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Career Advice – Head of Semiotics Alfie Spencer – Flamingo

My name I think is Alfie Spencer. I think
I work at a place called Flamingo and I am commercial Semiotican. It is to help build
brands to have more cultural attraction and more power in their social circumstances and
context. Basically, a geeky commitment to watching
huge amount of advertising and being quite opinionated about it. At a junior level, I mean practical experience
I don’t think really comes into it. I think as an industry, we sort of fetishize these
ideas that people have already done the thing that you are hiring them to do and I just
don’t think that’s necessary. I think they have to be extremely engaged with the idea
that the world is quite a strange place and it’s worth looking twice at what things are
because they normally turn out to be a bit more weird that you originally think they
should be. It’s so tiny that it’s almost- I mean it’s
a cottage industry so we have plenty of people who want to do it. I’d like it if more people
wanted to do it, and I think lots of people do want to do it, they just don’t know it
exist is my main problem and obviously, clients are buying it a lot now so we are always looking
for people. It depends on what level. Mostly at universities,
people in graduate study programs in arts, in literacy studies, in cultural studies,
in anthropology programs; it really just depends. I think often it’s a strange combination of
someone who’s quite kind of geeky and uncool but likes kind of finding out or thinking
about very, very new things and that’s often quite a strange combination of skills. I always tell people that the thing they should
do is run a blog just writing general cultural criticism because it gets you in the habit
of writing for an audience about advertising, about art, about literature, about the things
that are happening; broader cultural experiences and I think if you get into the habit of writing
about those things, you tend to be much clearer about exactly what you mean when you talk
about them. One of the real issues that you can find early on is that people know how
to analyze things one way or another, but they don’t know what’s interesting about their
own views. I think finding an audience is often the most important thing, actually. Give them space. People are generally pretty
curious and engaged as long as you don’t stop them. And the great danger is that you tell
people what to do. The best thing to do is just let people experiment and these things
kind of happen, hopefully. Source LF are London’s leading creative communications
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