Career in Digital Marketing: Vidhur
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Career in Digital Marketing: Vidhur

Hi I m Vidur kaul and work with Pensa Media
as Search engine Marketing analyst I have been working here for above fifteen months
now and before this I was studying business economics from Delhi University I really didn’t
have any clue towards what’s to pursue after college but friend of mine told me about digital
marketing he was working in the same industry so I thought that I’ll go for it going for
an interview I selected and here I m. So fifteen months later I am handling around 150 SMB
and SMA clients for my firm and I have clients from various industries in B2C clients to
B2B heavy machinery clients so it�s been a great learning for me so far. As per my
salary compare to my pairs groups most of my college mates aren’t even working as of
now either further pursuing their studies and once I earned probably just interning
some other firms. Job satisfaction I just like to say digital marketing industry is
growing so fast, I mean there is so much growth in this industry and its not been taught anywhere
in any college and any school right now, so we are the once who well in this industry
today, we are the once who paving this way for the future, we are the ones who are learning
on the job, we are going to be teaching future generations. So it’s learn fun, it’s a learning
on the job everyday so there is lots of learning involved and I guess that’s what makes working
fun, work if it gets too monotonous everyday get’s kind of boring but digital marketing
I think so much to learn right now that we are generation my generation people who I
am working with right now, we are going to be the ones who are going to take this forward.

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