Can You and Should You Be Genuine on Social Media? Plus, Examples of Influencers Who Do It Right
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Can You and Should You Be Genuine on Social Media? Plus, Examples of Influencers Who Do It Right

– I usually have a bunch of
photos I’m choosing from, like, not a bunch, about three. And then, I post it with my
feed and I screenshot it. And then I delete really fast
just to see, like, how it looks with my other photos. – Sometimes we even go on the
internet, we look up, like, ‘good captions for Instagram’,
like, it’s that serious. – There have been times where
I thought: “Maybe I should delete “my Instagram, you know, just
because I don’t really want “to deal with it.” But then, I think:
“What would I do with my life?” – Can you really be genuine
on social media in this day and age,
particularly on Instagram? Tell me, give me an example
of an Instagram account that you find is being genuine. So, I put that question out there
and it blew my mind that I got no answers. And the more people I talk to,
it’s almost like they didn’t want to go there
because going there basically would be admitting
to ourselves that, possibly, none of us are genuine
on social media. You don’t really want
to accept the fact that you, me, and so many of us, possibly, all of us just post
content on social media just to get the likes. We were going to mention
Social Animals, we were going to show
me watching it, and as I am sitting here
because I mentioned them, they reposted my Insta Story. Think I’m going to get
more likes now? – Yeah. That’s all that matters. – It’s all about the likes. I was watching the documentary,
the episode three of The Case for Adnan Syed. And this lawyer from D.C.,
Susan Simpson, appears in episode three and
I was very intrigued by her. She seems smart, and sharp,
and so interesting. So, I went to Twitter to find her
and I happened upon a live stream that she did post-show to talk
about the facts on the show. I tune in and here is Susan
talking very loyally about the facts that were presented
and walking her cat on a leash. And I thought, oh my god, thank
you for making me feel better because I used to walk
my cat on a leash. And then, all of a sudden, I got
this, like, fuzzy, warm feeling because I used to love Twitter. And then, I caught myself posting
content just to get more followers and more traffic
to our website and stopped just sharing everyday funny moments
or real moments from my life. This brought back that excitement
that I was feeling back in the day when Twitter was young and
I felt like I could just be me. If you’re a business or an
individual who wants to get more likes, yet you want to be
genuine, well, here’s some examples of accounts that
I follow and I love that, I feel like are genuine and
where you can feel that, whether or not they filter their
images, they are attempting to send a true message that
comes from a genuine place. And I think that’s the key
to being genuine. Is what I’m putting out there
coming from a place of kindness, positivity, or whatever
my core value set is or am I just emptily putting this
out there just to get the likes? Miranda Alcaraz
@FearlessMiranda the founder of Street Parking,
what I love about her is that she will not, and she will speak
about this, she will not support any product that she
hasn’t tried herself and that she doesn’t believe in. One way to be genuine is to
say no to products from brands that you haven’t
tried or that you’re really not that into. Another one I love is
Roblympian. Sarah Robles, she’s an Olympic
lifter, world champion in 2017. And you’re just going to have
to check our her profile, she’s amazing. She is so funny and so real. It’s very clear that she wants to
get across a message that strong is beautiful and that
strong is not just in the body of a CrossFitter. Then there’s Amy Young
who’s a life coach. So, the way Amy makes her
feed look more real is she’ll eat during her live feed
or during her Insta Stories. Now, how much more real
is that? It’s like having a table
conversation, a dinner conversation
with somebody. So that’s one of the ways she
makes it seem a lot more real but then, she’s also really funny
and I also believe that, genuinely, she wants to help
women and people, in general, have better relationships
and a better relationship with themselves; she’s very much
into teaching women about self-love. Sara Jane Case, writer,
speaker, and podcaster. When you look at her photos,
it looks like a lot of Instagram celebrity photos, they all have
sort of the same style of photography but
if you read the captions, they show a lot of depth. She’s not just putting words
with her posts just to appear wise as it seems like
a lot of Instagrammers do. I don’t care if you’re an
individual or a business, if you want to be more genuine
on social media, here are some things
you can do: Put your cat on a leash, walk it,
and do a live video. That’s probably going
to work, I mean…

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