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Checking Emails Outside Of Work | clockworkTalent

Hi everyone its Emma again Happy New
Year! I’ve just caught myself checking my work emails the day before I go back to
work after the Christmas holiday which I’ve been trying to avoid doing
but I know that we’ve got things coming out, important campaigns are happening,
clients are getting in touch so I have, a couple of times over this week I’ve been
checking social media and emails. I know it’s really hard for some people to
turn off from emails and social media especially if you work in digital
marketing because things happen all the time and recruitment doesn’t slow down
at Christmas either! We had interviews booked the week just before
Christmas, we’ve got interviews for next week so we’re talking to people all the
time. I want to know in a comment below let me know what your personal
rule is for checking emails outside of work. I know it’s different for everyone, is it expected from you or do you choose to do it so you you’re caught up
when you go into work after a weekend or do you completely switch off and you
don’t respond to any emails? Let me know! Remember to subscribe to our
YouTube channel we do post videos every week. And a Happy New Year to everyone
and I look forward to making more videos and giving you top tips and making
conversations happen with these videos in the next coming months

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