Cardi B And Bernie Sanders Talk Politics
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Cardi B And Bernie Sanders Talk Politics

hey boss hogg on a Tuesday evening how
you feel okay this is the star report in case you’re new to the show my name is
troy terrain AKA star okay alright um things want to talk about tonight Cordy
be cardi B does she have political power cardi B recently sat down with Bernie
Sanders presidential candidate for 2020 now before you start laughing and trying
to clown her and make jokes let’s let’s be objective you’ve heard me say on
multiple occasions going back well over a decade of not more the greatest power
is influence good or bad the greatest power is influence and cardi B is
influential she’s influential and let me just take
it a step further she’s likable cardi B’s likable she runs out goddamn Yap up
on fucking Instagram and she does too much from time to time you know snitchin
talking about paola all sorts of shit but she’s likable and I think if she a
college graduate can someone confirm and I know she went to college I’m not sure
but she sat down with Bernie Sanders said she was intrigued by him yadda
yadda yadda why would Bernie Sanders sit down with
cardi B that’s the real question here while he take time out now they did this
interview this discussion they spoke about college debt the environment
racial injustice and so on and so forth I have not seen this video I think it
was filmed for a commercial let me know if it’s out I have not seen it I did the
research and I couldn’t find it but I’m sure at some point in time the the full
length interview or discussion will come out but why would burn e Sanders take
the time to sit with cardi B and is she a person who can
can make sure to happen but let’s have a really really an objective look at this
even if you feel she’s bum she’s a bum she’s trashed yeah she’s got influence
money power respect you can buy the respect sometimes not all the time but
sometimes you can you know influence people to get them to uh side with you
and does she have the power to go beyond just the urban hip-hop audience to
influence other people whether they be Hispanic Asian whoever to actually vote
for Bernie Sanders phone lines open right now also on the screen is ASAP
Rocky built for jail folks his trial started today in Sweden
and the alleged victim has already taken the stand and said I thought I was gonna
die I thought the crazy nigga was gonna kill me okay he didn’t say crazy nigga
but this is what he’s you know he’s playing the white card and I know he’s
Muslim he’s not white star while he’s playing
the white card you know he at first he was a fan now he’s talking about ASAP
Rocky I thought I was gonna die and the reports I had from TMZ and other sources
hold on a second that ASAP Rocky was stopping on the guy on his head and ASAP
Rocky had some broken glass on his shoe so this is where some of the the cuts
that we we saw in the pictures for those of us who you know saw the pictures of
the alleged victim yeah crushed glass so so Rocky was stomping on them you know
and had shit on his shoe also um let me just say this hold on so many notes here
number nine is coming to Atlanta this Thursday yes Jean Richmond my homie my
associate my friend and we were we were talking today and number nine needs a
place to stay now for those of you who remember I said I could put him up for
one night now I think I’m gonna put him in a hotel because he said today we were
on the phone he wants to crash with me for two nights and I said two nights
I don’t know if I can do that ma’am I’m Way up in North Atlanta and he’s coming
into the airport and he says he wants to stay in the downtown area now let me
just say he’s a great guy great guy but number 9 likes to party and he wants to
have a blowout if you ask me he has not confirmed that but I said hey man okay
so you want to stay with me for two days and then where you gonna stay he said
that’s my business when I said okay so you don’t have like a business plan or
something to that effect and he said hey hey man hey man so he may be calling in
tonight hang on a second let me just check okay I’ll see him yet number nine
if you’re calling in shoot me a text but yes those of you who are number nine
fans now’s the time if you’ve been up in the comments your ask my nigga number
nine the goat and you live in Atlanta now’s the time reach out to me I will
forward your information to him he needs a place I can’t put him up for two
nights also on if you saw the new film Once
Upon a Time in Hollywood was Bruce Lee disrespected in that film the memory of
Bruce Lee the guy who played Bruce Lee I think he’s a gay actor I read something
he’s the guy who the actor who played Bruce Lee supposedly something with his
boyfriend yada yada but the way they portrayed Bruce Lee had him it was
almost like he was an arrogant piece of shit you know if you asked me and I said
whoa whoa but now I’m not Asian so I’m not gonna cook up any dust you know um I
was just glad that I didn’t I didn’t hear you know nigger you know so much in
this new Quentin Tarantino film but the reason why I’m asking this is because
Bruce Lee’s daughter is upset about the way her father was portrayed do you give
a shit do ya phone lines open let’s see if you want to talk about it and um some
of you have been emailing me this story about this ten-year-old boy in Michigan
something to do with the dodgeball game he hit a little white boy in the face
with a head and the little white boy has he has some
type of I don’t know what his sickness is I’ll just want to be sensitive but um
his mother pressed charges so the little ten-year-old boy little boy of color he
has been charged with aggravated assault his mother has now lured up if you want
to discuss that as well okay all right phone lines open but my main topic does
cardi B have political power and she put up a poster on her Instagram thanking
Bernie Sanders what say you does she go beyond just the hip hop
audience oh and let me just say this I forgot to mention cardi B is so likeable
let’s keep it real nobody gives a shit if she writes her own rhymes or not
that’s that old shit if you’re into bars go watch battle rap today’s generation
doesn’t give a fuck so is she influential does she have a political
power what say you go to area code 209 good
evening are you on the line talking about cardi B hey highwaymen all right I
was in the same second yeah Carter you got power well okay start working from
behind closed doors in this rap can you say that again sir yeah someone’s a
little crazy fuck it again oh she started working your uncle’s boys for
rat are you eating or rolling a blunt we don’t I can barely understand what
you’re saying we get your mouth mother and I’m leaving drum what’s that
I love eating a burrito girl not bad let me get you the fuck out of here
no call me eating a burrito okay I look like to you you see that’s probably the audience
that cardi B heat will attract and they’ll go vote no I mean go to every go
to one good evening does Carl
be political power 201 I’m gonna go even further I’m a star I’m a longtime fan
I’ve been walking with you since 2001 okay but I have no fans but go ahead go
ahead anyway yeah as far as party B’s you know alleged political power you
know I really don’t think anybody cares it’s just you know all these kids they
don’t people forget about not sort of an album no one cares so let’s not act like
people care about lyrics or substance P over here okay can I ask hold you sir
I’m 32 okay okay cardi B if you ask me a call from our
thing I’m call from Teaneck New Jersey by the way okay yeah
Tina yes fine fine okay so cardi B if you ask me goes beyond hip-hop you have
some artists and entertainers that no matter how big they get you know a
diverse audience will never accept them she crosses boundaries if you ask me I’m
not which which which hang on a second I’m not so much rooting for her but I’m
just I’m trying to be objective here all right I remember when that song came out
the red-bottom shoes yeah yeah yeah I saw a whole bunch of white girls you
know singing lyric Balearic word for word verbatim cardi Bea’s music so if
you asked me she crosses legit you know you can’t really you can’t really trust
the word of some dumb white broads out here man come on yeah I mean kids like
anybody under the age of 25 their opinions are irrelevant they don’t they
don’t know they don’t know real hip-hop the way we do that’s my opinion so a
real hip-hop is dead that’s my point it’s out of here nobody gives a shit
about real hip-hop we’re talking about yeah the newer generation and I wasn’t
talking about little kids I was talking about some Victoria’s Secret models I
was about 20 I’m in some type of fucking dressing room and clearly they knew her
lyrics her music and I’m just asking the question does she have political power
it’s not far-fetched but I’m you know trying to be objective what say you
absolutely I don’t think political I’ll say maybe cultural power at the
most but in the grand scheme of things cardi B she’s gonna be a flash in the
pan what culture is gonna what culture you said cultural power pop pop okay the
hip-hop it’s gone commercial okay that’s my point
Fabia’s no I think people will forget yeah that’s my boy say with me stay with
me stay with me we may look at her as if she’s the joke I’m 55 years of age I try
to I try not to look down upon any young person coming up because you know it’s
different now I can’t just gotta strap yeah she’s different now so she’s she’s
a as you just said hip-hop that has become pop do you think Bernie Sanders
would have sat down or we’ll sit down with Nicki Minaj or all that you don’t
eyeball rollin neck jerking hey you think you sit down Nicki Minaj fuck no
only proven no that’s too much for him yes that’s too much for him no – blah
let’s keep it real – black exactly I don’t I don’t want to say that you know
I’m just a white boy I called Rocky I think the Sweden I’ve been to Sweden
let me tell you what the real issue is that you’ve alluded to today
come on the fact the fact that the guy was Muslim that’s the key of the story
I’ve been to Sweden okay they’re having huge problems with Muslim immigrants and
children of Muslim immigrations don’t assimilate right and the Swedish
government has to protect them otherwise you know the right-wing white boys will
start writing that’s what the real issue is about right about the left-wing
Swedish authorities protecting their Muslim immigrants that’s all it’s about
I’ve never been to Sweden I’ll take your word for this but this guy wrote hey
listen this guy is playing the victim card he says I thought I was gonna die
hey Seth they all do start they all do they all play this game it’s a game face
up rocky is sitting in front of four judges I know nothing about Swedish
courts maybe you can enlighten us a little bit more and I think that they’re
gonna sit him down he’s gonna be found guilty if you ask me go ahead if if the
guy got it bad he got into an altercation with if that was the blonde
Swedish white boy it wouldn’t even be an issue no one would have cared but the
fact that he was a Muslim Muslims are the number one protected group in Europe
because they’re having this huge huge political upheaval with the rise of
right-wing political parties in Europe yes and the mainstream European
politicians are trying to suppress it and one of the main mechanisms they do
that is protecting Muslim immigrants and their kids from anything including like
you take a look at what happened in Germany on New Year’s Eve all those
Muslims when our raping girls and only like one of them was arrested right
right one of my favorite singers from the 80s Morrissey with dismiss he looks
crazy right now but but I feel for him because he’s from the old school but I
agree with what you’re saying but right yeah I don’t think a semi jockeys built
for jail that’s my opinion but Thank You Man thank you I got we will find out we
will find out thank you okay get that donation here white boy fucking play me
all right all right all right um just have a real discussion here
about cardi B laugh if you must and let me look in a live chat good evening how
are you guys doing my beautiful troll babies good cardi B jump did she
graduate from college I know she went Meagan the stallion did not graduate and
her Nicki Minaj were talking Nicki said uh girl you better graduate you know
okay yeah I’m a set brookey’s okay number nine says cop he didn’t say I’m
gonna he just says copy probably lit right now cardi B did she graduate from
college okay all right let me go back to the
phone lines and I have some super chats that I didn’t get to yesterday method
let me touch on those now Tedy Bruschi says star stay off the steroids is this
your midlife crisis stay in your lane Jimmy the waterboy need to go to law
school it ain’t that serious okay’s talk about
Jimmy from yesterday who called in the guy who got choked out in Las Vegas so I
haven’t injected any steroids yet I’m on b12 you know but I’m gonna talk to my um
one of my specialists and see what’s poppin I have to get camera-ready hint
hint hint you know gotta get in shape man but
thank you for your donation Cory from yesterday says all that Bible shit is
cool until you getting your ass kicked and by the the piggy Wiggly okay Jimmy
had me until he went all Bishop Eddie Long okay I’ll come back to those back
to the phone lines folks and Jean Richmond may be calling in tonight I’m
not sure but he needs a place to crash any Co for one three cardi B are you
there sir hey hey first things first I want to say ASAP he said rocky monkey
ass I’m going to jail I know the aint go for it I think fuck
was he thinking you know fuck we’ll see out there doing fighting and all that
stupid shit yeah did you know better than that stomping
people with glass on a few according to the victim alleged victim no tripping
now what made you think you would go to another country and was gonna be getting
in the altercation and getting away with it he deserve what the fuckin get and
this is a lesson for all the mother done the period under story now I said end
the story he’s going to jail and it is what it is huh it is looking for lessons
for these other dumb then you stop going places
thinking you can do what you do in your town and get wet
that’s not how it goes out here okay the hope this is a whole you know the world
is different placement yes anyway on to that party B thing she got too much
influence hmm her sitting down with Bernie Sanders
shows you that they’re trying to put that power her hand to get these kids
and slowly Democrat to start voting that way so they need trust they want Trump
out of there bad and they going today you see the extremes they going to they
taking something in being respectful some bottom-of-the-barrel
Bronx bitch Brooklyn whatever the fuck she’s from bitch
right whoo yes he on top now but she was just stripping and shaking ass and next
thing you know she’s sitting down with Bernie Sanders what is it sir if I can
interject if I can just interject no I’m not in no way shape or form Capon for
I’m gonna fuck about it like that but you know but let’s be objective because
now we have Kim Kardashian who was up on you know getting down with rage and all
sorts of pornos shit she’s now a meeting with the president she’s getting people
out of the penitentiary so I I can’t just say I don’t party be some stripping
bitch you know she turned it around oh no no no no no I didn’t and that’s why I
said respectfully because I’m not saying it like she just didn’t there’s no she
turned it all around the whole different person now right but just like to
Republic you got you Kardashian you didn’t curse gonna run off and grab
cardi B yeah to get that influence on her who else got more influence other
than Beyonce then cardi B making a national guard she done lost it like you
said who will sit down with Nicki Minaj neck Papa – I like good news but yeah I
don’t dump on Nicki but then yeah so it’s not even necessary you know it’s
unnecessary um so so with regards to her meeting with Bernie Sanders you know
Bernie Sanders has made it clear he’s not with reparations for
african-americans so him you know allowing cardi B you know to discuss
politics has got me like whoa whoa you feel me give the last word though
what asked to get the influence buddies young kids in the black vote because he
already said he ain’t down with the reparations and you know black people
standing with all we need reparations right so one other way to get the
influence thing go get the most sense I want you right now in the game then
cardi B yeah thank you though okay let me just read a little bit of what cardi
B said on her Instagram page because I did not
I don’t follow her and it’s wrong with cardi B I just too much for me today you
know anyway she sent an Instagram cardi B Thank You senator Bernie Sanders for
sitting with me and sharing your plans on how you will change this country a
couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if you had the opportunity to have a
question answered by a Democrat candidate what would it be
quest tomorrow and I think this is something worth paying attention to
the whole thing about cardi B you know drugging guys once upon a time you can’t
even find that story anymore it’s been suppressed I look for it every time you
click on one of those pages you pages you see error 404 the Illuminati at work
let’s go to area code 973 good evening 973 this cardi B had
political power 973 hello good evening that’s going how you doing tonight I’m
doing how about yourself I’m talking about cardi B are you a fan of hers and
do you know that she’s sat down with Bernie Sanders well I’ll just pop that
out from panic artbeads but it is what it is and all this generation is Raschi
okay I feel like Bernie Sanders is trying to get the you know the young
people in this pocket okay okay asshole
you I’m 37 okay your mother yes I am okay okay do you think that Bernie
Sanders deep down inside you know cares about african-americans or just more so
a global approach I mean he has blatantly denounced reparations not that
that’s all that like people should be concerned about but um do you think that
he has the best interests within him whilst he’s running for the Presidency I’m not playing again
I said not at all not at all I do know that he’s not for reparations I disagree
I’m trying to vote one of the first nominee Vereen mm-hmm okay you know do
you think cardi B has power even though you’re not a fan of hers you think she’s
a powerful woman on the rise influences power yes
no I think she’s powerful think she’s gonna forward some people I think she’s
so powerful she’s got Nicki Minaj get married get married to a guy that you
know I’m sure he’s going to be there for her in her time of need but will he be
the type of you know what let me pull back and I did not mention Nicki mean
eyes I think that’s wrong pardon me but I think cardi B is so influential
she’s got Nicki now scrambling like two eggs on Sunday morning to get married
I’ll just leave it that go ahead your phone’s going out baby can you make some
adjustments I want to hear what you have to say can you fix your phone a little
better then finish up please hit finish it was very interesting I feel like she
had all right she’s got to fix that a
MetroPCS it sounds a little crazy but thank you for calling in darling thank
you so much okay someone says star how’s your your workout going it’s going it’s
going I got a little snack right next to me
here how about that huh look at that snap peas and all that slice shit it’s
donut that’s water on deck what’s going thank you for asking
oh cool oh good evening sir sends in a cash yet
fuck ASAP he’s soft I did nine months in Norfolk Va okay okay big nigger salute
to people who live better inside in the penitentiary then on the outside but Wow
prime example yeah we always joke about hey man when you’re going home home to
him is Jail he functions better in jail than out here in the world but you know
for those who are you know celebrities can they handle jail I know nothing
about a Swedish jail and I don’t wish jail upon ASAP rocky let me just say
that but it’s looking bad for him salute to his mom she was walking into
the courthouse today I saw the video footage
she looks stressed you know and as I said a soprano he’s sitting in front of
four judges you know I don’t know how that system works but uh and I don’t
want to say I will jail be good for him you know I don’t I don’t do that that
that’s that’s a sucker shit you know but he might go in shave his head and come
out and change his name and all of a sudden be with the black the black the
black struggle more here in America you know I don’t know so the area code 202
did I hit that right hey good evening – OH – are you there
talk about corny Bieber Boston if you get it right how are you McCarty because
you don’t even see us again pimped out right now I think she asked
he feels as though that she’s doing something for the community I think she
actually serves as though that they care what her were her input is but it’s the
same shit that Clinton did in 2016 bringing LeBron on stage bring in jr.
Smith on stage thinking that they’re just going to get the urban community to
both of them without really addressing any problems at the urban community had well respectfully sir those are black
people you mentioned what’s a black people card Ibiza a mixture you know
high yella exactly however you know how that’s very
true but the I can’t say that the black woman that’s barely breath a black woman
necessarily represents all black women I’ve known the kind of follow these
rules about other races you see the Kinkaid influence now you see the cardi
B in for- style you may do something but party B funding the whole female rap
game and she got she got she’s a black woman to turn them on let her call
niggas niggas and fancy drug black well stay with me let’s go into that because
I like the fact that you’re not excluding cardi B and dismissing her you
know Beyonce was co-signing Hillary Clinton once upon a time was she not certain cultures just didn’t gravitate
towards her they didn’t give a fuck so then we would have to ask does the black
vote really have power you know or is it too scattered and again I’m trying to be
objective party B crosses boundaries so so maybe Bernie Sanders right sees that
and says hey let’s let’s sit down with these chickadees goofy but she’s up on
that motherfucking gram heavy you know he’s going apeshit and the younger
people are listening and they don’t give a fuck who wrote rhymes alright I wish I
wish that and happen agree with you but I
deputy solar so whoever Bank Bernie Sanders campaign manager he recognizes
cardies employment and what do you think he’s smart she’s a stripper whatever man
that is clear and influential and if you get her on your side still have people
fought game recognize game try to get Hillary Clinton into the fucking White
House and the white kid says hey you know I like jay-z’s music but I’m not
gonna vote just because she’s a man tells me to just a black guy with big
soup coolers when you get right down to it I played music though niggas don’t
wallet I give the last word man go ahead it’s hard for me to feel bad for him he
ran off to Europe tried an angry white people now he do you remember a couple
of years ago when he gave that interview saying that he was in jail fighting something about that but it just I was
kind of turned off that’s a donee he did she abandoned you talk I hope I hope he
comes out you know but he just has to understand at the end of the day doesn’t
matter how much these white bitches want to fuck you you still AM they get that
in the day and if you violate one of those people they will lock you away
Thank You Man thank you salut okay all right
ASAP Rocky is he built for jail we’re not wishing jail on him shit’s not
looking good and this Thursday hold on a second at number nine this Thursday
ASAP Rocky’s legal team is going to cross-examine the guy who says that a
separate I tried to kill him yep yes there is it
you see what he’s all about you know see if he’s uh got a case ASAP Rocky’s
mother says they have a weak case but that’s another story
hey I think um okay number nine since I’m on the line where are you sir 203
let’s get him on line Jean Richmond yeah where are the number nine supporters
he’s coming into town this Thursday Dean Richmond aka number nine good evening
sir oh good evening mr. star are you saying it’s always good to turn into the
show and listen to you entertain gutter housing project women and get their
input on topics what is what it’s not foreigners it’s uh white boys I found
like Jeffrey Dahmer Hey so um you’re coming into town this Thursday you and I
spoke you tried to slip it in the conversation earlier that you need to
stay in my place for two days as opposed to just the one that we initially agreed
upon yeah well yes well you know I didn’t want to slip anything on you you
know Atlanta Georgia is an excursion for me and I want to be able to spread
things out now you are you are possibly opening your home to me and I’m very
grateful for that you know but maybe you know maybe we can
meet some people and and you know you know make it a big make it a big shindig
I don’t know what you want to do you know well listen I want you to listen to
me very carefully because you and I are friends even though you never invited me
into your home and when I drove you home that time from the strip club you didn’t
invite me to come in and have a bottle of water nothing I didn’t forget it’s
okay but but here’s the thing and I’m gonna be very real with you I do not
party here at this home that I’m at this rent is being paid by a corporation and
I had a moral turpitude clause in that agreement so I
I’m not inviting just you know random you know people here to do whatever
however somebody fucking drop dead and on goddamn patio I catch a lawsuit in
there my fucking bag stops you fill me some keep it real with you there’s
nothing going on here like that so I was thinking okay I was thinking and I said
well maybe I’ll get him a room downtown because you want to stay in the downtown
area yes of course but don’t you want to hang out with me yeah but we can’t hang
out here listen to what I’m saying to you
whoa I’d say hour away from the airport I’m an hour away from the airport
I can come get you I understand your hope understand your home is a private
place but what are you hiding from me number nine I’ve never had parties at my
home I just don’t do that it’s not it’s not some new shit I’ve never partied at
my home I always take you know the females to the goddamn hotel or the
motel I just don’t do that but hang on a second because you know you have you’ve
got supporters and you’re gonna be in town you you gotta you know you got a
big mansion you know I don’t want to stand number nine listen to me listen to
me listen to me you’ll be in town this Thursday you said you’re playing arrives
I have the time and everything would you be interested in a fan of yours saying
hey number nine we’re gonna put you up for two or three days
would you consider that yes yes please yeah okay okay
so people have your email address they have mine lets you and I talk again
tomorrow but now let’s keep it real are you coming to Atlanta on business or are
you coming to have a blowout well you know what they say what they say it’s
not necessarily it’s not truly business if there’s no pleasure attached to it
right so I want to know the inner workings of the operation you got going
on down now I want to shadow you I want to see what you got going on but also
but also I want to uh I want to turn I want to get I want a party man I want to
I want to get turnout I want a party okay hey you want to stay
on the line for a second you want to talk to him maybe a couple of your it
turned out your I’m saying what do you say you want to
get turned out you said I want to get opened up and turned out you know all
right stay with me don’t not not not how you think not how you think you know
open up having a good time stay with me number nine let’s take a
few calls I’m gonna pause my show for you a friend
good evening nine one four are you on the line nine one four hello yes
yes sir hey what’s going on star talk to my friend number nine oh you know number
nine yeah I heard that crazy whatever he’s talk about business and
pleasure and yeah I want to I want to comment Tom who’s talking about the old
car to be situation yes I already be does she have political power all right
keep it real I think I think he’s getting used like anybody else with
influence because the people who are in power understand that she is popular
right now she is one of the hottest artists in the game arm and they get
their babies pretty much in heart like a tool what I wanted to hit you up and say
is go look on the ball allure account and see how she was like oh if something
happens to me the government I saw that sir I saw it yeah that’s not yeah I mean
I’m just saying keep an eye out for that you were you know they get you about it
follow baller late a baller or look upon me on an Instagram I saw her saying that
I think I was yesterday she said it yeah yeah I think so but that’s don’t
mean that’s all that situation maybe you know that you know how to do they use
them up get them out of there whoever’s in this hottest person and they’re gonna
push them out to push bitch into whatever is going on oh hang on sir
because a great rapper once said and that rapper is fabulous he said it on my
show and I think either 2000-2001 if you can’t be used right then maybe you’re
useless so maybe she knows she’s being using she’s there to be used I always
tell people I’m here to be used he used me use me so we can get a bag you think
you got to the bag I think Bernie Sanders is after more than just a bag
but I think that cardi B does not being used because she’s aligning
herself with political figures now so it’s a it’s a win-win situation you ask
me but give you the last word all right not along with that I mean if they you
know they’re during the business and then they’re in business all the
politics positive the businessman celebrities are business people whether
you want to look at it like that or not um ISA the ASA thing that’s all no I
don’t know how to feel about that I heard the comments that he made you know
I’m not a political person blah blah blah I’m on with the King but now he
finds stuff on the other side of the law and that country nigga wake up call
let’s keep it real man you yes that’s how I look at it I look at it like nigga
you still black even though you got bread black bingo so yeah thank you man
if you alright thank you for the call all right
I don’t salute hang on a second number nine stay right there sir someone wants
to go in the line here is it uh Rory b5 store Mona 973 hold on a second we’ve
got to find some number nothing fans yeah let me see if this is area code 773
good evening are you there 773 I’m here how’s it
going from Chicago hey what’s it mean hell yeah I get number nine on the line
with me okay yes far as um party B of course yes
political power someone said politics is downstream from
culture the reason these elites these nine is Jewish the elites put on card to
be in power because they know so told of I’m so demoralized Society so be it
leftist hardcore communist supporters for communist policies and this is
pretty much how it is you know good to be a big-time Hollywood entertainer
mogul unless you’re a hardcore leftist communist degenerate do you know that’s
why you got these big-time rap very well-said cetera that Iran will soon
yeah that’s what we provided and subscribe to Marxism as well these are
these left-wing Zionists also make a big imposition in places like Sweden is why
you see the massive wave of Muslims going in to the UK and places like that
there’s a big time Zionist political imposition in Europe
but you won’t see it for the Jewish state you will not see multi-culturalism
you will not see these left-wing ideas you will not see anything of that sort
pushed upon the Jewish state you won’t see it correct that’s absolutely spot on
that’s because these ask you know the Jews have disdain for Europeans because
Europeans put them in their places back in history because you’re one even so
this is a Jewish networks listen let’s not get do crazy cuz you network in a
report oh yeah there’s no secret it’s no secret there’s
a lot of these Ashkenazi they talking to both sides of their mouth through your
little arm that’s no state apartheid state for Israel but it comes in Europe
and United States it’s open borders and you’re not see your KKK blah blah blah
this is just how they operate there are the synagogue of satan’ their father is
these easy easy talk a little reckless no okay do you want to talk about ASAP
Rocky in particular do you think he’s built the jail hey said rocky I could
care less about him he’s another degenerate rapper who belongs in jail
just for being a filthy sinner degenerate I like your style
what’s your name sir you want to be in wasn’t him Kevin yeah you this is Kevin
anybody wants to choose me every race IQ I say the same thing I’m the Justin
Bieber I’ll say um Machine Gun Kelly any of you any of those people men’s they
all deserted me each other nothing but a bunch of devil-worship person being
handpicked by Jewish communists who also worshiped the devil he’s doubling down
pay attention all right Kevin I appreciate the call man thank you Kevin
and hang on number nine hang on thank you Kevin
what that okay hold on a second number nine
right number nine you can you hear me Dean yes okay you’re gonna watch your
black Mouth talking reckless about the Jews you know anyway oh no I don’t hate
Jews I listen to Michael Savage they’re Markel then I don’t hate you I don’t I’m
looking for Rory b5 I do not see your number in the the queue area code 973
I’m trying to get some number nine fans on the line if I don’t find any fans
just yet number nine I’m just gonna fold you some information all right people
that do check in you know supporters all right every call five one three uh good
evening we’re talking about cardi B five one three
does she have political power are you there how you doing
I know sorry hey screaming who’s this math you are really from Jersey Ohio
I’ve been a big fan of yours for shit okay fifteen years I got no fans but the
head are you hi sir can you see the screen does cardi B have political power
and is ASAP rocky built for Josh he’s not built for Johnny he’s already told a
story I’m sorry finagled in jail he’s not built for jail he he’s a puppet okay
don’t all puppet Carly be as a puppy well hang on a second let’s stay on ASAP
rocky because I never heard that whole thing when he was talking about slipping
on semen so so he’s not built for jail and he’s that’s not his thing he’s
already admitted that no okay yeah and all he’s never had to have hardships and
finally he goes through something and now it’s a big movement oh you don’t
care about anybody but yourself and the fact that you have money I don’t care
about anything else outside of the fact that people are bowing like Donald Trump
is behind him with styrofoam is just plagiarizing white people that’s
all it is I know nothing about Swedish jails will
they put him if he’s convicted will they put him in general population
will he be separated you know the only thing about Swedish jails if he’s
convicted yeah they will put in a population absolutely
oh because American jails and Swedish shells are very different okay they
don’t care about your status they don’t care about your money they’re trying to
make an example of him Wow and they’re going to convict him they’re going to
convict them they want to make an example out of it for future artists I
come out there and for the one thing your bodyguards are for a reason there
for a reason this we don’t get involved don’t try to be this big man and try to
prove yourself to the public to them once you finally get involved yeah you
gotta be the price for it no you sure that’s your bodyguard could do it they
got okay so are you in the Atlanta area where you calling in from okay I think
his phone dropped oh yeah all right guys number nine is on the line with me I’m
gonna try and take a few more calls see if we can get some offers now you you’re
you said you needed a place for Thursday night and Friday night or is it Friday
and Thursday forget number night and then you say you’re gonna connect with a
friend on Saturday I forget what you said yeah and Friday and Saturday Sunday
I’m with a friend you know in downtown in the downtown
area I also I also need to know what the hotspots are downtown okay okay I also
so many information people please send me some information about the hotspots
downtown Atlanta I need to know okay and you want to give out your email address
or Instagram and stuff like dinner what yes my my Instagram is no.9 TV and OH
dot my TV my letter J 0 480 to add email calm okay hey 347 is
a lot of noise in the background who is that 347 yo you’re dreaming hello who
are you you sir hey what’s going on man call about a New York okay I wanted to
tell you about that do a sidewalk emails I have business all people got call
engines now making no tinges now man please people calling in making no sense
they’re not even looking at the video they’re a size on Instagram where it
clearly shows that man trying to walk away a bunch of time trying to walk a
man is partners in security so we’re past now you’re talking about
weeks ago but we wanted to discuss that on on old shows which all come out now
ASAP Rocky his trial started today he’s in facing four judges and it looks like
he’s gonna be sat down so we’re asking the question now is the well is he built
for jail well if you feel free kill I mean he’s been in jail already before
according to Casanova who said he was in jail with him so maybe is probably a
little bit of time I’ll know how long it was but yeah that’s what we want to know
you see no wonder he’s innocent or not that’s that’s not up to us to decide he
the trial assorted today but thank you were saying yeah this is referred to the
fact that people can say any dessert that I was just saying that yes has
someone deserves they keep it you know token you’re basically gonna fight back
after a while the sorry about that part know you’re from Harlem New York
you come Harlem tomorrow okay okay well we’ve already combed through you know
what happened in the video and and I agree with you I think that he was being
harassed but you know at some point you know he should have walked away so he
has said things in the past that have offended the black community if you will
so people here are saying welcome That’s not me saying welcome but that’s a
general consensus I’ll give you guys were defecating number 97 I get
something he says is similar there – everybody’s gonna say fuck
like it let’s go he’s on the line talk to him come on you know make any type of
situation over there number nine don’t get into any situation in Atlanta makers
uh nobody’s gonna be room for your ass man nobody’s will be open yeah over
there it’s a powdered milk for those baby that you don’t take care of don’t
you assault me Negro up at night don’t you go to her I’ll call your probation
officer before her appeal how many white running around in the project could be
you you all right I want you to take care of those kids you speak it Negro
you let’s go call the turn up let’s go let’s
go listen to me are you listening yes yeah you have you talk all this stuff
about you talk about the rabbit antennas baby try and stay with sorrow in there
yes no money follows out shut up you broke something you call nobody listen
listen wall should go back to the ghetto hide
in the closet when the housing authority come to see your girlfriend there’s no
man in the house I’m trying to thank you I’ll call you if I get locked up I call
it thank you for the call man salute you appreciate it thank you
okay guys I think I have um left-hander on the line as well let me see if this
is him paint left-handed is that you sir three
four seven well oh geez what’s going on hey bees
how are you man good to hear your voice again
I’m chillin man I’m listening sir you know the the smooth doleful tones of
number nine doing this thing respect now you man respect you shut down Larry on
the morning show I love that Telus classes that little
closet yo I love it you know it is what it is man you know
we do what we do I wanted to count a lifetime I wanted to chime in or the arm
a staff hockey thing is the car TV thing we also have to go back for you I’ll go
back with regards to Jeremy Lin because you know yesterday man I was I was
asking people was this guy you know crying wolf is the cloud chasing but
what do you want to start you was talk with ASAP Rocky first left-handed yeah
let’s start with the topic at hand yeah I’ll take that you know you know
ASAP Rocky is kind of lucky that you know maybe it was Sweden that he got
that situation in because if you would have been in Singapore they probably
login’ his ass you know so again you reap what you sow you know
regardless of the situation who you think you are you’re not that
motherfucker over there simple as that Thanks and you know now
he’s you know now you look at that reality and all that so I should that he
was talking you know all that other shit you know now you spoke it out it like
there you know and don’t think you can’t get touched because you can you touch
figuratively and literally murder okay I think that you know with the cardi beat
situation I think cardi B you know I think political sciences are they so I
think that she’s fine they’re you know she saw that you know we don’t her
influence or whatever way she can to like you said I think that is that what
she majored in in college political science up to get political scientist
yeah caught it be is not a dummy I googled me night so yeah yeah so I
think that um you know this is hard this is our a so I think of Brody if she
could attach those you’re Bernie Sanders or whatever and
and and try to bring some some light to what he’s doing with you know her age
group and stuff like that I don’t see what’s so bad about it my man okay
yet I mean so again I think that that’s the way of that I just want to trial in
on that but as far as the Jeremy mint thing there we talked earlier man I
think you know a lot of people are swinging and missing angle say no names
not saying but um I think that um you know you know for real because again I
don’t care I’m with this it’s you know a lot of people come on here and play
themselves do not saying and you know all the information that’s out here you
should be able to research and be prepared to spit that shit if that’s
what you’re spin relax it fall back let the people you know what the hell they
talk about do great things I tell me Lynne man I think that you know him say
that you know he’s at rock bottom with some bullshit straight up you know
because again he’s not in situations where you know like uh Latrell Sprewell
you just make an eleven million dollar get so he can’t beat his kid he turned
down some deal because it was only eleven million and so I think a lot of
people I listen to your show man I’m here I’m in the building thinking a lot
of these so-called sports they don’t they don’t they don’t know I
leave it at that until they decide to get at me I’m up the frustration okay
nobody mentions the fact nobody mentions the fact that they have a new Japanese
God okay remember I went from Yao Ming to Jeremy Lin and the Washington Wizards
data laughter with their number one selection in the draft they drafted ruie
action or oh okay out of Gonzaga he’s an African American
/ Japanese born player okay okay so again I think that you know what Jeremy
Lin said after you did it a little too much the cried and all that bullshit
that’s a little too much talk too much another me so I think that um you know
Adam silver is smart you know I knew that Jeremy Lin is smart each of this
tootie does go you know get you know link up with somebody’s training camp
and hopefully he’ll concern but alright I’m in a rock bottom and they got
treating me right here the fuck out of here with that shit go hey one other
question left-handed is Lamar Odom gonna be is
Lamar Odom gonna come back to the NBA I saw something I couldn’t even read the
fucking article I said is he delusional is he talking about returning to the NBA
or is he playing in the Philippines somewhere I think they may be better off
you know just trying to get his life together
you can’t play eight weeks in this in a big three people play 82 games ended up
in the NBA and I’m saying so again you know he wasn’t physically ready
you know the Maine and that’s a situation that he has to deal with and I
mean goddamn you already have to play eight weeks and he wasn’t physically
ready to do that yeah so you know how is he gonna play you know uh uh uh 82 games
NBA season yeah that’s just kind of retarded not I mean yeah I was just
going about what he said I saw those Vlad TBM they understand understand you
know you gotta say that to say face I’m not mean but the proof is in the pudding
you couldn’t play buter statement in the big three you to cotton shake right so
again at the end of the day no you know these cats desire put the cart before
the horse man not me cool good to talk to me anything going on with you with
you do you want to promoter what yo I just got to do my show man you know I
mean I do my Tuesday night thing I do my one tunes on Tuesday night after further
review to play all aka the sideline pass I get you then heavy on the sports yeah
but y’all man I appreciate you so let me rock man number nine
I’ll do your thing that I mean and rock out man everybody else get your weight
up now if you going to talk that sports shit me thank you
hang on a second was left-handed on the check in alright number nine I’m gonna
take other polls man yeah I’ll keep you posted with regards to uh you know fans
if they say that they can provide a place for you to a party and turn up in
Atlanta you’re coming in Thursday yes yeah I’m coming I’m coming in strong I’m
coming a very strong you know I’m looking for
sponsorship I’m looking for a good time yeah who said you’re looking to get
turned out that’s what you say verbatim you turned out yeah yeah the pegging
helo pegging there you’ll be here for about five days yeah a little touch here
a little okay talk to me I’ll I’ll check in with you tomorrow
thank you man okay thank you my dear mr. Malone the check in there number nine
yeah where are the number nine that’s my nigga now’s the time email me I will
forward your email to him the hater one nine six four yeah uh calm um guys can
someone confirm I know cardi B went to college I don’t
know if she graduated and I have seen her speak about certain things and and
listen just because she’s not the most articulate person person does not mean
that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about she could be a great speller again
she’s likable other things that she has spoken about I’m looking here at Elcom
ALL calm says cardi B has spoken about slavery slavery in Libya other places I want to see the conversation with her
and Bernie Sanders yes I do let me go to cash at hang on a second
man and I didn’t see area code nine seven three
Rory beef five I know what happened maybe your phone died or your your call
dropped out but I did look for you a few times
got your donation thank you very much okay
psych l gleaning story sister can you pick up nine one two hold on a sec let
me find psych l alright psych l stay right there be
right back stay right there okay he’s on hold cash apps lined up here okay I was
left-handed spoke to him avi L says I’m on six one seven okay sit
tight I got you let me go to psych l first evening nine one two are you there
sir yeah yes sir how are you I won’t know
first of all I know they hate to miss nothing so I know you heard on white boy
trying to still feel hot for me so let me put some respect on the black dot
name first all of them hip-hop decoded okay also if off the
collar don’t be stealing shit for me and them in the black community for things
right right not own when they come to cardi B she is a panther in Puerto Rican
pussy for political power that’s what I see you not me okay Bernie Sanders sucks
at home from break a big college and he’s trying to break that bitch you get
the black vote but we don’t fuck with that ho cuz she really don’t fuck with
us like babe you know she’s got a mixed baby from off set and I’m going to
impose down I’m going to put the whole her please cuz white daddy is this
tricky his bitch out now I’m gonna come to home ASAP Rocky
hang on I appreciate what you’re saying let’s stay on cardi B for a second
because yeah I think I think that she can pull more than just the black and
Hispanic boat I think that she’s going beyond and maybe I’m jumping out the
window here I think that she can do more than what beyonce has done in the past I
mean I can take it back okay well hang on hang on I can take it back to Diddy
and all that you know voter died there have been many rappers throughout you
know the last 20 to 30 years that have you know promoted and aligned themselves
with politicians she could be of a different breed she’s
college-educated ahead yeah she college educator with birth of this college now
all the people you just named they found a Luciferian shit okay when it comes to
the armed Democrats the Democrats she’s not at me so all people just named JZ
being famous nothing means this I can l play you
caught me on a good night in the nigger but home you know you know what’s going
on he’s trying to just brainwash the people with all these
Jimbo’s and the rock nation with all that kingship a little buddy hey you
know what’s going on well stay with me because you see Bernie Sanders again
he’s talking about wiping away college debt even though that’ll never happen
that that’s the jargon he’s promoting which is gonna counter you know slavery
reparations so cardi B you know if they if they form
a bond you know she’s not gonna be pushing for reparations
you know cuz Bernie ain’t pushing for it yeah but yeah but but you know we in the
capitalist society and it’s always going to be some put people at the bottom max
and I’m Carly be friend to keep those people at the bottom who sell pussy
that’s why she Tanner and Porto Rican pussy for political power power did you
want to come in a snap rocky you know yeah let me call me real safe he’s built
for jail as long as you take his sheep and turn it into a skirt and called your
boys number nine and big if he built somebody get out of jail
thanks thanks yes sir come on oh thank you man solid ok wow you turn turn this
sheet into a skirt sound like a boss talking huh
we’re six one seven happy I was that you sir good evening
six one seven want to take in yeah so I got some some hatred to spread tonight
but I want to you know ever gets too crazy let me know but I wanted to start
off on a good note I almost speak on the rap stuff with Hardy be real quick and
in the political shit I wanted they first get clear that cardi
B does right and she’s a dope spitter she waited she made it clear to
everybody that she writes that gangster shit so if you go listen to read bars
that cardi been spitting she said she don’t want a rap like that she wants
make stupid trap music as she needs help right in that dumb shit you know I’m
saying so that’s what she gets that’s what she gets all right so she
does get help writing but she does split and she is next okay I wanted to be nice
and creative thank you for the clarification because I can’t you know
hate on her rapping with bars and me just me personally I just want a good
song I don’t give a fuck if I want bars I go to battle rap but go ahead yes Beast it goes it goes to the red bars I
almost beyond the to long and definitely the most place email inside my iPod or
whatever since back in the days were foxy and Kevin and he was a little over
height but you know I’m saying I’ve done six back then
but getting on the political side cardi being has no political power and and I
disagree with what’s-his-name left-handed she’s dumb as a rock
just because she went to college doesn’t mean shit I work in universities and
I’ve seen some of the dumbest motherfuckers on a planet come to those
colleges what is a university today a university today is nothing but a
rededication camp they teach you how to walk the line of the party that’s ruling
which is inside these democratic areas which is the Democrat so her going to
college we actually nothing I’m stressing that to you I’m not just
saying just be it well if I can just jump in for a second you know there’s a
reason why people like myself who did have the opportunity to go to college me
my father mother had the money and they were actually pissed that I didn’t
choose to go to college but there’s a reason why and it’s not just you know is
College gonna help you you align yourself with people of similar interest
or like mind and you try to either maintain those relationships as you go
through life so for that purpose I do have a lot of respect for someone like a
cardi B who may who may have friends and peers that aren’t necessarily
entertainers but that she can confide in or talk with or build businesses outside
of entertainment okay well you’re
definitely right about that but that is removed from what I’m saying aware I’m
basically playing out the fact that left handed brought up she went to college
she’s not dumb no cardi B is jump I think we can all just watch her a few
times and get that she’s not all here and I love cardi you don’t get it
twisted wishy Dumbledore rock something dirty so I
want to put moving right along with that I wanted to say that well hang on stay
with me I I like how you talking stay with me I mean no disrespect I mean no
disrespect to jiggaman but I used to clown be out Beyonce when she first came
out and the way she used to speak about certain things and how she articulated
her words I don’t know Beyonce ever went to college enough but you know I used to
clown her she had a Popeye’s endorsement deal back in the days and and you know
she just she didn’t articulate well I mean she’s gotten better over time but
she’s a powerhouse she’s got influences she’s got money available okay babe I
just want to say that right that her getting better over time was debatable
but I wanted to speak to the powerhouse thing and an influencer thing American
voters have rejected the evening visions and actors and everything I think it’s
clear in 2016 Trump didn’t just have them slave
motherfuckers been jay-z and Beyonce for the night before election I mean not
Trump Hillary he also had chance the rapper bringing thousands of voters
honey boo boo frighten him to vote for Hillary that she had Snoop Doggy Dogg
shooting Donald Trump in music videos she had the whole entertainment industry
box in America rejected that shit on a scale of jde Oh Beyonce
so they got rejected in Maryland and Donald Trump swept the electoral college
cardi B is going to be she’s not going to influence anybody but that nigga that
was a fighting with no but a few minutes ago how can I he gave a
fuck about a pack of like you’ve made some great points so you made some great
points three points fuck about that probably what I had somebody uh pop that
and they get the steps on his she was something I wanna hear that shit you
speak black big bro black nigga and real quick with a saw rocky thing I think I
don’t think he I don’t think he’s built for jail over there because over there
the Muslims niggas ain’t black Muslim niggas a Somalian in Syrian and make
I’ll try to kill that and they find out he was riding on these niggas if you
don’t get up in there and battle Quran they’re gonna kick that leg up or
bulimic pump well he’s not built for it over here so
you’ve been spitting facts tonight what’s your name people what’s your name
I’m sorry what’s your name you spitting some facts on what’s hello yeah thank
you no problem look at all right add yellow
me check in yeah ASAP Rocky’s gonna be dealing with a lot if convicted I don’t
want to clown um but gentlemen let me go to super chat mr. t good evening sir
super star you can let number nine stay with you but don’t come back crying to
us on his tranny buddies fold you up oh shit no sir I’m gonna get number nine a
hotel room or a moto I don’t and it’s not even so much about my business in
relationship or the agreement I just I don’t party at my house never have for
my longtime supporters that they know I’ve always had like you know lawn
furniture in the house at times you know it’s just there’s nothing to come here
and sit on there’s nothing to fucking eat in the frigerator I don’t move like
that but thank you sir for your super tab the game is rigged says some would
say jail is like a higher learning institution for a
real nikka for ASAP it’s more like Spring Break
hashtag ass up okay lucania said he’s on the line every code okay hang on a
second Luke can you let me just put you in the queue get you in there
where’s Lucania they miss him shit please all right Lucania hang on I’ll be
right back stay there stay there okay hate is enough good evening wasn’t able
to catch yesterday’s show live salute to you and Ronnie for introducing us to
that fire-breathing bible-thumper and future martyr thank you hate is enough
yeah yesterday show was intense and Ronnie did a great job mr. t sends
another super chattin says ASAP Rocky is a foreign prisoner with money the prison
savages will extort his zesty Sunday dress t-shirt wearing ass
hashtag ass up hashtag fuck your rims balls nigga thank you sir JG sends in a
super jet I don’t know about the rest of you but I’d pay $59.99 to watch a
political debate between cardi B and Sarah Palin regarding foreign policy and
the budget deficiency upon me a budget deficit cut off your your words there
good point man I can’t just clown cardi be like that
man I mean I I don’t know what she’s capable of I mean she she runs a mouth
on her mouth but AC the fucking joke Lucania is that you sir 909 good evening how are you Kenny thank you for joking
and let’s get right to it does cardi B have political power yes I think I think
I think just like Daisy Young Jeezy made the song all those laps
the Brawn whatever they do have some type of influence you know like it
it’s almost foolish not to not to see it you know because of social media you
know and I think that people these people are giving her less credit and
then she earned you know I think that she’s obviously savvy smart doing
something right right now in her life so I think that to call us stupid it if
it’s not fair okay you know because we don’t really know her we just know about
cardi B talking on social media she sounds ratchet but we don’t even know
her you know we don’t know if she paid the taxes we don’t she pays her taxes
she talks about it hang on a second she talks on instrument worth paying forty
percent of her income she talks about all these kids so I’m not you know but
at the same time Alexandria a Cortes I’m like you that a OC thing she co-signed
cardi B back in January of 2019 yeah you you don’t mess with us Bronx girls so
she’s already got some people in positions of power
co-signing her and I hate to do I hate to use Nicki Minaj but you know what
political figure co-signs Nicki Minaj come on it’s not happening you know it’s
not happening for Nicki you know right now cardi B is the number one female pop
star in America you know saying right now yeah so and she’s not she’s not
stupid but I just I just hope that Bernie Sanders
knows what he’s doing and hopefully he can ask her about the nice hat she had
in her past you know she was claiming blood you know
respectfully lucania I don’t think Bernie Sanders is gonna go in that
direction he he wants votes so so why would he even insult you know somebody
who clearly has influence I don’t that doesn’t make sense to me but hang on a
second now you as a you’re an African from the Congo you live in California
now you don’t want to see African Americans get reparations you already
said so right you don’t give a shit about African Americans no that’s not
what I said that’s what you said however Lucania let’s have a conversation I
appreciate your support you said African Americans did not fight
for their freedom yeah therefore why should they be jumping oh you said no no
I said they don’t deserve reparations from African country okay I remember
saying that yeah from African countries because
because I was saying does Africa or African Americans reparations but now do
you think and I’m going left I’m going left do you think that america owes
african americans reparations low caning of course just like european countries
old recreation to African countries okay of course to me to me ultimately comes
down to respect I’m not gonna speculate about racism or this is wake up call of
what he said in the past respect you don’t go in somebody else’s house call
Rockies and expect something good out of it he got caught it’s a lesson to learn
he doesn’t go to jail he probably will well I think we’re asking the question
tonight is he built for jail you know III don’t have a fuckin crystal ball
whatever happens in the courtroom happens but do you think that he can
maintain in jail if he’s sent to jail for you know six months
I think he can maintain in jail over there because you can star you know I
heard somebody say well Muslim brothers blah blah maybe no boy how many jails
have you been in lucania Africa ok can you be honest how many times you been in
jail can you call my show I appreciate you
you talk sideways at times about African Americans how many times have you sir
been in jail in the Congo and can you tell us just give us two reasons why you
were arrested and did some time you did time you did time well maybe it is I
would be saying for a few hours right seems like six to eight hours and I was
detained that’s right yeah I studied Belgium and the Congo years ago I’m I’m
one of the first people on radio going back to 2001 that was talking about king
leopold ii when were the first people and and I so I know what what where you
come from and I say that respectfully and I spoke about you know the Africans
that were doing the dirty work for King Leopold the second because he himself
never set foot in the Congo isn’t that correct
you were never yeah ii never went to the Congo
if the Africans were doing most of his dirty work so yours you don’t want to
tell us why you went to jail come on man just give us something before you go something that was in mine another car
yeah yeah you a thief a bad thing you have things ready
back then you were a thief different man yeah
teenagers teenagers Thank You Kenny thank you for your super chatter goodbye
but thank great oh yes yes sir thank you yeah faith huh get right down to it all
that slick talking on African Americans good guy though good guy hang on a
second let me uh scroll through some of these um cash apps okay hey Paul Thank
You Man Paul you and I have to talk that’s my on
and off again trainer we have not met yet Paul I need to purchase some used
gym equipment or if anybody like you know gives that shit away I don’t know
how that works I’m looking what does that machine will you know you pulled
that bar down and I want to get one of those for my patio if you had the time yeah some used gym equipment got to get
buff got to get bucked Elvis the Shep Rosenberg leaving sir he wants piece of
the action area code six four six mr. Rosenberg is that you sir good evening Rosenberg I am here yes sir oh okay come
on okay I don’t think she has enough influence to make any real challenge
okay only because of the blood thing and the stripper thing and the robbing
people and drugging people thing we’re kind of get under way to some degree and
a lot of the people coming up and not doing they’re just like you know if
followers they go with you know they moved like the wind
so are the people of influence are they get up to go getters are they just you
know instagramers I don’t know hang on a
second Elvis now clearly clearly she is influential whether we like it or not
but with regards to how she utilizes that power I’m not
sure and and respectfully with the whole thing about drugging people that’s
something she mentioned and some people will say hey you know at least she
confessed her soul I don’t know if anybody that has come out and said hey
she drugged me there was some guy but I think that was just for cloud but we
have we see Kim Kardashian who has admittedly done all sorts of sexual
things and we can see those sexual acts or some would say slut behavior and
she’s getting people out of jail and she’s hobnobbing with the president so
why can’t cardi B turn it around yeah maybe I just wouldn’t have to see it to
believe it okay like with Kim K I would have never
believed it but maybe this well she’s sitting down with Bernie Sanders can you
believe that believe Bernie Sanders is desperate right now he’ll do whatever
okay you know he’s trying to give it it’s not a good vote okay I wanted to
harm him to talk about the Quentin Tarantino thing if you were opens it up
yeah you saw the film yeah okay so my question was for those just now joining
the show when I saw how they portrayed Bruce Lee I said I doubt that was why
you know they clowned him like he was just an arrogant piece of shit and then
some guy Brad Pitt’s character threw him into a car and I said whoa and I mean
I’m not Asian American but I said wow you know all of the racism and and the
roadblocks that Bruce Lee went through and he became known as the Chinese
Superman I said wow that’s kind of fucked up and but but I wasn’t gonna
make a fuss about it in trying the IRS fucked up II but Bruce Lee’s daughter
now has got a problem are you peeing on his daughter taking issue with that that
film no yeah she released a statement I I don’t know if they’re gonna get an
apology I know what she’s doing but she’s
happy with the way her father was portrayed because people in the theater
according to her were laughing and his character okay he was saying oh yeah I
laughed as well at that scene I thought it was hilarious but what’s going on in
the movie is that this movie takes place in an alternate reality it’s about the
multiverse right right and a lot of those commercials that were
all in the background or redone just products we never even heard of we just
feel like you’ve heard of them but what it was was it was just the multiverse
John wick movies a lot done in the same way right it done in alternate reality
where like you liked it can always be the cruel one and behind John wick clean
up I get it but his daughter is not buying into the bullshit do you know
buddy well it wasn’t also the reality because
the movie took place in the time where another that happened the way he
depicted it so that’s his artistic you know it’s very possible in the
multiverse of infinite possibilities that Bruce Lee was narcissus who walked
around very arrogant and said all these kind of things you know in another
reality where he was very humble so I think when Tarantino picking that aspect
of the reality that he was showing I thought it was kind of cool
especially when looked at in that way okay so you have I guess you are a
supporter of this new you know oh you know alternate reality Hollywood agenda
why you know spider-man can can be straighten one movie and then another
one he can take it on all fours you’re in support of that stuff I’m a reality
observer so I have believed in fluid reality in the Mandela effect I just
wanted the clarification because again his daughter’s not the bullshit anyway
cardi B any any final thoughts I’m just talking about does she had political
power she sat down with Bernie Sanders I guess the footage comes out for some
type of Khmers and he took her serious good series
night yeah well you know it’s a lot of distractions if you let me tell it you
know I haven’t been real III think it’s just just another way of us not looking
at you know I’m the man behind the curtain
okay thank you support me into the Twilight energy that’s something called
trade on that this pumpkin – whoa yeah good to talk to you man thank you Elvis
the chef Rosenberg on the check in rondell Hartley good evening sir he says
no man I can stay with school boy in Atlanta run honey that’s an idea school
boy are you out there can number nine stay with you for two nights hmm Stone in a glass house says start
pick up 201 let me see if I can find you area code 201 is this stone in a glass
house okay Oh amen just once they sound real quickly saying no longtime
supporter Thank You Fanning no one but number nine shouldn’t be at your house
the quote what he said in regards to ask a damn bottle a while ago he’s being
facetious but they say he tickled my bottom and ate an hour later out of my I
remember that I remember that oh yeah you might send him out he’s coming to
town to party he say hey man he said I’m coming to freak off and I said look man
you can’t do that in my place you know I mean maybe I’ll just I’ll chip in I’ll
help you get a fucking a room or a bed-and-breakfast or some shit but he’s
coming here to turn up good yeah in regards to a that rocky Oh
I think I don’t know how to other jail the structures in other countries for it
to being that he’s hot both value should be a some type of protective custody
right hey I don’t know how the jails work over there I know nothing about
Sweden me I studied the sterilization laws you know years ago but I don’t know
about the fucking jails now you know might put his ass in some type of
general population you know Bend for yourself yeah he deftly not do it he’s
definitely not built for it because he called himself pretty Flaco Jodi Magness
shit is that oh no and as far as uh as far as uh
cardi B yeah I don’t want shell on nobody but if she confessed to a crime
to get that Jeep that free well maybe she was just running her mouth and again
nobody has stepped forward to say hey she drugged me and pegged me you know so
right now she’s just running her fucking mouth and the powers that be are not
holding her to it that’s true yeah like another back is she Dominican and louder
than anything denounced blackness so she’s not fucking up in sample a vos I’m
the fuck bout the legal power right there’s no pimp like a conscience when
so also need to be telling that buggy anyway thanks thanks thank you man I
thought I got okay salute thank you okay alright alright let me make sure I’m not
missing any super chat sometimes I get rolling here bed Remi on the check-in
good evening boss nigga don’t get it twisted El Cholo worked nine months as a
correction officer in Norfolk Virginia pay attention yeah wasn’t he a CEO or he
said something about doing time I forget but thank you Ben Tre me black to dev
says cardi B has zero political clout she’s being used as a political proxy by
the Democrats to sway the young voter turnout
photo-op and symbolism hashtag ados I agree with you I agree with you yeah
she’s being used and she’s using Bernie Sanders I mean they’re using each other and with regards to um hashtag Atos
we’ve already spoken and I think you’ve chimed in as well black to death it’s
it’s shifting the conversation away from reparations you know Bernie Sanders
talking about you know relieving college debt Mike from Bensonhurst leading sir
he says fuck those terrorists that attacked ASAP Rocky
front needs to send in the special forces to free him he’s a hostage of
Europe bowing to Islam wow that was hard thank you my nasty screams what the fuck
does the protection of Muslims have anything to do with ASAP rocky being in
jail get that fucking simple white boy out of here with that bullshit blue
label multimedia gleaming hashtag salute at star let’s go
hey I responded to your email was it last week blue label multimedia um if
you got it with regards to your banner man absolutely you you support the
machine-man let me know chanita right beachballs good evening he says Bernie
Sanders is wasting his time card eby’s fans don’t and won’t vote and have
numbered and have number nine spend the night at who I don’t mention that
person’s name that’s that troll shit I might get crazy
but thank you beach balls Julius Lex spring 2020 breaking news
college environmental groups and gun rights advocates endorsed Starr super
PAC PAC parmie owner mr. terrain comments strange isn’t it lol super PACs
and who is this is asthma is a trump supporter college educated scary cat
tell him to watch when they see suburban colored boy okay
that was with regards to yesterday’s show thank you and let me just check a
shop here do work Mex it do work Mex estar salute to your homie choke no joke
absolutely chokes to homie choke and I working on
something I don’t want to mention anything until it’s ready to come out of
the cannon but thank you for your cash app sir okay somebody’s sending in
something but I don’t see a cash app let me get back to you and do work mech
sends sends another donation fuck your donation and hashtag salute number nine
okay all rights go to every Co 903 hey give me 903 o’clock now cardi B does she
have political power sitting down Bernie Sanders are you up to speed
903 hey hey are you there pick it up pick it up it up let’s go to area code
404 maybe this is somebody that can help number nine hold on is that Atlanta hey
um good evening every code for oh yeah there hey hey what’s going on oh how are
you sir are you in Atlanta every go for four yeah perfect perfect you’re number
nine fan yes okay well there hang on hang on you’ve been riding with number
nine he’s been on my show over the years great guy so you’re saying you’ve never
supported her you’ve never said yo that’s my nigga he’s a goat you know
said that very interesting guy I respect his perspective of 16 the sexuality you
need to assure okay okay and we’re talking about cardi B tonight ASAP rock
and a few other things we want to jump in that’s what they’re not
I mean by the Senate petitioner times where I’m to arrest we’re gonna help in
this time so let me go back to a hotter rap not see if it works this time
yeah what I’ll call I use down the sideline Beulah stripper rap
shake your ass as far as this political move I like what you said Bernie Sanders
had another rapper and let’s keep it real you know uh kill the mic that fly
shit but in reality what carne be crossing lines you know quite
comfortable he’s gonna hold but the actual prison okay so help you walk
around switching and wearing some awesome some fly-ass slides in jail okay
call me thank you for your donation as well salute yes okay all right yeah
somebody call her from the ATL see now I can’t help number nine with all that
bullshit bent Remy says we got a condo in Atlanta about five minutes from the
CN n building and Stan maybe Oh Kate want me to send this to number
nine bent Remy hang on guys I’m gonna do this bet Remy spends scroller hold on okay bent Remy I just sent your email to
number nine because you do support the machine I appreciate that alright somebody’s sending me something
about cardi B canceling a connoisseur that earlier I didn’t really look into
that there’s a heaven thing to do with what we’re talking about
oh hey Kiki thank you darling okay something what to do with threats cancel
the constant thirty thirty minutes before the show okay impulses uh keep
the best vegetable game tight yeah thank you sir Malmo sends in a donation cardi
B the B stands for Bronx borough president oh I was cute that was cute
mom who also says cardi B actually stripped to pay for tuition I didn’t
hear that I did hit did she graduate I keep asking did she graduating it I have
not got the answer yet yeah she she did what many girls do they strip to pay the
tuition I respect that you know wrong with that it’s America and then mama
says mom ooh or me the only new rapper built for jail is de baby okay thank you
back to the phone lines area code 626 where is that 626 good
evening what good star was popping as shit boy I
am Billy Dee with a copy well don’t you miss breathing yeah I just had to check
in with you man see was problem with with the big dog man was tracking with a
sad rocky man what’s going on with that the trial started today
and Thursday his lawyer is going to cross-examine the the guy who says ASAP
Rocky was trying to kill him that’s Thursday so uh I’m just asking
the question I’m not wishing Jail upon him is he built for jail in case they
set him down in case he’s found guilty you think he can withstand the pressure
six months a year something like that oh you know Starr I don’t think he can
relate to jail if I if I can use his words I don’t mean to beat a dead horse
is all talking about his comments about Ferguson right but he said he’s quoting
he said I live in fucking Soho and Beverly Hills I can’t relate I’m in
fashion studios these business I’m in these bitches draw I’m not doing
anything outside of that that’s my life yeah clearly this is not a nigger that’s
trying to be behind bars y’all niggas do what you do i’ma do this
right here we meet somewhere in between yeah so he you know then he’s in a rocky
situation and somebody got to do something ain’t that you got jokes I
like it I like it what do you think about Kearney Bennie thinks she’s got
pole power she’s got this got the money well you know I mean for honestly all
due respect honestly I think you know cardi B probably has a lot of a lot of
experience finessing old white guys you know I’m saying I you know new points
I’m pretty sure the demographics represent the strippers and tops of the
world I’m pretty sure they’ve all felt the Bern before I mean literally I mean
so you know there’s a lot of points of connection and intersectionality or
whatever these people say but at the end of the day it’s just a show at the end
of the day Bernie’s not here to do anything significant just like last time
right he’s here to distract people and not here to deliver anything tangible
yeah as killer Mike still down with Bernie or did that relationship dissolve
I saw a killer Mike with the event Carnell and tone talks at one of their
events you know yeah it’s been radio silence I have not that there’s no
there’s no burning miss math part of relationship issues as far as their
connection there I haven’t heard anything about the
support from killer Mike for Bernie Sanders I I don’t think that killer Mike
really helped with votes I mean I really I didn’t see it I mean I could be miss
speaking but I don’t think that he had any real influence in terms of helping
Bernie with with boats I could be wrong but I don’t think cardi B on the other
hand don’t think we’re problems she could be a problem no not at all
thank you same time yep he thinks up new voters I don’t think party’s going to
bring anyone new I’m not talking about in large numbers but but I think she
could possibly just call I’ll say it could cause a problem I definitely don’t
think killer Mike had any any influence in that realm but she could she could
cause a little problem for other candidates I don’t think for Trump but
for other Democrats I think she could give me the last word I just don’t see
it I think cardi will say something to muck it all up should talk about some
person she took advantage of her you know in the past you’ll say something
them to mess it up and and Bernie will want to ultimately disassociate from her
ass so you know it’s just it’s a ticking time clock with that man okay can time
clock but we out here living star check me out man on my arm to Billy Dee calm
okay I’m are you to our media group shows
every week let me email block with Billy Dee semi email from you know from the
west coast okay let’s rock Subban thank you thank you okay all right yeah I’m
not saying cardi B he’s gonna like you know pull voters but you know she she
could cause a problem she could be the fly in the ointment so to speak you know
the Democrats not the Trump from Trump’s gonna steamroll over Bernie Sanders green Cash four to six grieving boss
nigga this Jen from South Carolina get Luke a nice black ass to fuck up off
the show thank you darling thank serious inquiry what is it okay I’ll get
back to you someone’s sending me an email about some business I’ll get back
to you okay thank you Paul I got your email about used gym equipment good
prices or what do they do barter deals who do they just sell it some of that
stuff I mean if it’s if it’s too expensive my mouse will just buy it
brand new I got no problem spending your money for some brand-new equipment you
know I don’t want some shit that it’s fallen apartment thank you sir Billy okay what number you’re calling in
from sir I do not see your phone number but I got you cash tip Thank You Billy
and he’s on the chicken says he wants to talk about ASAP rocky hey Ronnie is that
Ronnie who I know is that a different Ronnie check number nines luggage for
bedbugs oh that’s a good point that’s a good point Wow
that’s got to be the hottest and the most hateful comment of the night check
number 9s luggage for bedbugs Thank You Franklin
I’m just gonna say Ronnie I don’t say the company maybe you want me to promote
that but appreciate it a few more calls guys let’s wrap this up – okay area code
nine to five good evening 925 talking about cardi B does she have five power
hey I saw how are you reading this is the Bay Area come on I’m yes from the
Bay Area and I watch her show all the time let me just make this very clear
no cardi B does not have no powers at all
and would you play that politics game they’re trying to get a vote as if she’s
speaking for young black women and she’s not she does not read some young bright
women as far as like no knowledge no anything she has no sense at all taking
off her hands and olders thank you enough uber than just straight
slight tracks and the industry made her be a spokesperson for a female rap – the
black attorney she needs to be rappin to her own community
she has no political power in anything she is straight trash
she never ghostwriter which means to this paint right for health
paint things for ourselves you know it’s just her whole image is just disgusting
and how she need to stay in our lane and speak to her own people and the Bernie
Sanders want to use her to be speaking to black people who already had attract
black men getting slaughtered and killed all type of racial shit going on you
know is just ruthless she has no powers for that but yes the political party
will use her yeah they’ll use other thinking she’s speaking correctly
because they think that’s what black women speech like and black people speak
like she’s very ignorant trash you need to go take a language class there’s
nothing about her how image nothing about us speaks to the industry or at
all so she’s what they call a prick together artists real female MCS will
speak knowledge like like FIFA and you know nonchalant and Nicki be lock up
from the old school where they had 16 Boers and they didn’t have ghost writers
they get in bitches from out the goddamn play park to speak info on asses and all
type of shit on them and thank you that’s what black people are in this
life so she’s very blissful and ignorant Oh everything that she do
can I jump in and ask how old are you respectfully help you I am 40 years old
I’m well seasoned okay okay no okay and I watch your show all the time you are
excellent I love how you moved and everything you are from the Bay Area and
I come up in the hip hop I appreciate you let’s have a
conversation ease don’t ask you a question now you said okay you said
cardi B does not connect or relate what was the world you use black people need
to represent her always okay give me a second give me a second
so what pop star because she’s a pop star fuck all that
you know spitting the bars representing real yeah she’s a pop star what pop star
does represent black people with regards to the Democratic candidates what pop
star can you help me out I don’t see none of them to be very honest like
there is one thing it you know who they’re not you don’t have anybody
that’s in mainstream or that kind of audience number one don’t get me wrong
I’m not rooting for Bernie Sanders I don’t fuck with him on no level new
ideology philosophy nothing but I’m just talking about I’m talking about cardi B
you know lining up with somebody like that I have to look at it and say whoa
what’s going on here I mean it’s a lot deeper than just dismissing her yes she
doesn’t speak well she’s ghetto all that shit you know but today’s generation
they move different and respectfully nobody cares right two bars this
generation there’s soundcloud rappers they just want a fucking song I’ll give
you a last word correct and I understand that and that’s the thing it’s bad so
she does not Bernie Sanders of nobody in political parties good lately
black people anyway no it’s never going to happen so I’m a political party game
at all period and to me this whole English home whole being means nothing
to me and that’s what’s going on that’s what happens when you have a bunch of
crack babies throw one and living they have half a brain they have no knowledge
of anything and this is what’s going on now we’re me and you were coming up in
the day they had really positive people of all races that know how to speak that
North terry themselves bitches who they think black people are is this trash and
that’s what she is he can speak to her own ways she does
not represent no black woman here in love with black people at all period
he’s gonna play that game and let them use up or whatever he has no knowledge
at all she is trashed balance everything or in social media
she’s got a problem she’s not to cheer with ourselves to be
speaking to me at all and like I said these are what we business not before
crack babies born this is what’s going on here no one is doing anything
positive for a black community at all let me ask you a question and take your
time and think before you answer think before you answer does the black
vote really have any power no we don’t have no problem
it’s never gonna have no problems I don’t care what nobody says never go
hand no power at all period they’re gonna clear who they want to win already
anyway don’t matter about our votes so we can trust them with anything that’s
for us the NAACP none of them have ever done anything for black people it’s
never going to happen so I’m going to their home and don’t vote if you know
they keep going keep going just like Donald Trump is an office now I’m sure a
lot of black people’s mouths and bodis what does it mean if they could stand
and do anything she didn’t want to be the president it made it does not feed
does not help us or communities it does not do anything for us to go out here
and vote period what they doing when Obama was in office they killed more
black men and people to mention send a message when he was even in office he
can’t even really do let them for us they create who they want to be in
office nothing to do with us we are in a situation that we are filling to get out
of us so nobody’s really lawyer everybody’s fill Obama put that medal of
freedom around Ellen Ellen’s neck and he cried he looked he looked at Cicely
Tyson he said here you go here’s your’s that was wrong folks part of me knows
wrong guy using I like the way you were speaking I like how you move to you and
that’s why I called him I am a black woman 20 years old well feeling and I’ve
been taught by the best but what we looking at here with a
disaster and black people don’t have a leader
Mexicans Avellino white folks got a leader everybody else got would point to
a leader you don’t have that because there’s no
key everybody want to be king but don’t got the Prudential to be keen everybody
want to be Queens we don’t have the credentials to be queen so nobody can
speak for us I appreciate the call darling and I thank you for calling in
have a great evening okay let’s go thank you so much okay all right all right
we’re done with the call tonight guys I have to roll out of here let me just
make sure that miss any super chats whoa Lane hang on a second hold on a second I
think I missed some super Chad’s here I think I missed a couple of them wait a
minute okay I got Luke a knee okay I read that one okay a nigga is a coon sISTAR what does
number nine means when he says he will be hosting and offering $100 specials in
ATL in the upcoming weeks I don’t know sorry no knowledge of what
he’s talking about Lane says stars say another word about jay-z performing at a
Hillary Clinton concert we will send the hitters cardi B ill illegal immigrants
can’t vote and niggas don’t care okay so Lane now you’re riding with
jay-z I mean you were talking reckless about jay-z and his family members
clearly they got at you and had you backpedaling now you’re saying watch
watch what people say about jay-z okay they must have flipped lame they flipped
that nigga like a flapjack Fareed good evening sir he says mr. terrain we will
know how ASAP rocky rock hem is built if he comes out of prison with his Kofi
like Mike Tyson hashtag dreams of selling water in Vegas allows those cute
the game is rigged good evening sir Luke Haney is the Ben Crump of the Starr
report he is here to KO something or defend anyone no matter the topic or act
in the end he changes no one’s opinion Wow okay Gemstar good evening a star
don’t leave an unopened Snapple around number nine unattended while he’s in
town or you will be streaming surviving Jean Richmond all next week okay go fund
me good evening says if fluke a knee is missing a hand for stealing is that
still Wow is that still considered a Fivefinger
discount asking for a friend shit cake so forever says you full of
big chat and can’t defend that if a jailhouse you come from we sending you
go back okay what is that that’s ASAP Rocky okay if
you can’t come Thank You cake soap forever okay and a nigga is a coon says
what does number nine mean when he claims that he is a pretty booking for a
limited $100 specials in ATL I don’t know man I mean I know nothing about
that did he say that only show tonight or are you guys talking about something
he said on Instagram I know nothing about that okay hang on a second
Gorillaz Oh sends in a super chat cardi is in the car D is in the equivalent of
so if this is written horribly uh the crackhead news reporters talk when she
shit pop off okay in the hood she’s a mental show yeah she’s been accused of
that been accused of that thank you sir girl as though the game is rigged last
one I salute to Dana okay he’s took my dinners mom so we’re
not gonna do that but thank you Dana’s not here tonight if I missed any cash
chefs I will get to them tomorrow I want to try and do a a-okay of some for Reed
Thank You Freda got your cash yep we’re trying to research show tomorrow Jackie
O says trying to get my life right but I’m watching this Thank You Jackie Oh
Jersey City via Tampa salute fuck you star okay Thank You Jackie okay
guys I’ll see you tomorrow I gotta get out of here and let me just
say that if you are a fan of number 9s now’s the time reach out he’ll be in
town this Thursday he and I will connect with regards to a lunch or dinner and
something like that but I’m just not exactly sure how much time I camilia
spend with him but he wants to party if anybody you know I’m throwing that party
shit make room for him and make time okay I’ll see you guys tomorrow
take care you

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100 thoughts on “Cardi B And Bernie Sanders Talk Politics

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    In social science and politics, power is the ability to influence or control the behavior of people. The term "authority" is often used for power perceived as legitimate by the social structure. Power can be seen as evil or unjust, but the exercise of power is accepted as endemic to humans as social beings. In business, power is often expressed as being "upward" or "downward
    No, because People would buy her music, and her show tickets would not be $5,allegedly! Nd she wouldn't just do a 15 minute set, tops with a warm up act, and twerking for 30% of the time, she's a perfromer, her time is limited, she is attainable!
    Her shows are all part of Atlantic Talent Exhibits with 20 other artist, and she has to pay the label to perform, allegedly! And she would actually be registered to vote, allegedly!

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  12. The dumbing down of America is in full effect cardi b is a thief and a slut 90% plastic used to look like a roach before she sucked the right cock

  13. It's actually an insult from Bernie Sanders. You'll entertain Cardi B and what she has to say when she has no facts, data, information pertaining to her community which includes latinos and blacks. We also know she doesn't "cape" for blacks but will for latinos and frankly that's okay…those are her people.

    But Bernie Sanders is going to use Cardi B as a proxy to get both black and latino votes….for free…just like every other democrat has done for decades.

    Bernie if you want the black vote, you have to take on the black agenda. Sit down with Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore to discuss our agenda. Politics is an exchange. #NoMoreFreeVotes…#Tangibles2020…#ADOS

  14. They said Bruce Lee was confident and arrogant with his abilities. He became humbled at one point in time

  15. @ 8:40 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Star was reading my mind at that very moment. That's why I fucks wit my Guy πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’―πŸ’―

  16. 01:30:48
    The African American Vote in the Popular Vote, is at 7%!! Remember half our male populace won't be able to vote or won't survive to 50, sad but true! And our adult populace has a high death rate from malnutrition!!
    LatINOS ARE 11-16% when you add the Ethnic, American born and white hispanics, into one group! Populace @ 60million+ it's 10 million Puerto Rican in America, alone, imagine the actual Mexican pop have that has always been here!

  17. 13:30 Muslims are the most protected group in Europe??? πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… What a crock! What a bunch of right wing BULL!

  18. 01:51:25
    We need to save ourselves! No one will help, the n one helpless!!!I
    I guess Ciciley Tyson and all those all Black Parties at the White House have been popping under Trump???
    When Star gonna talk about Trumps comments

  19. Bernie Sanders is trash. This is the same man who has NO BLACK AGENDA. HE HAS NO PLAN FOR REPARATIONS, LAND NOTHING for black people. Education and programs don't work. Cardi B is no leader!!! Sanders is disrespectful for sitting down with this trash.

  20. How she siding with the same dude who said hes taxing her bracket 70%. Wasn't she just bitchin about getting taxed?

    As usual using us and we fallin for it. We ain't learned from Hillary and hot sauce on [email protected]#105 ?

    Urban radio always the way to control n#^#as

  21. Asap rocky should have listened to 4:44 on that plane ✈️ an his crew is sum bitch ass negros cause no way the money supposed to be behind those bars

  22. Lol funny how the race card is played at first the white Swedish kid now the Muslim Swedish man with a criminal record πŸ€” …

  23. Why doesn't Bernie get on a conservative channel like FOX and convince them and viewers on how his changes would be best. But no, he wants to buy votes by using Cardi

  24. She had a meeting with Bernie Sanders for her and her people . Bernie Sanders already said he don't want black people to get reparations everybody's taken over everybody's creating their own doing for their own except for black people we better wake up

  25. Cardi B does NOT have political power. She is an industry plant turned polictical puppet. PERIOD!

  26. A lot of normal people don't like Cardi B. They dont like what she promotes or stands for. If Bernie promotes Cardi B I am voting for Trump. She is trashy.
    Someone will see the video where she
    says she drugged and robbed men. She can drug and rob people because she Is a woman? Garbage in every way.
    Embarrassing that that is the best the black community can do. Trash like the will lose the election for Dems.

  27. She doesn't have any political power, this is a bullshit subject Star. We got actual Senators and Congress people who don't wield much power, how do you think this ratchet Thot is a political player? And young kids in their 20's don't vote!

  28. Star needs to run for president…dude is hilarious…its all that is needed…ASAP Rocky is a pawn in a chess game

  29. 0% proof of that dude being a Muslim yet these star cocksuckers all repeat the same bullshit, and those next lies are even more pathetic, Muslims the most protected people in Europe? lmao !! I am from Europe and the most protected people are the Jews and Gays, and most politicians are ANTI Islam in Europe, and that fake rape story is even more pathetic, I know now why they call Americans stupid now, 0 research just repeat bullshit without verifying shit!!!

  30. 1st time I've ever seen a rapper seriously attempt to sit down with a running candidate for President of these United States, I really want her team to help her come off more like a concerned citizen and less like a rapper happy to meet whoever. Her words may not always connect, but her intentions are good.

  31. If ASAP Rocky did the crime, I don't care if he gets locked up. Everybody screaming Free him until he knocks them out

  32. Yoo Star so-called #9 can't be talking about Blk ppl like that on this platform, shyts un called for B !!! We gonna have to sit his suspect ass down for a minute, and fu#k a Cash app

  33. Caller of the century…. @39 minutes.
    Kevin from chiraq


  35. Wtf. Burnie is a mascot. He gone end up being a BET political correspondent. This ain't political power. They don't take him seriously in that world.

  36. asap rocky case is same what americans do if you ain't part of the nation, you ain't got that much rights. but americans can't take that.

  37. these clowns hating, asap ain't going to stay in swedone jail. 21 sewerage didn't get deported remember. they show that on tv to brain wash the average public but these privelaged knows what's up.

  38. ILLUMINATI WANT YOUR MIN, SOUL, and YOUR BODy! They are willing to go to any DEPTHS and LENGTHS to make there agenda happen and CORRUPT the YOUTh! PERIOD! Stop capping for these soulless SELL OUTS. Cardi B has no true influence she is a PUPPET being synthetically propped up to be USED! Wake tf UP people!!

  39. she doesnt have power she has influence BIG DIFFERENCE thats why bernie pull her ..If she had political power she would be in these politically streets…they are tryn to get minority votes and hopefully young people .. she not run dmc or queen L. or a chance the rapper type.. who actually rap and live the life of activism within their talents

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