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58 thoughts on “CLEAN LOGO DESIGNS With Illustrator Offset Path

  1. Back everyone, and I hope you find this video useful to start your week! More content to come so keep it locked here at Satori Graphics 👍💜

  2. Yes, need more information on offset, thank you soo much for the video, also sooo glad you and your family is safe 😇👍

  3. I discovered your channel recently and I really like your tutorials! They are clean and very well explained. And yes please I would also like to see more about the offset tool

  4. Amazing information. Thank you for sharing them. My design skills are improved each time I watch them. Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. thank you so much. wanted to use a technique to design a logo some time ago, been through hell😂 couldn't find any good video here on youtube. Had to do it the hard way. this is much easier.

  6. Please make short videos on some tools that most people, in your opinion, don't know. Like scissors tool, knife tool, etc. That just you think that, 'Hmm…. They probably won't really be knowing how to use this, and that one… ahaa!….'

  7. Hi Tom, I’ve been trying to buy your font and textures from your website but it doesn’t let me checkout after several attempts. Is everything working on your end? Thanks

  8. Hey Satori, cool video this one! One doubt: what is the difference between Outline Stroke and Expand function? From this video, they seem to have the same result.

  9. This was great & a nice tip, I like to see a new tutorial about a 3D design dosent matter what just I've been more curious on learning more about using it

  10. Great video. I'm constantly trying to create a new logo for my channel, and this is a great help in getting more comfortable with Illustrator.

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