Client Attraction – How To Get Clients From Speaking Gigs
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Client Attraction – How To Get Clients From Speaking Gigs

Today, we’re diving
into one of my favorite client attraction strategies. I’m gonna teach you how to get more clients through speaking gigs. (upbeat music) Hey there, I’m Nafissa Shireen, Success Coach for Entrepreneurs. For the best tips and mindset strategies on how you can make a
massive leap in your income so that you can live the
life you really want to, consider subscribing to my channel and click the bell notification so that you’ll be the first to know when I publish new content each week. It’s no secret that I am
a huge fan of speaking for entrepreneurs as a way
to market your business. That’s because that’s
what took me personally from a $1400 flop in my
first year to the successful multi-six figure business
that I have today. I mean, just think about it. When you’re the speaker,
you have instant credibility and authority as an expert in your field in front of a room full
of your ideal clients. But have you noticed that most
places that you can speak at don’t actually allow you
to make a paid offer? Well, stick with me because
by the end of this video, you’re going to see why that
is completely irrelevant. I’m gonna peel back the curtain and share with you the strategies that I have used personally
to get me tons of clients and what I teach all
of my clients as well. And, you’re also gonna see why this works so much better than a paid offer. And make sure to stick
with me till the end because I’m gonna share with
you how you can get your hands on my word-for-word scripts that you’ll need to implement
all of these strategies that I’m gonna teach you today. Have you ever been to a networking event and the speaker shows up and you don’t feel any
connection with them at all because all you’ve seen is their bio and their headshot on
the registration page, and you just have no connection, you don’t know anything about them and so it feels more like you’re
being spoken at than with? Let me know how that feels below. And tell me if you’ve
actually made a purchase from somebody like that. That’s why your number one
thing that you wanna do is make sure you warm up that audience before you ever set foot on the stage. And there’s a few ways you can do that. Now, one of them is, I love to do this and it’s not always
available, but if it is, I recommend you connect
with the event host to see if you can do this. Because a lot of times, they
will have Facebook groups that are dedicated to just to
their networking communities, and a lot of event hosts, because
they wanna fill the seats, are more than happy if the speaker is going to help them to do that. So, ask them if you can
participate in their Facebook group up until your talk or shortly after so that you can warm up the audience. Go in there, introduce yourself, and maybe do an interview or Facebook live with the event host so people can start to see you, know you, and really wanna come to see you, not just to go there because it’s the next meeting in the schedule. And, on the day of your talk, make sure you get to the venue early, an hour before you need to be there. And I always prefer to leave the house two hours earlier than I need to. I can always go to a coffee
shop and chill before the event, but nothing is worse than
showing up at the last minute feeling rushed and stressed out, and you don’t get the time to mingle. So, get to the venue early, and take time to go up to people, meet people, introduce yourself to them, and then ask them what
they’re hoping to learn and what they’re hoping to
change through this talk today. So, make those connections and
when you get up on the stage, the audience will already feel like you are somebody that they can trust and somebody that they know
is an expert in their field and can help them solve their problems. Now, in your talk, I think we all know the very most common way
to get the contact info of everybody in the room. Tell me what you think that is below. That’s right, you offer
them something for free in exchange for their email address. Whatever your opt-in is or free gift that you can
give them and email them, you make that offer to everybody. And I want you to take
this one step further. You don’t wanna hand out
a general sign-up sheet for everybody to sign up. You wanna have one for
every person in the room, and on that sheet, you wanna ask them for more contact info than
just their email address. Ask them for their name,
like their full name, their mailing address, their phone number, and of course, their email address. And in that moment, it is
amazing how many people will happily give you all
of that contact information. And then take it one step further. Let people know that if they
do have other questions, you’re willing to talk
to them after the venue, and because the time is really limited, if they do have more
questions or need more help, you’d be happy to have a
private conversation with them. All they need to do is
check the little box on the sign-up sheet and
you’ll be in touch with them on how to do that. Now, that might not
sound like something new, but I’m teaching you to do
it a slightly different way because a really common way to do this is tell the audience,
“So I have five spots “available for a discovery session.” I am sorry, that is just the
cheesiest thing you can do, creating false scarcity, because you know, I know, the audience knows, you will talk to anybody
who’s genuinely interested. I mean, really, if somebody
wants to call and talk to you because they’re interested
in buying something from you, are you gonna say, “I don’t
have time to speak with you “because I’m at my number of five,”? No, so please, please,
please don’t do that. Now, after the event,
don’t hide at your table, don’t check your phone, if
you have a display table, don’t go stand and hide behind it. It really limits the amount of time that you can spend with
people in the audience. And for you, you wanna get out and mingle and talk to people and ask them things like what was the favorite
thing that they learned? Did they get what they were coming for? Do they still have more questions? And if they do wanna talk more,
have your calendar with you and book them right there. Remind them that in your talk you said, “Hey, listen, I said
I’d be glad to help you. “Our time’s limited. “I do wanna go talk to
everybody in the room today, “but I’d like to continue
this conversation. “What’s good for you,
Tuesday at 10 or two?” And get them in right then and there. When you get home from your speaking gig, if it’s still daytime, do your follow up right then and there. If it’s nighttime, do it the next day. One of the things I teach
people is to make sure that if you have a speaking engagement that you do have time
blocked off the next day to do follow up. There’s nothing worse
than waiting a few days because peoples’ interest, enthusiasm, and connection does start to wane, so if you can do it that day, even better. Now, the first thing
you obviously wanna do is send your free gift out to
everybody that asked for it. But take it a step further. In that email, remind everybody
that you did offer them an opportunity to talk to you. You could say something like now that a few hours have gone
by and you have my free gift, I’m thinking you might have a few more questions that have popped up, and I just wanted to remind
you that I am available. Here’s a link to my booking calendar. I would love to connect with you. And send the two off together. And of course, for those people who did specifically check the little box that they would love to talk to you, send them a personal email, not from your mailing system at all. Send it personally, and send them a link to
your booking calendar, and if they don’t answer within a day, give them a quick phone call to say, “Hey, I’m just scheduling
these conversations. “I won’t keep you long for now. “When would you like to connect “so we can dive into your question?” And, I’m gonna push you a little further. I’m willing to bet out of everybody that gave you their contact info, probably 90% of them gave
you their phone number whether they requested a session or not. This is a great way to
follow up with everybody and just give them a call, even if they haven’t requested one. And because they haven’t
requested a formal conversation, you can start it a different way. You can simply call them and say, “I’m just following up with everybody “who was at the event yesterday
that requested my free gift, “and I wanted to see what you
enjoyed most about the talk, “what were your takeaways, “what do you still feel
you need help with, “and how has my free gift helped you?” And, yeah, I get it can be uncomfortable, especially if they haven’t
requested to talk to you, for you to pick up that phone
and ask them those questions. But by being proactive, you
take control of the situation. You get in control of
who you wanna work with and who you get into
sales conversations with, and I’m telling you, people love it when they get that personal touch and they get a phone call by somebody who cared enough to do that. And if you’re just not sure what to say when you call people who
haven’t requested a session, I’ve got you covered. Below this video, there’s a
link to my word-for-word scripts that will teach you the exact questions and the exact sequence
in which to ask them so that you can transition that call gracefully into a sales conversation or, if that’s actually
not the time and place ’cause they’re running out the
door or doing something else, an invitation to have one later. If you found today’s video helpful, please leave me a comment below, tell me which point helped you the most, and share this with somebody
who you know needs it. And I have another invitation for you. I would love to have you join me in the Living Forward Facebook community. That’s a great place for you to network, have some fun, grow your business, and get daily inspiration from me. All you have to do is go to, click the Join Now button, and
I’ll see you on the inside. (soft calming music)

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