CAREERS IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT – BBM,MBA,Research Analyst,Business School,Recruiters,Salary Package
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CAREERS IN MARKETING MANAGEMENT – BBM,MBA,Research Analyst,Business School,Recruiters,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities for MBA in Marketing Management Master of
Business Administration in marketing management
is a Course that a student can join after completing a bachelor’s degree in business,
accounting, finance, or marketing. It is a two year course program. This master’s degree
involves the study of marketing sector of a corporation or business. The prospectus consists of the theory in marketing management and practical consequences. Researching
over a market segment and then putting forward campaigns of marketing. The graduates will be further provided with
more insights over the topics like product development, sales promotion, internet technology,
social networking and furthermore, up and coming media platforms which businesses and
corporations utilize for effective product marketing and services. The syllabus covers
topics like marketing services, managing customer and business relationships, innovative media
technologies, brand and product management, development and design. The MBA degree in managing market would develop
a student interested in promotions, advertising, sales of products and management, thus the
scope is high of this degree as marketing has evolved over the years and businesses
are engrossing in heavy marketing strategies. Distant education is also conducted for this
course. One can pursue higher studies with joining Doctor of business administration,
PhD in management and Fellow Program in Management FPM. Kolkata, Pune, Madras, Sikkim Manipal, Delhi
and Mumbai Universities among others provide with MBA courses. The universities abroad
that provide for the same are University of Chicago, Harvard Business school, Stanford
Graduate school of business, University of Oxford, Cambridge Lancaster University Management
School, University of Toronto, Melbourne Business school, School of management-Queensland University
of technology. The job opportunity in private and government
sectors is very high. The evolution of marketing strategies has brought about digital and direct
marketing into consideration involving innovative technologies. One can join a company to hold
positions such as: • Market Research Analyst
• Marketing Manager • Brand Manager
• Corporate Sales Manager • Media planner
• Head of Digital marketing International companies also hire MBAs. To
work abroad one has to have an experience of atleast 2 to 3 years, then only can he
hold a higher post abroad. The top companies that recruit MBA marketing
management candidates are as follows: • Sony
• SEA • RAK bank
• Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals India • KPMG
• Spencer’s Retail ltd. • Landmark
• Solutions India • Tech Mahindra
• Gulf • IDBI federal life insurance
• Fair Deal Maruti Suzuki • Samsung Electrics
• Intigrow Government sectors include
• NPCIL • National cooperative development corporation
• Central electronics ltd. • NIT Delhi
• Airport Authority of India • NBCC
• Food corporation of India • FCI The person holding MBA in marketing management
degree earns about 40k to 65k, depending upon the post he holds. However the freshers salary
may vary not ranging in the similar digits, around 18k to 20k. One’s experience and specialization
is taken into consideration. Upgrade knowledge about MBA in marketing management
course as well as other courses and further additional programs by visiting the site
It grants with particulars and steers freshers towards apt jobs, in any sectors. Enlists
openings of exclusive jobs to one. A graduate registering on this site will have a complete
prospect of career benefits and opportunities we will be back with such more videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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