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Chatbot Marketing | Booking a Hotel

– Please use side door. Yeah. – The human has been neutralized. – I love a good conversation, don’t you? That is why the promise of artificial intelligence and chatbots seems so exciting to me. – Crazy. – Now, in case you don’t know what the definition of a chatbot is, let me read it to you, a chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes
human conversation, either written or spoken, allowing humans to interact
with digital devices as if they were communicating
with a real person. But do they measure up? That is why I have come
to the Doghouse Theater in Delray Beach, Florida. Yup, that’s it. (door rattling) Please use side door. (upbeat music) Now usually the Doghouse Theater is packed with paying customers who have come to see
an improv comedy show, but not tonight, my friends. Tonight, we are not improvising, we are using scripts. And this, my friends, is Free Tacos. (crowd cheering)
(clapping) – Hey, that is Rebecca. – That is Catherine.
– We’re Free Tacos. – Oh yeah, they are Free Tacos and they have been doing
improv comedy for years. And they have agreed tonight to act out a real live chatbot script, a chatbot conversation I had with GRT Hotels. You guys ready? – GRT.
– Let’s do it! (crowd cheering and applauding) – [Catherine] Hi, welcome
to GRT Group of Hotels, I am GReaTA, your friendly bot agent. How can I assist you today? – I’m going to India in April and I was looking at your hotels. – Hi, what name can I call you with? – Drew. – Hey, before I answer your question, would you mind sharing your number, so that I and my team can contact you and help you with the best rates. No spam calls. – 617-289-4009. – Please let me know which city you are looking for the details. (crowd laughing) – More. – Please let me know the city for which you
are looking for details. – Chennai. – Please choose a hotel. – Radisson Blu. – I don’t have enough information about our property in India. May we interest you in– (crowd laughing) – View rooms. (crowd laughing) – That was awesome. Give it up for Free Tacos! (applauding) Remember, Loyalty Loopers, a chatbot is supposed to feel like we’re interacting with a human. So where does GRT Hotels measure up? Well what do you think? On a scale from chatbot to human, where does GRT Hotels measure up? Is it a one for more like a robot or 10 for more like a human? (drum roll music) Here’s what I think, GRT Hotels ranks a two on the
scale of chatbot to human. – Self-destruct initiated. – It’s not even a very good chatbot. In fact, I think there are three things that GRT Hotels could do just to improve this
chatbot just a little bit. Number one, they ask for
way too much info up front in a conversation. If this was supposed to
be a human conversation, asking for my name is fine,
but they never use it. And asking for my phone number seems a bit too far, too fast. Slow down. Number two, there are way too many options for a conversation to feel real. You gotta keep it simple. For example, GRT Hotels
should allow me to tell them what city I’m thinking about, just by typing it in. I don’t need all the
options of the locations in which they have hotels. Too many options. Limit the options. And number three, and this seems like we shouldn’t
even have to talk about it, but you should make sure
your chatbot actually works. This chatbot delivered zero
useful information to me, even after a pretty lengthy conversation. And the chatbot’s pretty dumb. So maybe we should revise the score. What do you think? Let me know what you think
in the comments below and don’t forget to take the time to just print out a
transcript from your chatbots with one of your customers or prospects and read it out loud. Does it measure up? Is it more robot or more human? I’ll see you next week
on the “Loyalty Loop” for a couple more episodes
of “Chatbot Theater.” (upbeat music)
(wind rushing) We’re out. See you next week at “Loyalty Loop!” – Goodbye! (upbeat music) (crowd cheering and applauding)

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  1. Will Free Tacos deliver? Seriously, Drew, these are great videos. Question, have you ever had a chatbot experience over a 5? I haven't. Seems like talking to a real human yields a better return in the long run per Tony Hsieh's philosophy.

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