Canopy Product Highlight: November 2019
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Canopy Product Highlight: November 2019

Hey, everyone! Welcome to another product
highlight. We cannot wait to show you some terrific updates to Canopy. So let’s
get started.
Processing payments just got simpler with scheduled and recurring
payment tools. Users already enrolled in Canopy Payments can process client
payments on a schedule alongside scheduled invoices. In a highly
anticipated update, you can now save files directly from an email. Preview and
save email attachments and tax forms in Canopy by clicking on the file and then
saving it to Canopy files. Save file will be visible from the contact profile.
Additionally, you can now add files saved in Canopy to your outgoing emails.
Sending a client request has been made more accessible by adding client
requests to your tasks workspace. Set reminders and due dates directly from
the task workspace. Not only that when your client logs into the client
portal they will be able to send you questions and follow-up comments that
will display directly on the client requests, collaborating with your client has
never been simpler. Finally our team is hard at work finalizing some exciting
client portal updates. We know that communicating with your clients is a
high priority for you. As such we have made updating the client portal
experience a high priority. Stay tuned to see those highlights soon. Thanks for
joining us for today’s product highlight. We’ll see you next time.

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