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CleanGuru – Personalize Your Cleaning Business Templates

Hi there and welcome back. Dan again
from CleanGuru and today’s tips is: personalize your cleaning business templates. Personalize your cleaning business forms that you use, whether it be cover
letters are your task sheets or duties sheets or your marketing letters. My wife and I have
three kids, and our youngest son is now graduating from college so we’re again having that whole conversation as you go out job hunting. Trying to find out, well do I send out my resume that’s pretty standard, but then what do I do, is there anything beyond that I should be doing. Well of course. You should be researching that company that
you’re trying to go after and trying to use, for example in the
cover letter to that resume, to share with them that
you know a little bit about them and showing interest and why you’re interested in working for them. So that’s that example for him. Now for you and I in cleaning businesses the same thing
kind of applies for us to right. We can get a lot more power or bang for our buck for our marketing pieces and our bids and
so on, if we just don’t take the template but we actually customize it. So look trying to take a little bit of time to personalize each marketing letter, personalizing each cover letter, personalizing each bid, personalizing the job specifications. Now there’s nothing wrong with
leveraging the form. There’s nothing wrong with leveraging a template, that’s what they’re there for. When you’re going after lots of
customers, lots of buildings or homes it’s hard to make an individual piece for each person; so you want to leverage some of the form, the format. For example. the boiler plate I think they call it. Some of that language and everything can
be the same but make sure you take a little bit of time, which by the way hardly anyone does. We always just send out the same thing. If you take a little bit of time to personalize it if you can with some information about that customer. If you can take a
little bit of time to make sure you adjust the cover letter or the duty
sheets to reflect that building, that will really pop out at them and it will give you special attention
because they know you took enough time to care about them to do that. Something to think about. You can
leverage the templates. Take a little bit of time to personalize them and to get more bang
for your buck. Something to think about. Have a good
weekend. Until next time remember, that you can do this, you really can!

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