Client Testimonial on Hiring a Virtual Assistant: Richard Fox
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Client Testimonial on Hiring a Virtual Assistant: Richard Fox

– I’ve worked with Selina and her team for well over a year and a half. I’m not exactly sure when
we started working together because we’ve been so busy
over the past couple years that I just can’t remember
not working with her. There’s a few things that really strike me as incredibly impressive to
me about Selina and her team, are, one, the vast array of basic and more advanced software and different tasks
that they’re able to do with very little supervision. That’s been one thing
that’s been very nice, ranging from WordPress,
different WordPress plugins to help with membership sites, accounting, customer relations, customer service, investigating different
technology solutions that will help the
business run more smoothly, dealing with online marketing platforms such as Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign and different integrations
in the payment systems. She’s helped a lot with
producing video content for an online course that we’ve been, that we’ve done over the
past couple of years. All along, all of those different things, she’s done very well. And her team have gotten
it done very quickly. As long as I do my job,
which is communicating what exactly I need and the
deadlines I need them by, her team usually has absolutely
no problems delivering. And also, there’s another
thing that I really appreciate, which is if they know that
they’re gonna need more time to get something done they don’t wait, they don’t wait till the
last minute and tell me, “Okay, this is gonna take two more days.” They’re very good at
giving me a good estimate right up front, and then
if they find something in the loop along the way, they stop, or they continue but then
they let me know that, “Hey, I think this is gonna
take another day or two “because of this.” I can plan for delays and changes to plans if I know about them in advance. I find that something that
not a lot of support teams are very good at doing. But her and her team do
a very good job at that. It’s hard for me to actually list out all the different things
that she’s helped with, but I’ll give it a shot. And she’s done a great job
at just about everything, ranging from video editing, design, finding other people to help us, helping find different
technology solutions and different integrations
to help our customer service and our course and product
delivery go smoothly, tracking down delinquent
payments and failed payments and figuring out what the issues were, working with billing companies. She’s helped us work with
intellectual property issues, where people were stealing our content, and she would do cease and desist letters. Her and her team have
done just about everything from beginning to end, with the exception of maybe creating the content of what we’re actually talking about. But anything in between
including social media all the way to billing
and everything else, her and her team have done a great job. I can’t recommend her and her team enough. So that’s all I really have to say. If you’re looking for
someone who’s reliable, smart and will do a very
professional job for you, Selina and her team
are the way I would go.

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