#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | What’s Your Biggest Failure?
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#CareersAndCoffee with Andrew LaCivita | What’s Your Biggest Failure?

Hey Everybody! It’s Andy! Welcome to my
Tuesday morning careers in coffee show where we talk careers we have coffee
great to have everybody today we’re talking about failures actually we’re
not really talking about failures we’re talking about how to talk about your
failures and hope you guys caught the hope you guys caught the the show it was
about a four-minute video I guess I shot about a month or so ago I really I
really enjoyed that one I get that question a lot so we’ll talk about that
for a few minutes I got a few announcements gonna take
your questions will be on for an hour I just it’s so weird I bet we did we did
three days last week on the goal-setting master class it’s nice to be on a normal
schedule although I love the special events I like I like my routines and
then we’re gonna talk about my routines there too so get in say hi let me know
where you’re from let me know what you need and if you got
a question put some question marks in front of your your question the check
it’s pretty lively and if you are in one of my programs give me a hashtag with
the program you’re in so I can give you a shout-out and I also know what assets
you have at your disposal so when you ask me your questions I can point you to
the right spot so hope everybody is is doing great
this hang on this this Tuesday morning I might be a little shiny because it’s jet
black I woke up this morning a little nervous we were gonna lose power but it
seems to be here knock on wood I got my coffee and it is totally full and
totally leaded all right Adam Stark I see you first let’s go right to it and
start one or two the past two plus years I’ve been a freelance filmmaker however
I haven’t constantly worked through those two years and I’ve had times where
I’ve had no projects should I mention this it’s not necessary it’s not
necessary so for everybody who is a sole proprietor or a freelancer or con
tractor or self-employed or anybody that falls in that category and where you
where you’re not necessarily working one project right into the next and so on
even whether you have days weeks or months in between I would not I would
not offer that I always want you to talk about what you are not what you’re not
and there’s no need to bring up that you had some gaps in there when you put that
on your resume you you can say you know Adam Stark I wouldn’t use the word
freelancer I might use consultant or you know contracting services or something
of that nature has a little bit more of a positive connotation to it not that
there’s anything wrong with being a freelancer but you know what I mean and
then talk about what you did so you know offered freely
you know offered consulting or contracting filmmaking services to
prominent companies such as and then or projects such as and then you can kind
of bullet in your in your section for the last two years your most recent to
yours what some of those sample projects were and what most employers will do is
they will they will just want to talk about about those projects they’re not
gonna do most of them will not ask about the continuity so I’d stay away from
that the second question that you have is in addition I’m in the process of
making my own passion project it’s a short film this is one of the best best
work I best work I’ve done can I mention it up top in my work experience under
freelance sure you can is there anything you’re gonna do with that passion
project maybe there’s some applicability to it maybe you designed it as a
marketing piece or whatever it’s a project that you did so just put it put
it up there you might want to talk about as I always want you to talk about what
are the benefits of anything that you do so if you created that passion project
to market your services you could say something like built you know this
project pilot whatever to market my consulting services which I used to
generate X dollars in consulting fees or something like that I think that’s
awesome right I mean I have to create I create a lot of stuff for marketing
purposes they’re all passion projects of mine that’s if I’m in effectively in an
infinite loop of passion projects so I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t I
wouldn’t call that out so that’s a that’s a good one I like I like that all
right so it’s so so good on you this morning buddy thanks for or I should say
this afternoon for you Carrie Freeman hey Jo waiter from Louisville Joe how
are ya my boot camper several interviews this week beginning this afternoon
please think some happy thoughts to meet Joe I always think happy thoughts for
you in all my boot campers and Alma leaders and all my eye teamers and now
all the people that jump in I’m my newest resume program I think you all
may I say prayers for you guys every day it’s all part of my manifestation
process P Rogers hey good morning to you too to crash how you doing Sam great to
see it done from Ohio one of my boot campers were run from Canada morning to
you I was able to get a two meeting so I’m assuming you mean the second meeting
with an EVP after some months using LinkedIn however I was trying to
capitalize my my meeting into asking for a job but trying to do so diplomatically
is there a oh here it is what would happen what would have been
the best way to handle the situation while keeping the doors of communication
open for the future just mentioned that I want what I wanted and was looking for
in a job so I always feel the best route here of a run is when you have an
opportunity where somebody’s going to give you some time and you are going to
connect with them whether it’s a networking session you’re not quite sure
what what to do there is also a video that I’ve created where I’ve gone
through all the wares and how to’s of how to prepare for an interview without
the job description maybe I don’t know how fresh as a daisy cara is right now
but maybe she can hunt that link down for you and give you all the answers to
how I would approach that there’s there’s a number of techniques that I
would use depending on the way the session is set up so is it somebody
who’s basically given you no agenda is just taking the time to meet and you’re
not quite sure maybe there’s an opportunity where they have openings
they’re not quite sure where you fit I run through all the scenarios and I
teach you how to prepare for that and then what what to ultimately do but in
your case I would always start it out with you what is it that your
organization needs the most right now where you where are your opportunities
for whatever it is cost reduction revenue generation you know what is the
what is the greatest thing somebody can help you with right now and then what
you’re hoping for is that your skills your experiences and all that good stuff
will match I would start there I would let them talk about what those are I
would bring up maybe some background or experience that you have not in a manner
where you’re trying to sell yourself into the job but where you were actually
actually offering your expertise in ways that the company could do whatever it
might do you’ve got thirty years of work experience on your belt you can you can
draw in into that into that little treasure chest of experience I used to
do that a lot as a so to give you an analogy from my life my search for mile
walk a lot of the great relationships that we built that ultimately resulted
in selling our services to a company which is completely analogous to you
getting hired for a job and selling your services as an employee but a lot of
times we would sit down in situations like this where they just wanted to meet
with me even though they didn’t necessarily have an opening that they
needed to use our recruitment services for but we would talk about
organizationally where were they going what were they think what I had done in
my experience as a recruiter as an executive and so forth so we would just
talk about things that they could look into what they could do I would give
them organizational recommendations the sequence in which I
would build out the teams and all these other things that they could do and then
wouldn’t you know it weeks days weeks or months later we
would end up recruiting for them so you know it starts with with with you know
planting the seeds and then and then water watering him but I would check
that video out carrots the one with the without the Job Description
and it’s only a live office hours session and varan just check the
teaching portion so it’s not you know maybe it’s a two-hour live session but
it’s it’s probably the first 15 minutes or so that that’ll help
Evelyn Toma boot camper Evelyn oh I got your stuff it’s in McHugh I got it
yesterday kara and I synched up should have it for you this week or or early
next alright Sam in my leadership program got a good one for 8:00 tomorrow
Sam on habits and you also got the goal-setting master class we’ll talk a
little bit about that as well follow andis methods and be patient I did and
fell into a job that I loved risk manager I loved it
I know what but and you’re you’re a great dude and you you deserve you
deserve that oh wait run I got a three a three
I didn’t know I had a three or three you are welcome finished reading the
goal-setting book and one shot loved it so here here’s an announcement this
books free $7 packing and materials cost I’ll set it anywhere in the world and
yes you can read it in one shot it was a 48 minute speech that I gave in its
verbatim all right Vanessa how are you hey I know you’ve attracted that message
but thank you for your your video testimonial I thought that was a major
hit I don’t know if you were able to see it in action in the three-day live
sessions that we had last week of eight and a half hours mmm Deborah one of my
newer boot campers and thank you for that beautiful picture you and and your
boat Pete Torres hey Charlene cracker good morning to you and Cara made it in
Steve ji-hae from Toronto to Creek I don’t know that I know you were from the
Netherlands but hey Thomas Gilbert how are you
panel interview today juggling five opportunities you were welcomed loving
her that Kristen Schneider hi you know LaHaye you know what I heard this
morning on the news that the Boston schools started today and every kid got
$50 to put in their bank account to encourage their parents to save for
their college tuition that’s pretty cool Chicago Public Schools will not do that
true story I hear these light little footsteps good luck with your dad suits
this is ginger girl dog oh boy dogs down there who wants to know where you going
to make sure you love you okay love you all – let me go I’ll – but I can only be
married to one of you so that’s lots taken oh look at that what do we got
there Steve G questions I was asked about giving an example of a bad
situation with a client and how I handled it I believe it was my answer
that disqualified me what is a good way to answer Steve check the video this
morning that is the way to answer and let’s talk about that all right so I
knew one of you was gonna ask me this so just to talk about the video this
morning just quick quick you know side lesson here the video this morning was
about you know what’s your biggest failure or tell me about a time when you
failed or all that good stuff so basically what what the employer is
looking for and you could use this in you know tell me about a time when you
and your coworker disagree anything that has any level of controversy in it and
so there were basically three things or four things that I wanted you to get in
and the first one is you gotta own it but every single
that happens to you in this world in some way shape or form is brought upon
by our own doing it’s just better when we own our stuff okay I understand that
there are certain things that happen that you feel their dumb luck but if you
look fire that far enough back lots lots of the stuff and that’s not call it a
hundred percent let’s call it a 99.9 is our own do it so first thing in a
response like that is to make sure that you are owning it that you know this was
this was mine right I don’t care if somebody gave you something bad it’s
your job to fix it I don’t I don’t I don’t care what
happened own it that’s the first thing second thing is what you learn from it
so you gained experience so when you own it you know you don’t have to beat
yourself up about it just you know I take responsibility for this this is my
job it’s my job to do this here’s what I learned as a result of doing it it was a
great experience you want to talk positively about that and then here’s
what I did to recover here’s what ultimately came out of this and here is
why I in the world are a better place because of it so you got to get all
three of those things in so it’s not necessarily the story that you tell as
much as it is the context that the employer is gleaning out of that your
attitude about about what how you how you experienced that failure and your
outlook at it and your attitude toward it so all of those things are what
they’re ultimately looking for so that that’s a while I think it’s you know a
lot of people think well it’s kind of a silly question I think it’s actually a
good question like what’s your biggest weakness that’s a dumb question okay
that’s just that that’s just a stupid question but you know tell me about a
time when you had a difficult encounter a failure an exchange a bad customer
issue or whatever those are golden for the employer because they really just
want to see how you react are you the kind of person that owns it learns from
it and has a generally positive outlook in the bonus tip that I gave you was
about you know making sure that you explain your philosophy on the mistakes
you make in your life and the fact that that is a
a important part of growing so I make more failures I have a lot more failures
than I do successes not by a little margin but by a huge margin and all
those all those major tests I run that I fail and all that other stuff is what
allows me to become successful after the experience so think about what I just
said owning it learning from it recovering
and so on wouldn’t you say that if you broaden up that topic that’s really
everything in life that if you maintain that attitude of owning everything that
you do no matter what happens at this company it is my it is my issue I am
responsible for it I’m accountable for it it doesn’t matter how many people I
have helping me who’s helping me who’s doing what it makes no difference and
you own your whole life every thing in your life which is virtually everything
is your choice to get married two children that friends you choose the
companies you work for to start your own businesses or whatever it is no one’s
holding a gun to your head so when you own it that’s great I understand that
you know I don’t love the word obligations but we have those in our
lives but everything that you do if you go through it within encapsulated in the
way that I highlighted the video today I think you’re gonna be in great shape and
a lot of times it’s just about the way you think about what it is that you’ve
experienced and your attitude toward it and your vantage point your viewpoint
and how you respond to it are what are what make us successful so so Steve and
everybody else that’s what that video was about this morning and I think it’s
uh I think it’s I would maybe I would loop it a couple times it’s only you
know three and a half four minutes long but you know I think there’s a lot of
insight in it and I think you can you know if you’re ever having a tough day
I’d watch that video and I’d also watch the video on how to quickly boost your
mood that’s another one that’s a couple or three minutes long but it
really it’ll it’ll really it’ll really spike your it’ll really spike your mood
so hope that helps Steve just just check that video that’s
the way I would answer it hey mom how are you good morning to you and I I’m
guessing Linda’s gonna be sorry she didn’t know you were on Joe you’re
welcome a and al holy I’m not sure what your name is but great to have you
venice’ yes you are a bhoot camera and you do
have the goal setting package and yes I think that video this morning was was
was was a good one I shot it I shall a bunch of them in a row I
reeled him off and and that was one of them I wanted to make sure I got I got
in there it was really really fun all right Adam you’re welcome let me see
what do we got here Diana hey how are you my good my good
love and boot camper Artie how you doing there buddy Adam Stark I know the passion project
isn’t for pay it’s a mixed bag of being you know passion project hobby and so
forth but you said in hopefully getting the film into festivals so you’re built
in a marketing piece or something that is gonna open the door III I stand by my
answer I stand by my answer they’re my friend Natalie Taylor hey Kara is on her
toes prepping for an interview with no job description everybody should check
that one out hi I got a job today is my first day any tips on first day on the
new job Sandra yes okay wait Kara did I I know we shot something recently I just
want to make sure yes Sandra I released it kara can you put it in the chat
Sandra I got your answer I shot the video ha you know how to start how to
basically become loved when you start a new job the first thing to do the best
tip I can’t even remember what I’d called it hey it’s early
all right wait Sandra it’s it’s uh we have the package for you
Kara’s gonna find it it’s not that many weeks ago but when we do you know two
live shows a week and we have a or least and then a recorded video I lose track
of how you know it was only a few weeks back but it was probably a bunch of
videos back wait I know it’s Alex right it’s the best
advice for starting a new job thanks Kara got Kara got me Sandra is called
the best advice for starting a new job it literally that’s the that’s the short
video and let’s see news civic SI I know that’s Alex because I remember you told
me your name I have all job descriptions issue is I’m overqualified for senior
project manager and am seeking senior program manager or principal manager
okay I’m not sure what the question is Wanda hey there I built an awesome
business the ladder shut down how do I explain that to prospective employers it
seems like I’m lying about what I did now you started a business you started a
business you ran the business you decide it’s close the business because because
as your friend and just explained it it was an awesome learning experience I
learned a ton I decided this is what I want to do with my life and go look for
a job and so on take the video I gave you this morning and use that to outline
your story no problem I’ve you know it’s so funny I love people who start their
own business and decided that wasn’t either it ran its course it wasn’t for
them it was a little too risky I’m okay with all those things right I got a
family to take care of we were having difficulty meeting demand or I wasn’t
scaling it or what I don’t none of that is a failure the fact like what’s going
through my head is the fact that you had the guts to try it did it and did it for
a little while even if it was a year I love that don’t don’t be you you not
need to be hanging your head and you that are out there that are doing
that and in any of you that started your businesses that you ended up folding or
any of you that are contractors that are moving back into full-time positions
don’t go proudly into that night or whatever the expression is how do we get
the book okay Kristen here you go you can have this book or and and or you
can have this book go to the interview intervention book is right you can go
right on the front page of the mile walk academy the out of reach but insight
book there is a there is a page I don’t know if we even link to it from from
from the front page but Cara can get you the link right now and you can you can
you can grab that book all right let’s see it’s keep going what Sam Congrats on
that awesome Kevin Pietersen I have had interviews with seven people for a job I
want okay they are now asking me to interview with an eighth person but also
started a background check is eight interviews unusual position is senior
know when I was 22 years old I interviewed with eleven people for my
first job when I was 32 years old I interviewed with eight or nine people
from a second job so and especially if your senior I mean you could meet with
four people at once I I don’t think that that’s unusual at all we just had a
woman who so so we had a woman who is in about her third or fourth week on a job
she interviewed had a phone call had a phone interview then went in and met
with two people then then came back and met with five in a row one one shot you
know then we had another guy who’s quite senior who met with two people and took
the job so it’s it’s it’s it’s all dependent on the company I would I don’t
find that unusual in the least Alex should come in Friday
hey oh okay so couple of announcements kind of all over the place today we’ve
got a meet-up on Friday in Chicago two o’clock at bub City in Rosemont I’ve
sent the emails I sent the emails I sent the reminder in the email this morning
in the in what we call what Kara and I call endearingly call the Tuesday tips
email so if you ever say hey where’s my Tuesday tips they come out at 6:30
central time in the US on Tuesday right as rain rain or shine no matter where I
am in the world that thing comes to you so that’s my weekly digest that’s when
the video gets released that’s when I get you up on current events and so on
so it’s this Friday at 2:00 p.m. I’m guessing I will be there at 2:00 until
probably 7 or 8 my wife’s gonna come after work my mom and dad will be there
you’ll get to meet Kara as well and not to not to mention a whole bunch of
people in Chicagoland area or people are driving from different places and if you
want me to sign something you need to bring it so bring your books and all
that good stuff and I’m happy to sign whatever you want all right Kevin you’re
welcome and Sandra hey anything we got that one scarlet thank you
Oh mataira all Matar get in the Leadership Program please yes it was
mouth-watering yes you need to get in it so let’s talk about that
I did a goal-setting master class last week it was like eight and a half hours
of just total bliss we went through and created five of the beginning modules of
the program so it’s all recorded soup-to-nuts you got the templates and
all the booklets and stuff is in there if you want that and the recordings and
all that good stuff I’m including it as a it’s a 200-dollar
course I’m including it as a bonus in my leadership monthly live mentoring
program that meets once every four weeks we meet live we’ve gone through topic
that are aimed at helping you build high performance skills or leadership skills
or you can call me skills so things like building confidence mastering your focus
making great decisions building trust making persuasive arguments listening
those were the first six topics and in the theme of helping you achieve your
goals we have a session tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. Eastern that’s on habit building
I’m going to talk about the 11 things you need to know about building a habit
and I’m gonna teach you how to do that I’m gonna teach you how to do everything
from figuring it out to cue in your environment to how you make it
attractive for yourself to do it how do you avoid stuff you shouldn’t be doing
how to break bad habits I mean I’m going through the whole whole dang thing and
and this is foundational in your ability to build little systems life systems
habits operating procedures call it whatever you want to achieve a great
lifestyle and achieve the highest of goals so if you want all that we have a
50% off bundle deal where you can bin it literally equates to 82 cents a day
that’s what it equates to so for 297 for the whole year you get the goal setting
you get a year in the Leadership Program and you get my $400 career accelerator
program so it’s like 16 or 17 hundred dollars with the stuff for 297 that
deadline goes away that is a legit overdone never get in the goal-setting
master class as part of that program again five o’clock Eastern 4 o’clock
central tomorrow that’s your deadline so get in it if you if you want that is
that is for real that goal-setting thing is gone we’re gonna do something else
with that but if you want it and you want it now and you want to be in
leadership program this is this is the best deal I’ve offered so far but it is
it is it is going away tomorrow and then we have a bootcamp next Wednesday at 5
p.m. Eastern Time as well we are gonna go through 80s stuff in detail so so
we’re gonna I’m gonna the bootcamp I’ll put that on special later
for the session next week but if you if you want to get in and you want to start
going through the bootcamp now right now its 597 but if you email support I will
be happy to advance you the special price will drop a hundred dollars off it
that way you can get in that way you can start going through it that way you can
show up on Wednesday and you can you can ask me your questions it’s a private
bootcamp or session they usually run 90 minutes to two hours and I pretty much
get everybody’s questions answered and this one we’re gonna have a section
where we’re gonna we’re gonna be teaching more in depth about the 80s so
it’s gonna be gonna be pretty cool all right let me see where are we at here George or Jorge hey from Miami Kristin I
think we got you the goal book right there a couple chats later George or
Jorge let me let me know how you like to pronounce your your knee hi friends that
pronounce it George I have friends that pronounce it Jorge so let me know love
that hey from Russia and I’ll never be able to pronounce that I just don’t know
how to read that Maci pace good morning to you I have a pet sitting business are
they there both of them are on I don’t know if you could see him underneath the
blankets for two years and I am having a hard time figuring out how to word this
on my resume I’m I’m not I’m not I’m not sure why you you have a pet sitting
business so you you’re a pet caretaker of some kind you can flower it up any
which way you want and if it’s full-time that’s a that’s what you do and you are
you’re a consultant to families as it relates to their pets so I would not
overly complicate it and Sam we are covering parking validation funny man so
for all those that are coming to the Chicago event it’s in Rosemont it’s in
their little pavilion area it’s right near O’Hare you go into the self parking
you take the ticket it’ll say it’s $15 you come in to the in to bub city you
can go to the front desk and you could say hey
I’m here with an Eli Savita and he says you’ll validate my ticket and then free
see we think of everything MST negates I graduated in May I have been unable to
find a job since then I have had multiple interviews but no luck you
suggested to focus only on jobs willing to hire recent grads I seem to do worse
any tips so let me say this if you are having multiple interviews the
opportunity isn’t with surfacing the interviews it’s with getting over the
interviews and getting through them but I my my tips and obviously I only have
so much information to go to I would be Hawking my interview playlist my
interview webinar three keys to a sunny job interview that’s a free recorded
webinar you can watch it anytime you want so you don’t need to like set a
time for that I would get the interview intervention book and I would I would I
would go from there III I do the reason I suggested that when you are having
trouble you try to focus on opportunities where they are already
open-minded to hiring new college graduates or recent grads or young
professionals is because they’re looking for character traits more so than
experience so I would try to if I could get some feedback on what you’re doing
well but maybe maybe some of the stories that you’re telling about the school
projects or any internships that you have or any of that stuff are not
demonstrating the character traits that they are looking for that’s usually the
issue that’s usually the issue so I would I would focus on that all right
Alex wanted to I applied for principal program manager and senior program
manager HR called me for the principal program manager but after the first
interview never responded even after three follow-ups last week I was
referred for the project manager should I mention today the hiring manager about
the application s so you’re dangling is what I call it because it hasn’t been it
hasn’t been confirmed that you right that they’re moving forward or not
moving forward you have no idea why they’re not getting back to you that’s
a good sign so I’m not gonna lie about that or to make you feel better
I would just say hey I’m really interested in your company
I actually was interviewing for another position you it’s better that you say
that I don’t know like I don’t know how big this company is if they’re not
talking to each other but either which way it needs to come from you because
what you never want is somebody to say why don’t you tell me you’re
interviewing for this other position you know what they’re they still have you
active for it they haven’t gotten back to you because they’re interviewing some
other candidates and they’re trying to wait for whatever reason but I would the
simple answer is yes mention it especially because you’ve not heard
definitively either which way and three follow-ups I don’t know if you followed
up three times in a week or three times in a month
so the tightness of that matters like if it’s if it’s only been a couple weeks
you know they still could be rolling and trying to interview people so I you know
that’s what I would do to crash how to show off a high IQ just wave the Mensa
card I’m just a bit shy of that they accept 138 and higher so first thing on
the one hand I would I would say never do that on the other hand since you said
they accept 138 and higher if if if a company actually asks you for this like
legit asks you for this which I’m would be I have never seen a company in all
the companies I’ve ever worked for or recruited for you’re talking about
hundreds of companies ever asked for something like this I have seen
companies a very small number have you take the Wonderlic tests or an analogous
IQ test like a speed test how many do you get right that kind of thing but
normally what they would do is they would score you they would have you take
it then get the scores themselves as opposed to you taking something and
bring it in your card or your score or whatever because you know I would want
to I would want it to be a controlled first if I don’t even like those tests
I think their nonsense I don’t think they’re in any way indicative of whether
you will be successful in the job or not because and I’ve talked about this at
length so I don’t want to go into why all that is the case but to answer your
question I would I’ve a company actually asked you for that
I would I would just show them your card I really would like I I’m not even sure
what to say there and I’m to crash I’m laughing at the company not you all
right Kristen you are so welcome Maci pace will the boot camp thing help
with building my resume I’m not getting interviews so building my resume is kind
of where I’m at right now okay so in the boot camp the boot camp covers all of
your initial setup self-awareness self-discovery who you are why you are
what you need how to investigate for it that’s the first part of the boot camp
second part of the boot camp is everything marketing resumes cover
letters LinkedIn third part of the boot camp is then bringing yourself to the
market everything job search related target company lists how do you network
all that good stuff 80s is and so on job search plans how you allocate your time
and then there are detailed sections additionally in the third module on
networking networking philosophy job search networking all the tactics how to
prepare your messages ten templates to actually put out there into the world
for various scenarios of which I walk you through all of then the fourth
section is on interviewing the fifth section is on negotiation as it relates
to doing everything along the way from the time you fill in the application to
the screen to the first Tech interview to whatever to the end to getting the
offer to counter offering and so forth everything that you need to do
soup-to-nuts so it’s not just about the negotiation discussion then there are
some additional sections in the boot related to whether you’re an executive
or a more tenured employee so this for the older workers whether you’re a
career changer there’s a whole module for you and so the boot camp is so
complete it’s it’s it’s it’s really pretty amazing and in addition to all of
that not only is the system there and all the tools and all that stuff but you
get like 30 live sessions with me in the course of the year and we’ve got one
next week and then a couple weeks out we got five weeks in a row every Friday
it’s between like the middle of October and the middle of November it’s really
really sweet it’s totally worth it you are not gonna get anything near this
amount of content this level of quality this structure or any of that and I can
say that with a straight face and I’ve got a thousand testimonials to prove it
so so you know I would I would really check it out and like I said we’ll drop
the hundred bucks off the base package and then there are some add-on services
so some people most people can write the resume and it hums
some people write the resume and they want me to review it and go through a
detailed resume review that’s an add-on service or they want to have a coaching
session with me so we do them through zoom like this and not through YouTube
but it’s a video recording you and me we record it for you we go through the
session we prep in advance we go through the session and then I give you the
recording so you have it it’s really awesome people that do that people that
do the bootcamp and then have a coaching session they crush it I mean it’s
because they have the structure they self-diagnose they prep everything and
then they can tighten any little areas with me all in one shot it’s really
really good it’s really really good of course it costs but it’s but I want you
to know what it what’s there oh my no all right well we’ll meet you soon hey
by the way radar here my wife and I are trying to do a New York thing in
February so we’re trying to line up the show we’re gonna see and then like on
Friday we would meet in Manhattan or something from a New Yorkers Isis hey
MST negates you welcomed Keegan how are you
first time can we give Keegan a first-time careers
and coffee hug and folks 7:40 if you are loving this can I get the little can you
click the little little like thumbs up button on on YouTube and share it with
your friends and make sure to subscribe so you never miss this it hurts me when
you miss the advice it really does it really is
Natalie Taylor it looks like you got a barrage here alright 1 2 3 considering
your program offerings is there one you’d recommend for conversations around
being a change agent and how extremely hard it can be what class is best to
post random questions so when you are in the mile walk Academy programs we have
an area for you to ask me questions so you ask the question I get an alert I
respond to you that’s how that that support works we one thing I didn’t
mention with the job search boot camp is that the job search boot camp not only
gives you everything I just said but it also gives you the career accelerator
program which is the current package we have now which is the five modules of
you know what to do in the first 90 days on the job all your prepping and the
things that you need to do not only in the first 90 days but throughout the
first months and year to make sure you get promoted then there’s a section on
idea generation so you want to talk about being a change agent
I give you my methodology to come up with the very best ideas and projects to
implement at your company so I take you through my protocols of what I do each
day to generate ideas you could be the least creative person on earth if you
just do what I say you’ll come up with great ideas cuz people who come up with
great ideas implement great change so Natalie that’s one option to get the
career accelerator and then in addition I go through all my organizational
tactics all my daily planning my monthly planning my quarterly planning all that
so you get all that and then you get how to prepare for and how to conduct your
reviews whether it’s a promotional review or an annual review or a
quarterly review or whatever that’s in the career accelerator
now you can go the bootcamp route if you’re on the job searching stream right
if you’re still job searching and then you want to do you’ll find a job and
then do well that’s a package another package is the leadership monthly
program that 297 will get you the leadership stuff each month which is
great and then you also get the career accelerator as a bonus and right now you
get the goal-setting master class as a bonus
that’s 297 the bootcamp is 497 and the special price so that is my response
there you can ask me your questions in any spot we try to ask you to ask them
in the related areas which we can always direct you to that way that way you know
an organization question is in the organization section so people can see
it and in my response so those are two options all right so the bootcamp or the
leadership monthly live in both of those you will get the change agent stuff the
second question is example 3/4 of the staff I worked with have been with your
22 33 years change was not easy or wanted there was resentment that is a
that is a cultural issue okay that is not a change agent issue that is a
cultural problem that everybody is you know they’re slow-moving stuck in their
ways and all that good stuff so no matter what ideas you come up with
they’re not gonna care that’s a different problem but career accelerator
will talk about that they’re not to be cliche I struggle with having emotion
with the emotional intelligence to deal with some issues and leaders that are
conflict so I was only supported listen I get it you know what Natalie that is
an issue with the company and for all of you that are considering these moves
it’s it’s very very important that you are assessing the culture and the state
at which they move like 20 so here’s how I operate if I walk in the door and I’m
interviewing with you and I’m asking about the tenure of the employees
because you all should be doing that and they say everybody’s been here 20 to 33
years I’m out the door that’s me because I know it’s inherent there’s no
way there’s no way people stay that long that like change they don’t that is the
transitive property and it’s bulletproof so I’m out that is so I go back to what
I was saying 20 minutes ago about listen you got to own it right it’s your it’s
your decision it was your decision to go in there now as you investigate the
market or you look to either make your changes you’re gonna have to own that I
mean you’re gonna have to either figure out a different place to go or figure
out a different way to operate within but my guess is if you do like change
and you do want advancement it will not happen in that company that’s Mike
that’s my view and you know the sooner you come to a decision about what you
want to do with it the better I I don’t know if this was a situation where
you’re no longer there but you get what I’m saying
you get what I’m saying the boot camp or the leadership program you can address
both of those it’s a matter I would just look at each of them you can access both
of them from the mile walk Academy site and Natalie if you have any questions
support at mal walk comm and I or Kara will respond to you Alex three times in
three weeks that seems odd but it’s not that’s that’s odd like that’s just not
cool on the company’s part I just think that they should communicate with you
like hey we’re still interviewing people and we’ll call you back and soon as
we’re done could be about a week or 10 days like I just love to hear that Keegan I am attending a job seekers
conference in the civil engineering sector awesome which is a week long what
advice do you have that will help me stand out from the rest of the crowd
Keegan the thing that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd is you
going to meet the rest of the crowd so when when you’re in a conference I’m
assuming you’re in a conference there are companies there there are boots
there there are speakers there you’re attending sessions you’re walking that
you know you’re walking the street so to speak I’m about meeting people and
investing time in learning who they are and what their
out and if you listen and care you will stand out period alright ktl hi Andy do
you have any tips on applying for jobs outside the US I am living in Slovenia
and need sponsorship for a company in order to work here how can I stand out
from you citizens ok so this is a tough one hmm so Katy lots of times we have
the reverse issue where people are outside the US trying to move into the
US and they’re having visa sponsorship issues I don’t have I don’t have great
suggestions here I really don’t I could I could you know tell you that I do my
approach in these types of situations is so you are living in Slovenia and you
need sponsorship I don’t know what brought you there maybe maybe you moved
for family maybe your husband or your partner is is working there whatever the
case I probably I probably would do a couple of routes you you could try to
work for a company where you do have citizenship and you could work remotely
and then you know if they if they have an international presence then move them
so that’s why I say to people on the outside of the US try to work with
somebody in your home country that’s international that when you get in there
you can prove yourself and then they can transfer you
because visa sponsorship is very difficult it’s expensive it’s difficult
and in this labor market it’s even more challenging because of the tightness of
the labor market so I don’t I don’t I don’t know how a lot of the EU countries
handle that I mean I wish I did I just I’m just short on that info I really am
you know we probably ought to do some digging because I mean 38 percent of my
community is outside the US but lots of times what they’re doing is they’re just
trying to move within countries in Europe or they’re trying to move to the
US or they’re trying to find jobs within their own country but I’m just I wish I
had better answers free I just don’t George is god that’s what is it George
like GE ou are GE like the American pronunciation or is it Jorge like the
espanol pronunciation Bridget or Brigitte I I think I asked you that last
week my issue is how do you actually implement any program for job search I
find that you can lose motivation often and it sometimes takes time to remote of
eight yourself to keep going any tips on this yes so when you did in the so you
talked about the program the bootcamp itself now I don’t know if you’re
talking about a paid program or just the activities of a job search you want the
paid program the bootcamp is do this first do this second do this third when
you get into the spot where you likely are gonna get demotivated which is the
interaction with the employers we teach you how not to lose motivation by doing
certain steps by allocating your time properly but we have challenges we have
metrics that we want you to to focus on that stuff will keep you in motion it
will produce results I have tons of evidence of what it does I have evidence
of the statistics you should be looking for and what your hit rate should be I
can tell you if you’re doing it right or not because I’m there with you okay so
so that that program works I must send you a ton of evidence over the next you
know next week so that’s one thing if you want to get into the bootcamp if you
don’t want to invest in them out and the other thing about the bootcamp is we’re
there I’m there to answer your questions whether it’s live like this or whether
it’s it may you know every day I go into the system there’s a slide on my
calendar that says go answer the support questions it literally says go answer
the support questions and so I know that I need to respond to people who have
questions and people take advantage of that as they should because they paid
for the program so that’s that’s one thing but to give you tips I do have a
challenge that I that I’ve highlighted out there in a couple of different spots
maybe Kara can drop that in the chat so Kara we have it in November 29th of 2018
we did the first one in a live office hours
we did a another one in the job accelerator job search accelerator the
workshop there’s a challenge in I believe it’s the third section so give
her give her those to choose from and then Bridget you can go and check those
out but it’s basically about making sure that you are focusing on the high-value
activities that lead to the job search results that you want which is obviously
the job the quickest sitting back and putting your resume in applicant
tracking systems is not going to work I’m not saying that you can’t do that
but depending on your demographics where you live how much you earn what your job
is you probably have a lower likelihood of getting your job that way so we teach
you how to stay motivated and the the the activities themselves if you do that
if you do the challenge the way that I recommend doing it then you are
motivated to come up with the results each day and do the right activities
that we know in turn leads to results but what it also does for you
psychologically to put the positive psychology of it because it keeps you
happier because you feel like you got momentum and then and care one other
thing you can put out there for her is I have a how to stay positive in your job
search video that also talks about the metrics that you should be monitoring so
Bridget what happens a lot of times is people get depressed because they’re
monitoring the wrong metrics like I shoved my resume into four four four
hundred applications in these applicant tracking systems and nobody’s responding
to me that’s not what you should be measuring that to me is like zero steps
in your search literate literally because of the low percentages so here’s
the five things I would focus on and then see how you stack up and then
you’ll you’ll in turn start to see interaction back from people which will
raise your your your psyche and in your enthusiasm and your while your momentum
for sure but so try those honestly I I don’t know if you were at the
goal-setting master class but during the goal-setting master class breaks I was
playing videos and live candids videos from people who were in the boot camp
and other programs of mine and I don’t know if you saw any of that but they
they will tell you that it works they will say and they told you that it
worked so I hope you saw some of that Kristin to get the hunter bucks off the
boot camp all you need to do is email support at mile walk comm and either
Kara or I will immediately respond to you with a private link to get in kind
of through the backdoor for the reduced price and we’d love to have you in it
I’ll tell you what folks it’s Tuesday now right so you got eight days before
the next live session you could go through the whole boot camp I even shot
a video that’s inside the boot camp that says here’s how to go through the
program here’s what I would watch here’s what I would do like here’s the sequence
and here’s how I would take it all in I would learn where everything is and so
on and I teach you all that you could go through all that between now and then
and X Wednesday the coaching session is 500 the resume review is also 500 –
crash hugs back to you man oh but I think you were given who are you giving
the hug – you were giving it to our first-timer and Cara’s look at her right
on top of me 80 perez how are you I’m going hi Andy
hey Andy Beck I’m going for a second interview second interview where I’m
asked to do an exercise with a panel of executives do you have another this is
common I don’t see it all right let me know if you got another
question there Kristin you’re welcome Keegan you’re welcome ah you know to
crash and everybody can I get a round of applause for Kara you have no idea how
hard all this shit is I mean – and we don’t have a big team like her and I do
ninety-eight percent of everything that you see you know so all the emails all
the prettiness on the web sites and I mean we all we both do that stuff Katie
you’re welcome Paula jeez I couldn’t give you better there to crash you’re
welcome Bridgette you’re welcome Natalie Taylor brilliant thank you so
much for helping me find a bit yes right get the hell out of there people you’re
worth it don’t let anybody tell you you’re not wait okay side pep talk here
for just a quick second don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re awesome and I’m
not just saying this mr. Roger stuff okay that you all are awesome at your
trade or you have experience at your trade or if you’re a new college you
know recent college graduate new professional you’ve got great
foundational skills a trade that you studied all that stuff is great you’re
not necessarily skilled at searching for a job don’t let something that you are
not skilled to do and don’t do very often muck with your confidence
did you for those of you that follow me on the social sites and if you don’t
follow me on the social sites please do I have a daily line that goes out at
7:00 a.m. central time every morning on my social sites on Instagram Facebook
Twitter and LinkedIn the most recent one was about having a one of
the very recent ones was about having everything inside you to be successful
right fish don’t go and take swimming lessons they just know how to do it
right your trade you are you get paid to do something that isn’t job searching I
get paid to do that right recruiters get paid to in the
hiring process and so on and so forth with people that are in that space but
this is not your forte don’t let companies get you down because
you’re not you’re not effectively job searching right or you’re not you know
going through some quacky interview process effectively move on and find
those employers that are smart that can embrace you that understand how to
communicate with you in the process and in fact do communicate with you in the
process that don’t wait to get back to you for three weeks and you get what I’m
saying so you know keep it up keep it up here I
mean keep it in perspective write this you should not be judging yourself by
how well you job search right but I know that you do that and I want you to stop
that please lean on us to help you whether here or inside the programs April J hey Andy if the interviewer
states the interview will be an hour should I make sure to take up that full
hour with questions and conversation is it a bad sign that the interviewer was
over that the interview was over in 45 minutes okay wait so you’re asking me a
couple if a couple of things here so if I say hey we have an hour to do this if
I stop at 45 minutes and say hey do you have any questions that’s cool I’m cool
with that all right or thirty minutes and do you have any questions and let’s
roll totally love it for very senior people you could walk into an interview
in the end the CEO might say what questions do you have for me you know
I’m sure you’re great everybody else has vetted you I’m really
here just to make sure that we’re answering your questions and so forth
that could happen too if the interviewer says it’s an hour and you know he or she
stops at 30 minutes and you run out of questions at 45 that’s bad
never run out of questions you want to keep going because if you run
questions un flat right so you want to keep going and and so now I don’t know
which of those variations that was and by the way sometimes an interview can
end in 45 minutes and it’s not the end of the world they loved you so much that
they didn’t need to take up another 15 minutes it’s hard it’s hard to answer
you on that one wait somebody’s back beeping oh so it’s
hard to answer you on that one but I you you get what I’m saying all right let me
see if I bring it great oh you were in that’s right you were in the master
class all right so let me see if I can get another one in here cuz I gotta get
rolling today people oh and there’s those videos the 14 day challenge vid
member – so there was there was two of them so I did a 14 day challenge and I
did a live office hours on November 29th and I did a live office hours on
December 13th where I came back and I gave you I gave you the challenge and
then in between I invited people to email me I collected all the data and
then I gave you the six biggest problems they were having in all the answers but
I also in the job search accelerator I don’t know Kara which one you put out
but in a job search accelerator I gave you the challenge and the in and the
issue issues and the issue resolution all in one spot maybe that’s the one she
put there and then the state positive for sure our eighty Perez continuing on
this was the panel interview they’re asking me to evaluate their dashboard
and projects and provide an outcome at the end any advice this is new for me
so when you say provide an outcome I’m assuming they mean provide them an
approach of how to go through the projects so what’s your what you’re
doing is you’re looking at the dashboard I’m speculating here with this limited
information but a lot of times what companies will do is hey here’s our
dashboard here’s what’s going on here’s our results here’s what our crm solution
looks like here’s what our sales metrics are here
with our customer service metrics our here’s what our blah blah blah blah blah
okay whatever they’re doing then they’ll say here’s the projects that we’re
thinking about how would you plan this out and how would you go about
implementing these solutions to address these metrics that’s a you know cause
and effect you know combination of how you would
address that so what you want to do there is you want to outline what you
would do to improve these situations raise this lower that whatever it might
be that’s what they’re talking about that is my guess what they want there’s
no way you can come up with an outcome unless you know I mean outcomes are just
answers at the end of the day but I think what they’re probably looking for
is for you to talk them through how you would go about it how you would go about
it why you would go about it that way what here you go you got to have this in
there everybody how I would go about it here’s what based on this information
here’s what I would do this is how I would lay it out and here’s how I would
implement these solutions here’s why I would implement them that way here’s the
results I would expect here’s the challenges we will face along the way
here’s how we will eradicate those challenges with mitigating plans
contingency plans and so forth so I know when I implement this solution we’re
gonna have a problem because I know that because I’ve implemented that or that
style before or that particular project before and these are the challenges we
inevitably encountered every corporation who’s implementing this is going to go
through that when you could work that stuff into your story you will slay that
thing if you if you give them the five things that I just said so that’s how I
would go about that yes give ten cheers to Cara please all right I’ve got to get
rolling folks all right real quick leadership monthly live for two ninety
seven eighty two cents a day you get twelve months with the program you get
these past recordings at least for another six months you get you get the
career accelerator for four hundred bucks you get the goal-setting
masterclass we’re talking about all that stuff’s in that’s one shot till tomorrow
at 5:00 Eastern the bootcamp is September 18th at 5:00
p.m. that’s our next live session if you want to get in before then and attend
that live session even if you can’t attend the live session you’re still
gonna get the recording but get in there and we’ll give you the hundred dollars
off all you need to do is just email us at support at mile walk comm and then
Karen and I we respond back very quickly because we monitor that email throughout
the day we’ll send you a private link you can get in you get a great Welcome
Packet I show you everything it’s all self-explanatory scone sequence it’s
really really well structured well laid out thousands and thousands of people
have been through it tons and tons of success stories so and then we’ve got
the books get you know you can get you can get these guys for free and we’ve
got the meetup on Friday I will be there two o’clock and I’m happy to sign
anything I’m not have a couple of books I need to
bring for a couple of people but I’m not bringing a box of books or anything like
that so if you got my books and you want me to sign them gotta bring them gotta
bring them with you so hope that helps folks love our morning time I am with my
leaders tomorrow at five I am here at live office hours at 11 a.m. central on
Thursday so I will cut this and there will be a reminder here after this show
this morning for you to set your reminder for Thursday and then Friday I
will be with the community so hope you can make that love having yeah and I
will see you I see alladia tomorrow and Thursday but hope to see you see a bunch
on Friday too all right take care we’ll see you soon

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