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City of Hillsboro Internships

My internship for the City of Hillsboro
gave me the opportunity to serve the community that I grew up in. At first I
was really nervous and hesitant to put in my application because I’ve never
worked in a professional environment before, but then I realized that it would
be a really good opportunity. My first day I got to meet all of the other
interns at intern orientation and I also learned how excited the City was to have
us here because I felt really welcomed by all the staff. When we’re on-boarding our
interns, we want to make sure that they’re able to do more than just make
coffee and sit in the file room all day. We pay them to provide fresh perspective
in local government. From their first interaction with the City, we want them
to feel valued and know that their ideas matter. As a graduate student it was
really rewarding to be able to use skills that I learned in the classroom
in the real world. I got to meet professionals who offered valuable
experience and perspective on the field of Planning and Urban Design. It’s
important to us that students have a holistic experience so that when they
head into their next year, they have a better idea of who they are and where
they want to go in their career. After I graduated high school I really didn’t
know what I wanted to do and with this internship it really showed me the
right path, and now I’m interested in being a Water Operator. It’s fun to see
projects that I’ve worked on be used as marketing materials that people who come
to the Library can see. I research federal and state policies
and how that impacted the inner workings of local government, and how ultimately
that impacts our community here in Hillsboro. After my internship here at the
City, I hope to graduate and someday make Hillsboro my home.

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