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CleanGuru – Cleaning Business Marketing Strategy: Rinse and Repeat!

Hi this is Dan again from CleanGuru and today’s message: the marketing
campaign for your cleaning business. The idea is, rinse and repeat. Let me explain what I’m
talking about. I got a call the other day from someone
saying, listen Dan I put together a 18 month, kind of a year and a half schedule of marketing pieces. So phone
calls, a brochure, a series of direct marketing letters, a survey. They had a whole list of
things, maybe a stop by visit. A whole list of things that would happen or be
sent out or phone calls made, within an 18-month period. They say I’m done with that now, in fact I think the person did tell me
I’ll have real good luck with it, it will work great. But now I’m kinda at the end of it . Should I just get rid of those customers since they didn’t respond? What should I do? or do I have to come up with a whole new
campaign? Here’s what the rinse and repeat means. We don’t get rid of the message, the message stays the same. So if the
message is getting them business and reflects those compelling ideas,
that’s different about your cleaning business, well that all stays the same. In fact it might be that if all the marketing steps really
do a pretty good job of highlighting your company, there’s nothing wrong with, if you had to,
if you don’t have the time to create new marketing pieces, now if you could that’s fine, a different
way, a different angle. If you have time to do that that’s terrific. But after a year and a half if you still
have in place those points and those systems, well you could just start those over again. We don’t wanna kick out, the question was, should I just get rid
of those prospects? Well heavens no. if those building owners, those
buildings still qualify as somebody that’s in your
target market; they’re as big as you want, they need the
kinda cleaning that you offer, I mean you’d love to get these buildings. If they still
qualify that they’re good targeted companies for
you, then for heaven’s sake don’t get rid of them. Now if you can come up with a new marketing campaign, fine. But if you can’t ,you may have to just rinse and repeat. Meaning you
could start again with there’s the phone call, there’s a
brochure, there’s the letters that go out, there’s the personal visit. Here’s all these things you’ve laid out, and those can be just as effective. In fact after a year or two, if they got
another phone call or another brochure they may not even recognize that it was the same. So that’s the idea. If the prospect still qualifies as a good target prospect, then don’t get
rid of them, keep ’em on the list. You’re gonna keep going after them until you get them. Secondly if you can come up with new
marketing pieces, that’s fine. But if the message is still valid, you
may even be able to just put it in place again, that same marketing system, and get it going again. It’s that
repetition repetition as your message keeps coming in front of
your prospects. That’s what you want to get. Hope that
helps, hope it helps your cleaning business. Until next time remember, that you can do this, you really can!

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