#CMWorld – Content Marketing World 2017
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#CMWorld – Content Marketing World 2017

I love Content Marketing World because it’s like coming home. It’s all the best people in marketing. You just run into people in the hallway and have random conversations with people who have an intimate understanding of my daily struggles. And not a lot of people understand what that world is like. But when you come to Content Marketing World, that’s when you’re able to have the kind of conversations with other people who are in your shoes the other 362 days of the year and they can help you be more successful. I had the “fear of missing out.” So, in 2012, after watching a year of tweets about Content Marketing World, I booked and I came and I’ve been coming since. If there was a holiday for the content marketing industry it would be Content Marketing World and the week that is known as content marketing week in Cleveland, Ohio. Great food town, great sports town, come and visit. It’s probably the best, I would say the best conference that I attend all year and I attend a lot. So many interesting presentations and people are presenting from the heart and not just from things they heard from other people. You’re in there doing it every day and that’s what drives us to get up in the morning- is the craft and the beauty of what we do and how that is helping our audiences. People here really care about that. It’s key to network with content creators. It’s key to meet people, interact people and collaborate with those are the one percent of those of us who create content. I highly recommend the in-person interactions that you get events because the long-term benefits to your network are ridiculous. Everyone here is looking for content and they’re looking for ways to create content and the the set-up here is just wonderful. Lots of great people to talk to. I’m just so overwhelmed with the amount of people that come from 60-plus countries. My name is Nenad Senic. I’m from Slovenia. Kazakhstan Amsterdam The scale of it, is what’s blown my mind because we’re in Australia, and an event like this would be one tenth of the size. This is one of those programs where you can compare yourself to others on the international level. It’s like a club. I know it’s a huge club now. When I first came, it was 600 people, now to 3,000. Just a lot of new information and knowledge about things that I’m living and doing every single day. I learned more here than I did, I guess, at any other conference, so I just came back. We have 12 concurrent tracks. Those tracks change every year because our job at the Content Marketing Institute is to understand what those trends are and how it’s going to affect your job and what you need to know different in the next 12 months so that you can be more successful. It resets you to come here and think “Oh, I’m not doing what I said I was going to do and I really need to be doing it.” If you’re on the fence about coming to Content Marketing World, I’d say you have to try it once. I’ve been coming for six years and every year it gets better and more fun and more interesting, more educational, more informative. Same time. Same place. 2017 We hope to see you. I can’t thank you enough. I love you. I mean the welcome here is nuts.

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