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College Internships Strong Story | Kristen Rivera

communication department has really prepared me for my
future in video production. We are all required
to do an internship. I have done three internships
during my time at Meredith. My first internship was with the
Meredith Video marketing team and that was the most
influential internship for me when I first started
and was beginning to explore video production. I got so much experience
with directing and being behind the camera. It was a lot of fun. The summer before
my senior year, I did an internship
at MyriadMedia, which is a video production
company in downtown Raleigh. And through that internship,
I gained even more experience. I got to be on full scale sets. And that solidified me wanting
to go into video marketing. This spring, I’m
currently interning for Camden Watts, who’s a local
filmmaker and Meredith alum. And she’s the founder
of The Tri Film Society. And through that, I’ve been able
to see how a Meredith alum is making it as an entrepreneur,
as a small business owner, as somebody who’s making her
own way in the video production world. And so through all
these internships, I’ve been able to explore
all the opportunities that I can take after
graduation for video production. After I graduate
from Meredith, I’ll get my master’s in
interactive media. I decided that even though I had
really become a strong student at Meredith, I wanted to become
even stronger and further my education by getting
my master’s degree. I would not be where I am today
without the faculty and staff here on campus. They’ve been great
mentors to me. It can be intimidating
when you’re first learning a new skill
or trying to just find your way in your career path
but they were all so supportive. I served as a student adviser
my sophomore year and then my junior year, I became
assistant chief student advisor. And this, my senior year, I
am the chief student advisor for the first
Shakespearean program. And my junior and senior year,
I was Cornhusking co-chair for my class, which was a
lot of fun and so crazy. But so incredibly rewarding and
one of my favorite experiences from college. I learned a lot through my
leadership roles on campus. I gained a lot of experience
with working with my peers, working on a team. It can be kind of intimidating
to run a cornhusking practice with 200 students. I learned about working with
people who are different than myself, learning
to accept others, and be inclusive is the key
for collaboration and for working together. As a student advisor,
I was actually one of the first
students on campus to take the strength
finder assessment. And it was a really
great opportunity. We went through the
training session, we were able to not just
to get our strengths but also talk about how we could
apply that to student advising. One of my top strengths
is positivity. And I’ve always been
an optimistic person but at Meredith,
I was encouraged to build upon that strength. Through my internships and my
experiences with my mentors, the number one thing
that they come back with is how positive I am. How great of a presence that can
be during a stressful workday or just when you’re
working together on a team. My favorite Meredith memory is
ring dinner, when we finally got to put that onyx on our
finger it was indescribable. My favorite moment
from that night was taking a picture with
my admissions counselor, Grace Sugg. It just solidified
that connection that we have to all Meredith
alums and how all of our experiences bond us. My name is Kristen Rivera. I’m a communication major and
a member of the class of 2016.

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