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CF Business & Technology Internships

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t
for CF because they gave me all the professional help to get hired. I don’t
think it would’ve been even possible without them. Without CF I wouldn’t be where I
am today. The structure of the program at CF is really the reason why individuals
are able to succeed. If you’re serious about starting a new
career consider the internship program at the College of Central Florida. Job
seekers can enroll in 8 week or 16 week internship courses in a variety of
business and technology career fields. It’s a great way to gain experience and
expand your professional network. CF helped me locate people that were hiring,
got me an internship here at the sheriff’s office and allowed me to
actually end up being able to get hired on here. I was able in a period of three
years to be able to go from the staff technologist all the way up the ranks to
director which is the top position for my department. The main focus is to help
our graduates, our students who are near graduation, and our alumni with their
career type jobs. We have professional resume consultants who will help a
student or graduate create a resume. We do practice interviews, job search and of
course internships placement is my role. There are professional coaches who help
with those interview skills, how to present yourself correctly on social media
using LinkedIn and other social media sites. It’s tough being a student and not
knowing where you want to go and not knowing who to connect to or who to call
on to try to get that job opportunity. They’ve really helped me professionalize
myself. The internship program at CF also provides local employers with a pipeline
of fresh talent. It enables us to move forward not to spend the time training
somebody to be more professional but that they come already set to get up and go.
He’s been asset to the company you know, when he first got here it was nice to have
someone that you didn’t have to teach Excel, how to navigate computer programs, the
basics he had all that which was nice. That’s what’s so rewarding and why I
like doing what I do. When we’re able to connect them with an employer, help them
sharpen up their interview skills, nice resume presentation and so forth that
positions them so well and when it connects and they get that wonderful job
opportunity it change a student’s life. I really do enjoy my job and I love what
we do and it’s very satisfying at the end of the day and as if it wasn’t for
the college here, CF I would never been able to do it. CF taught me the skills
not only in the classroom but from resumes interview skills everything they
were incredibly integral to this and I honestly would not be here today without
CF. Internships are available in associate and bachelor degree program in
accounting, agribusiness, Business Administration, computer information
technology, engineering technology, equine studies, health information technology,
office administration, paralegal studies, and supply chain management. Students who
earn an associate’s degree may continue into the Bachelor of applied science,
business and organizational management specializations include agribusiness
management health care management management information systems logistics
and supply chain management and Public Safety Administration. Contact us today
to learn more about the business and technology internship program at CF.
Thank you to our business partners Monroe Regional, custom windows,
Appleton museum, Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

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