 100 that is two for the Sno 2 for akinator one for the SMG for boys We’re gonna try forward. Alright. Ok, let’s go Bob. Let’s do it. But doing Bob your eyes if you like the link to the Chic acted known for my cuff David. I don’t know. I think he started on minecraft channel. He’s a character American I should I don’t know what he’s from the hyrulean is This one Gerudo Valley York I can animal. No, what is he what he’s ball? He is Bob He doesn’t he’s a piece of trash – yeah, I’m from her 3 the better sequel. She could be a skeleton actually I don’t know I could reel supposed to be like mummies underneath. I don’t know just put let’s say tight No don’t know we have no idea is your cracks in the walking dead know I’ve always wanted to be part of the walking game Is your khaki from horror game? I don’t know majora’s mask was pretty scary. Yeah, but it’s not a cent. It’s not like core It’s not a core horror game. So so this is an interesting question. Does it count my clothes he wears Probably probably wears like a blanket it says long so you can open image of Bob right now. Oh, come on It’s a trash bag. He wears like a blanket. Does your character come from the Internet? Yes. Yes Trying dad. You don’t know what that is. Maybe that’s Bob underneath. I know it. No now we’re gonna keep going Can you try to become invisible No? Does your character play minecraft? No is you kicked a woman? No, did you capture a god or goddess? I’d like to think I am probably Sorry Bart would love to put in probably you hack the social counter-strike. No, I’ve smoked bitches before He’s not evil. That’s an asshole. Did you crack your original video game? Yes. Yes. Does your tractor wear green? No, it’s a brown It’s been well is your character from the game roblox know if you connect a male? Yes You’ve asked about he really thinks Bob plays minecraft Luke. What’s your character alive in the year? 2000 Majora’s Mask about 2000 I think I don’t even know stole. Yes, just you guys. I have a bald head. We don’t know. Yeah Chicago, oh no. Oh fuck. Yeah. No, he doesn’t you’ll be some poor bastard. Does you kinda like shooting guns? I guess so probably did you like to play with Mike? Come on? That’s like put Bob with emo hair oh Yeah, I listen to that. There’s a guy could wear a red shirt. No, he doesn’t have any Luke He doesn’t have it exist Bob akinator this know who you are therefore you don’t exist Let’s do one last one before we end it – for akinator and – for SMG SMG for team right now what you do next thing? Okay. We’ll go back Well known this psycho we could do This sure me and no one really knows I know we could try there’s no other original SMG for character We could do like a old old character like X well, that’s I don’t know if that’s Good. It’s right. I don’t know much about the mister thing. Okay? okay, I don’t know like if they don’t know Bob Omega then I don’t know why fishy pookins is stupid SMG three Yeah, yeah. Yeah, let’s throw some g3. We’ll finish off with that some g3. That’s a play Got the girl No, no sure lien know that some g3 non-australian. I don’t know what I don’t know. He’s Mushroom Kingdom, man Who’s your character stand with two legs? Yes, he doesn’t use gun. Oh is your pregnant animal? He’s I’m sensing a pattern here Yeah, you guys got older than 18 Is pretty sure you got a black head? Yeah. No, he’s burning it’s just me SMD for a week Okay, like it’s a recolor. Mario is reflecting from an anime Japanese Animation. Yes, I would like to think I seen before the annum kid Japanese animation has retracted ever been in the movie funny. That was he’s been in his own movie When he made his own movie when about smg4 remember? You try to make a movie wanna sing. No. Yeah, you didn’t make him like a full-length movie No, no mine. Not mine. Why is everything for my character? You swear words? Yes, he does He’s not he’s not J’s on a PG boy. Did you have an Irish accent? They don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk Does you crack them numbers in their name? Yes, is your character in a nursery rhyme not that I know of Does it cracked or on a webcomic? No, Chris impute these webcomic. There’s a character messy hair. Oh, it’s pretty Nate I don’t know. There’s ever anything. I would see no, he never takes off his head. Is your character a commentator No, just you can’t deliver the Mushroom Kingdom. Yes. Oh Very clumsy fools clothes probably I Guess so as good as before you character dweeb doesn’t make memes is your cackling tune in 10 years. You guys are from Garfield No, you can’t have green skin. No that’s bumpkins. That’s a boob cancer out. Is your character mostly red. That’s Mario Did you guys play with microwave? What is with maybe he was an emo, dude? Maybe it wasn’t even we don’t know that that’s why he’s like that He’s had surgery for again. I don’t think you can get me. I don’t think they have SMG 3 Did you guys have black hair? I think he also said yeah, we’re going in the loop. No No was that I’ve no idea. He’s way off. Now. He’s playoff tracking it all if you cracked any internet meme man He doesn’t have it now. He’s lost it akinator He needs to research more these memes because unfortunately yes a lot of the SNP 4 characters aren’t on there Yeah, he ended up having two characters You got a 74 at fishing my is that’s expansive his knowledge what I think we beat a cañedo here It’s 3 for 2 we believe for 2, but maybe next time we can try with a different set of character Maybe I think maybe the characters just too obscure. Maybe the maybe the public don’t know about him enough yet Yeah, I mean SMG three, you know, it’s pretty commentary enough Bob Lee is more of a common character than a thief. Yeah. Sure. So thanks for watching everybody that has been Smg4 always that has been the SMP for video Thanks for watching guys that was being uh that has been a lot of fun I don’t know how to end the video. It’s gonna end like a hobo theater kicked me end it for me, please Bye guys. Bye. Bye

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