Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok – The Ultimate shopping experience in Thailand #livelovethailand
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Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok – The Ultimate shopping experience in Thailand #livelovethailand

In this coming vlog, chatuchak weekend market
The ultimate shopping experience in Thailand Prices and quality. What’s app fellas welcome back again in
to another vlog from Live Love Thailand, We just arrived to Mochit BTS station and
heading to chatuchak weekend market one of the biggest weekend markets
in Thailand. And as you see it is crowded with tourists
and locals starting from the bridge, all Heading to chatuchak weekend market. It’s a rainy day and people are trying to
enter from the 1st entrance to the market, seems an impossible mission, so we
will continue walking to the main gate to avoid that traffic. There are many shops outside the market along
the way selling different kind of stuffs with Very cheap prices so we are now at the main entrance of the market and we will continue directly
from here to enter the narrow passages of chatuchak weekend market where
the local fun of shopping begins. But before we start our shopping we will have
some cold refreshments to avoid Dehydration due the heat of the day. Now we are going to enter one of the narrow
passages that leads us inside Chatucak market Here begins the real fun of shopping, where the passage becomes narrow
Crowded with shoppers and you can nearly walk and shop but as I said that’s the
Fun part of shopping here. As you see some items are priced here and
others not the ones priced are almost final Prices so only if you buy in
bulk you will get discounts, while the ones not priced Are usually to bargain
so take that into consideration. Due to my experience in this market if you
see something and you like it, well buy It Because if you want to walk away and change
your mind and come back to buy it You can hardly find it because if it’s
your first time in the market you will totally Get lost. Here is a shop that sells that famous fruit
shapes of thai soaps they are Very popular and you can buy them cheap in
this market rather than any other Place. Well you will have a map at the beginning
of the market to navigate according to It, but it’s hardly applicable because in
a way or another you will get lost . Concerning the prices in this market they
are of course cheaper than the main Touristic areas of Bangkok, and you have a
big variety of things even pets are Sold in this market. Concerning the quality of the items in chatuchak
market, well mostly made in Thailand and Asian countries, they are considered
good since you are buying Decorative and clothing stuff nothing to worry
they are not electronics. As you see as much as you go deep inside it
becomes more crowded, and walking Will become hard but this is chatucak market
and it’s a nice experience to have. The zone we are walking is mostly decorative
stuff and clothing’s you have a big Section of bag selling shops and Thai decorative
items In my opinion if you are not in to anything
special to buy, just walk around and Turn right or left walk forward where ever
you like and shop whatever you like, Since shopping by zones in nearly impossible. Chatuchak weekend market only opens in weekends
,from early hours till late , so If you are lucky to be in Bangkok don’t
miss this hopping experience since it Totally different from any other local market
in Thailand. Many of the sold items here are also found
in other mall in Bangkok like MBK mall Or platinum fashion mall but of course
with much more higher prices since you are In air-conditioned
mall easy to walk and shop. If you are looking for high brand and quality
stuff than this is not your address Of shopping since most of the items here don’t
have even brands or names. I don’t think you can explore all of chatuchak
weekend market in one day even If you come all the day, so explore as much
as you can and buy as much as you Can when you are here, as they say shop till
you drop. So let me summarize some advices for you while
you are in this market, 1st advice Is to get a hat or an umbrella to save yourself
from the heat of the day. 2nd bring with you a big bag to collect your
bought stuff in it like a travel bag if You are going to shop a lot. 3rd bring thai bath with you , since if you
are in a shortage of money you can Exchange foreign money only if you have your
passport with you. 4th enjoy shopping There are many hand made items in chatucahak
market and with very cheap and Affordable prices, but always remember to
bargain since the prices are not fixed But never make the seller angry So I am walking around and showing you as
much as I can so that you can have An idea of the items you can find in this
market, but as I said I cannot explore all The market in one day that’s nearly impossible. If you feel yourself tired while shopping,
you have many options to relax Like having a foot massage since there are
many massage shops inside the Market or eat and drink something to refresh
yourself and continue shopping. In my opinion chatuchak weekend market is
one of the best ten shopping Experiences in Thailand, and if you have the
opportunity to visit it than don’t Miss it. So if you want the fastest & the cheapest
way to reach chatucahak weekend market You have two options 1st you can take the
bts to mochit station or take MRT to Chatuchak station and only for 2 dollars you
will be here, while if will take a taxi Or a tuk tuk you will pay much lot and waste
too much time in Bangkok’s killing traffic. I hope you enjoyed this vlog and it was helpful
for you for the next trip you make To Bangkok and you wanna shop in chatuchak
weekend market, thank you for Watching if you have any questions about this
market you can ask it in the Comment section
Thank you for watching again subscribe for more from Live Love Thailand

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