CHINESE CORONAVIRUS AND DROPSHIPPING: How The Outbreak Will Affect Shipping From China and Shopify
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CHINESE CORONAVIRUS AND DROPSHIPPING: How The Outbreak Will Affect Shipping From China and Shopify

(Chinese coronavirus dropshipping) The Chinese coronavirus a new strain of disease that just popped up in China a couple of weeks ago and is Really rapidly scaling all around the world. Just spreading through many different countries There’s a lot of cases in the US Canada Australia all over Asia So a lot of people are concerned and I’m concerned as well because of one Customers are going to be a little bit fearful about ordering packages from China and just completely buying products online They think they’re gonna come from China Maybe this virus can come in these packages and it’s gonna be super scary that they might open a package and the virus attacks them There’s also a Simpsons episode that talks about this like Homer receives a package from China and it has the virus inside of it So people are just in general scared This is a massive virus that is spreading really fast when 2,000 people already have this and over 56 people have died So here you can see Colonel virus life updates death toll reaches 56 as US fines third case There’s already cases in more than 10 countries Already have cases and this is where the main city of the actual outbreak is So this virus is mainly concentrated in Wuhan, which is a city here in eastern China and then it’s about two hours away with flight or with plane to Shenzhen Which is one of the biggest ports for dropshipping Importing from China to the United States and really all over the world and it is where our suppliers in Aliexpress and Alibaba Are base and they source their products from there for there’s a lot of concerns Especially from people that are selling products dropshippers ecommerce entrepreneurs people selling on Amazon For example that their products come from China our customers going to be super scared are Those sellers or US job shippers going to be liable if someone gets a virus from a package Are there gonna be any legal implications or are people just going to stop buying products from China? All these questions and everything has popped up a lot online. For example on this one you can see Verify, can you get coronavirus from packages shipped from China? So there are people asking can I get this virus from China or here in the Chinese Crona virus? Can the corona virus be transferred through items? From Wuhan and posted to UK one is the main city of the outbreak and obviously this is a big big concern Also in my private program students are asking. Hey, I have these customers that they’re buying products from me I’m shipping from China or am I going to be liable for? these products going to these customers and then then having the virus or they are scared that they’re not going to buy anything from my Shop just because we’re coming from China all these concerns all these questions. I’m going to answer them right now First of all, what is it? And why and where is spreading as you can see here in this little map? Although it is a little bit outdated a couple of days out data every single day There’s more cases more people dying and so on. It is spreading really all over the world. It’s a respiratory virus So if you get it you’ll have a lot of symptoms I give you add pneumonia or you’re gonna be very sick in the throat and Start coughing a lot and it’s very easy to pass it from person to person So that’s why it also causes a lot of anxiety from people that are in China importing from China and thinking oh if somebody might cough on one of my products to send that virus over to the US or all Over the world and I’m liable for that or I caused this contagion all over the world So there’s something a concern there. The second is shipping from China if potentially, let’s say one of the workers at the factory where you’re sourcing your products from has this virus or has acquired this virus and Then they coughed or they sneeze onto your product and then they package it is that product going to have the virus? Yes, the virus is going to live on that package of but as you can see here according to the Minnesota Department of Health does the best research that I can find the answer is no as To can that package be sent to the US or the UK Canada and so on and have the virus still Alive this particular. Corona virus can only survive on a Object or a package not a real person for only a few hours maybe a day or two Maximum most packages that come from China they’re gonna take 710 days probably two to three weeks So no the virus is not going to spread you. Do not need to worry about this and you need to educate Your customers as well that they might be a little bit scared about buying products from your store thinking Oh, is this virus going to come to me if I order a package from this store? So I guess that you’re scared that customers might think that but you need to educate them and tell them no It is impossible for this virus to actually transport. What I would also recommend is do not use random suppliers without quality checks without quality control what I would suggest is either go with shipping services like CJ drop shipping you drop a hyper SKU and so on that have quality checks They make sure that their employees are healthy that make sure the operations are very smooth and not just some random Aliexpress supplier that just ships products randomly as much as they like So make sure to use services that you trust that have quality checks Maybe you have to pay a little more for the products maybe you have to pay a little more for shipping but it is worth it if it makes your business a lot more legitimate and Your customers a little bit safer and happier the next question. Is it going to affect selling from China? Yes Some people are a little bit scared of this but don’t explicitly tell people that the products are coming from China and Also, tell them that it’s not possible for this virus If you are importing from China, it’s not possible for the virus to actually live on these packages and then comes to the customer So either way if they’re scared that the virus is gonna come on your package. Tell them that it’s not possible here’s the research and also try to not tell them that the product is coming from China and not Explicitly tell them that the product is coming from anywhere near that city of one where the virus is spreading From or where it originated also one student in my private program we have two calls per week every single week and on yesterday is called the student ask if Somebody gets the virus from my packages. Am I liable for this? Can they sue me? Can they do something to my company to my store and so on the answer is well? I don’t know. The problem is that I don’t I can’t really give you legal advice when it comes to this question And also I can’t give you any type of advice when it comes to getting sued or anything from that customer But the reality is based on the research. This virus cannot live for one in two to three days So it’s likely not going to happen It’s very unlikely for somebody to get something from a package and if you’re liable for it Probably not. That would be the liable of the supplier. But again, I can’t give you legal advice So, unfortunately, I can’t really answer that question 100% sure also in terms of travel restrictions from China There are a lot of flights that have been banned a lot of cities that are banned from flying Go planes and cargo shipments are not banned. So is this going to hold off shipping just right now? We’re in the middle of Chinese New Year. There’s kind of the worst time ever for an outbreak like this to happen But no, there’s not gonna be any delays apart from the ones that are already happening from Chinese New Year There’s not gonna be any extra time added just because there’s health checks or so on. We don’t know anything about that We’re researching every single day. If you want to stay updated make sure to comment down below updates or update me So I keep making videos like this I don’t know if this is gonna interest so many people but it is a massive concern and also a lot of people are just scared of Selling products from China because they think of this virus problem all in all the reality is yes This virus is spreading very very quickly. I myself am very scared We were going to Thailand and in the next couple of months, and we’re actually cancelling our plans to go to Thailand Not even thinking about it because it’s in such close proximity to China. And also there’s a lot of cases in Thailand So be careful with traveling be careful with any things you’re doing around the Asian continent But in terms of business, it shouldn’t affect us in the flow of sales that much unless you’re explicitly telling customers Hey, this product is in China. Be careful with China and so on So as long as you don’t scare your customers in any way and you educate them Properly you tell them hey this virus cannot live in the package for more than two days and so on show the research Make sure that everything is quality check you use quality suppliers You use people that are actually care about the customer actually care about their package Then you should be in the clear They update it watch the news and learn more about the virus because this is very important since it’s coming from China Our main hub to ship is from China. This does affect us as dropshippers, but don’t be scared. Don’t go crazy Just be very careful with Anything that you see out there just watch the news learn about it And if you want an updated version of this video and a couple of days this virus spreading a lot every single day just comment Update down below and if you want to join the conversation over in my private program We’ll be talking about this in detail and how to really stay safe from anything that happens with your business how to scale your business Automate your Shopify business and just build a proper high quality branded Shopify store make sure to click that second link in the description for a free strategy call with me or My team to see if you’re the right fit to work with us. That’s it for this video Stay safe and watch this video right here that’s gonna pump here if you want to learn more about chopped by about what it is how to actually drop ship from China and how to build a business importing from China to the world click it there subscribe to the Notification bell and I will see you on the next one

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100 thoughts on “CHINESE CORONAVIRUS AND DROPSHIPPING: How The Outbreak Will Affect Shipping From China and Shopify

  1. UPDATE: Deaths have jumped to 100+ and there will be slight delays because the Chinese government ordered factories to close until Feb 4-5 and even Feb 10. Comment "Update" if you'd like me to do more videos on this topic and how it affects us !

  2. Thanks man. Well done, very up to date. But what about prices from say hong kong to Australia, three day shipping. Hmmmm that's where a lot of Ausi import comes from. It's great that China is taking this seriously. Good thing it didn't start in the US!

  3. Chinese communist government will not disclose the real condition of the virus. You can expect that the actual deaths and infected people should be more than what they disclosed

  4. Chinese communist government will not disclose the real condition of the virus. You can expect that the actual deaths and infected people should be more than what they disclosed

  5. Chinese communist government will not disclose the real condition of the virus. You can expect that the actual deaths and infected people should be more than what they disclosed

  6. Chinese communist government will not disclose the real condition of the virus. You can expect that the actual deaths and infected people should be more than what they disclosed

  7. Now it's in Canada. As soon as it was discovered, everything should of been locked up tight and a bubble put around china. Haven't they learned from sars ffs.

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    2-If you dropshipping from Aliexpress just private msg them, ask them NOTHING but get their wechat ID and add them! (YES, Aliexpress allowed)
    3-Once added on Wechat, talk to them about the current situation, I personally chat with them and they ALL working full time no delays but every case is different

    WHY, add wechat not private msg directly?? so you can talk to them at anytime you want, the Chinese sellers it is TOTALLY Fine to msg them at anytime and on weekends.

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  17. Great video but please not scare everyone that even packages can transmit or infect people with the virus. I am a fellow dropshipper and yes I follow closely to this news – please note I am not in China. Please refer to the official page by CDC on the actual transmission –

  18. I ordered personally from Aliexpress for myself and 3 suppliers texted me, that they cannot ship the order any time soon due to the virus. Also, the air connection between China and the rest of the world will be a bit slower, so keep these things in mind.

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  20. I personally do not think this will affect the dropshipping aspects due to the fact that it can take up to 2 weeks up to 3 months to get your products in the first place. The incubation period Alone is 3 days. It has to have a host to survive. So it will be the 3 month delivery time most likely. I would like to know what you think about it knowing that aspect?

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  27. Nobody knows the exact stats about this strain of coronavirus because it's new and there is no cure for it as of yet. Everyone should be very cautious since very little is known about it and since there is no cure as of now. If you can buy or dropship from other places besides China that would be best. I've read and seen videos saying that the Chinese government isn't reporting every case and isn't handling this situation properly so it may be likely to get way out of hand. I'm not sure how true that is but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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  29. There are certain delivery delays based upon each shipping company used. Typically is a delay from a week to full month at this time.

  30. Please update – I have customers demanding refunds – I'm not advertising rn so hardly any new orders but need to figure out if I should be changing my refund policy.

  31. I got a parcel from aliexpress on 22 jan. I opened it, put some non edible, carrier oil in the bottle without washing it as it was new and packed. I was not aware that the virus was so serious at that time. It had taken the parcel 10 days to get to me. A few days later when the news spread ,I checked the track and it had come from Wuhan. It took around 6-7 days for the parcel to complete process in Wuhan and was in air for only 3-4 days. I researched that the virus can survive on hard surfaces for 5-7 days. I have put it on my roof now but I had already touched it when it came. So this is scary.

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  34. I recently wrote to an ali dealer and he meant no shipping before the end of February! I think in the foreseeable future you won't need to order anything anymore, senseless! ๐Ÿ˜ž

  35. Saying unlikely, is technically like saying 1 in a million chance in getting the virus from a package.

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  36. i was behind 102 orders due to all of this but thankfully they have started shipping in the past week, so i'm good and my customers are good.

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