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23 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd says Kevin Durant announced on social media before he actually met Nets

  1. Colin KD doesn't have an issue with steph or any other warrior. There all still friends stop lying with that narrative. Kyrie is all about family Colin doesn't know shit about kyrie personal but talks as he do. KD chose what was best for him. The warriors just released shanun for no reason they ain't loyal to anyone.

  2. I kinda agree with colin on this one. I dont have a problem with KD leaving but to leave and play with kyrie? That i dont get.

  3. LOL keep hating on KD y'all. Keep it up. He's never going to win ever again? OK, if you say so. This Nets team is going to fly right under the radar with the talent they have and when KD wins his 3rd 💍 he's going to be a legend

  4. With KD hurt for a year this will be Kyries team. We seen how dysfunctional Boston was last year when Kyrie was the main man. Then who knows if KD will even be the same after his injury. He’s damn near 7 foot tall he’s most likely not gonna be the same player.

  5. So, when will curry win again? w/o kd noway warriors beatsclipps n lakers. u said kd most leave the warriors and now what?? It seems like men fans are all over the place.KD gets criticized for going to the best team, he’s a cupcake(wth)now he’s criticized for maybe going to the worst team. That’s why he shouldn’t listen to anyone but himself.

  6. Imagine choosing a team and not even talking to the gm or coach, not asking a single question about the direction of the team or anything.

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